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  • Fe - Julieta Venegas
    "Que no hara yo tan solo por recuperar Lo que alguna vez disfrute sin temor Que no diria yo si solo me preguntaras Para demonstrarte de una vez lo que siento Quisiera hablarte de cuantas veces yo Estaria"
  • Fe - Man
    "no puedo entender este mundo como es, que uno puede odiar herir y traicionar por qu? cmo puede ser que haya gente que pueda matar por diferencia de opinin por tierra o por religin, no s oh no, mranos dnde"
  • Fe - Man
    "No puedo entender este mundo como es que uno puede odiar, herir y traicionar, por que Como puede ser, que haya gente que pueda matar por diferencia de opinión, por tierra o por religión, no se Oh no, miranos,"
  • Queen of Santa Fe II - Grateful Dead
    "Well you know I left my home when I was seventeen years of ageStarted hitch hiking from San Francisco down to L.A.And I, I met this man giving me a rideAnd finally got me by my side said, Hey son have"
  • Falsa Fe - Horcas
    "Domingo de misa Y gran devoción Manifiestan los fieles En busca del perdón El cura que predica El amor y la paz Y rodeado de lujos De votos de humildad Esa el la fe, esa es la fe No nos dejes caer En la"
  • Santa Fe - Bob Dylan
    "Santa-Fe, Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear Santa-Fe, My woman needs it ev'ryday, She promised this a-lad she'd stay, She's rollin' up a lotta bread To toss away. She's in Santa-Fe, Dear, dear, dear, dear,"
  • Sante Fe - Shawn Mullins
    "she was sittin in the corner of a cafe in the burnin heart of downtown sante fe pickin on a gibson and singin baby cant you see she was buzzin like a battlefield tracer she was grindin like the gears on"
  • Santa Fe - Jon Bon Jovi
    "They say that no man is an island And good things come to those who wait But the things I hear are there Just to remind me Every dog will have his day The spirits they intoxicate me I watched them infiltrate"
  • Santa Fe - Rent
    "ANGEL: New York City MARK: Uh huh ANGEL: Center of the universe COLLINS: Sing it, girl ANGEL: times are s--tty, but I'm pretty sure they can't get worse MARK: I hear you ANGEL: It's a comfort to"
  • Santa Fe - Tripod
    "It was a cold and rainy night in Santa Fe But I was in Melbourne, so it didn't affect me in any way And the rain on the all faces on the lost and lonely crowd, I imagine would have been quite unsettling I"
  • Sante' Fe - Jodi Benson
    "Newsies - Sante Fe //Jack singing through entire song So that's what they call a family Mother, daughter, father, son... Guess that everything you heard about is true So you aint got any family... Well"
  • Santa Fe - Van Morrison
    "Train wheels runnin' down an open track In my mem'ry time to take me back Are you goin are you goin' To Santa Fe Do you need it Can you feel it in the same old way I can feel it from the mountain top Runnin'"
  • Santa Fe - Newsies
    "JACK: So that's what they call a family Mudder, fadder, daughter, son Guess everything you heard about is true. So you ain't got any family Well,who said you needed one? Ain'tcha glad nobody's waiting"
  • Santa Fe - Alan Menken
    "JACK: So that's what they call a family Mother, daughter, father, son Guess that everything you heard about is true So you ain't got any family Well who said you needed one? Ain't you glad nobody's waiting"
  • Santa Fe - Clover
    "Call up the Santa Fe Go and get them on the phone And tell 'em to run one more train Come and take an old man home Gone and married off my daughter And the war has claimed my son Lord, you know, I had"
  • Sante Fe - Bledsoe
    "Oh now I say I don't wanna feel this way Oh may I say I don't wanna be this way On a day like today I'd give anything for another day Now may I say I don't wanna die this way Oh and I say I don't wanna"
  • Santa Fe - Original Broadway Cast
    "MAUREEN Last night I had a dream I found myself in a desert called Cyberland It was hot My canteen had sprung a leak and I was thirsty Out of the abyss walked a cow - Elsie I asked if she had anything"
  • Santa Fe - Titanic
    "I know that I'm a sinner, I knew it from my early days But ev'rything that happened was leading on the darkest ways. My simple life was over, long before it really began But I'm happy that I realise to"
  • Esther Fe - Libido
    "Caminar con la misma piel Sin el sol en tu rostro Y recorrer con los mismos pies Hacia dónde irs? Y vuelvo a andar sobre el mismo riel Contra el viento de la noche Y me acerco ms al final Ya no puedo"
  • The Man Who Robbed The Bank At Santa Fe - Hank Snow
    "Written by Leiber - Stoller - Wheeler Recorded by Hank Snow The cowboy was drunk and braggin' He told her he had a wagon A wagon filled up with gold that he'd stole And then covered all over with hay She"

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