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  • Bob - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Well, my friend Bobs in jail today His girlfriend is too For stealing change for gasoline Nothing to do but rue Destroy the bruise (???) Cause there will never be another one just like you, no Bob I met"
  • Bob - The Bear Quartet
    "I fell in love with Bob Dylan's ghost while his body was touring from coast to coast I wonder if he's thinking; what am I doing here and does he keep a don't between his I and care and does he keep a"
  • Przestań - Bob One & Pokahontaz
    "(Refren) Przestań tu ziom palić głupa, życia swego nikt jeszcze sam nie oszukał jadę pod ten bit, a Ty prawdy tu szukaj po to jest ta nuta, sama nie urodzi się waluta (x2) BOB ONE: Ludzi dziwi, że życia"
  • Bob George - Prince
    "Let me see ya dance New coat, huh? That's nice Did u buy it? Yeah, right U seeing that rich motherfucker again U know who I'm talking about That slicked back paddy with all the gold in his mouth Don't"
  • Bob Dylan - Fall Out Boy
    "when they say you and waht army? i guess they’re talking about you and me baby, nobody would love you nobody would love you like, like I do I quess that’s half true come down /3x from your holy mountain I"
  • Bob Rules - Keller Williams
    "(The price is wrong, bitch) Twelve o'clock check out we've got an entire hour Where is the remote, no time for the manual power I put that name tag over the heart On the shirt, that says 'Bob Rules' I"
  • Black Bob - Kid Rock
    "They used to call me names Said I was just a wanna be But now they all pay to see What they were gettin for free How about them days and now You don't know what to say Ain't it funny how the sun can shine And"
  • Bob White - Benny Goodman
    "DARN THAT DREAM Benny Goodman - words by Eddie Delange, music by Jimmy Van Heusen Darn that dream I dream each night You say you love me and you hold me tight But when I awake, you're out of sight Oh,"
  • Bob Dylan's Dream - Bob Dylan
    "While riding on a train goin' west I feel asleep for take my a rest I dreamed a dream that make me sad Concerning myself and the first few friends I had. With half-damp eyes I stared to the room Where"
  • Bob Dylan's Blues - Bob Dylan
    "Well, the Lone Ranger and Tonto They are ridin' down the line Fixin' ev'rybody's troubles Ev'rybody's 'cept mine Somebody musta tol' 'em That I was doin' fine Oh you five and ten cent women With nothin'"
  • Bob One, Cheeba, Jarex-Złoty kran - Bob One
    "Cheeba Bob One Jarex na miejscu tu są... łoou łooou ło łoooo... jeii jeee je je łoou łooou ło łoooo Cheeba Bob One Jarex na miejscu już są! ref: Politycy mówią mi, że mają jakiś plan, Lecz ja powiem Tobie"
  • Jesus Brother Bob - The Arrogant Worms
    "If you haven't heard of me I wouldn't be surprised I bet you know my relatives Their names will never die My mother is a saint And my brother is a god But all I am is Jesus' brother Bob Jesus' brother"
  • Jesus' Brother Bob - Arrogant Worms, The
    "Arrogant Worms, The The Arrogant Worms Jesus' Brother Bob If you haven't heard of me I wouldn't be surprised I bet you know my relatives Their names will never die My mother is a saint And my brother is"
  • Jesus' Brother Bob - Arrogant Worms
    "Arrogant Worms Live Bait Jesus' Brother Bob If you haven't heard of me I wouldn't be suprised I bet you know my relatives their names will never die My mother is a saint and my brother is a God But all"
  • Bob The Drummer - Dada
  • Bob Your Head - RUN-DMC
    "Bob your head.. (2X) As we bop on.. to the break of dawn.. the non-stop hip-hop bop.. takes you on down.. to the last, STOP!! "ruff, ruff an' rugged we comin.." So won't ya bob your head.. "ruff,"
  • Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag - Bob Dylan
    "I was sittin' on a stump Down in New Orleans, I was feelin' kinda low down, Dirty and mean. Along came a fella And he didn't even ask. He says, "I know of a woman That can fix you up fast." I didn't think"
  • Taking Bob Dylan - Jen Foster
    "Words by Jen Foster & Kathy Scott Music by Jen Foster The black and white picture taken by a stranger Out in the streets of New Orleans The blanket I stole from that hotel in London You asked if I thought"
  • The Bob Song - Big & Rich
    "(Spoken) So I was hanging out in a very deserted place where there's white, white, white sand, and blue, blue, blue, aqua blue waters, that meets the horizon in a fine line of the most shiny purple you"
  • Sukces (ft. Bob One) - Kobra
    "Raz jeden, Bob One, Kobra Lecimy z tym Chcesz mówić jak żyć Musiałbyś być tu gdzie my Tu gdzie my Tu gdzie my Tyle samo dać żeby spełniać własne sny własne sny własne sny Zbyt wysoko jestem Dziś już"

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