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bob the builder

  • Can We Fix It (Bob Tha Builder) - Christina Aguilera
    "aaaaaaaaaaaaah! aaaaaaaaaaaaah! aaaaaaaaaaaaah! (Take your places) aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Can we fix it? Yes we can! (chorus) Bob the builder Can we fix it? Bob the builder Yes we can! Scoop, Muck and Dizzy and"
  • Empire Builder - Urge Overkill
    "Empire Empire, build it higher and higher He's coming for booty On a black-eyed horse, he'll ride it up the wall They're gonna set you up pretty, Geronimo They'll stick you coal-washing at the cigar store"
  • Empire builder - Mason Jennings
    "All day, everyday I swing my hammer to the metal on the northern railwayAlways a movie playing in my headA million movies starring you and meMoonshine every nightEating supper by the fire out in the clear"
  • Slow Builder - Madrugada
    "It's a slow builder And the night is your special friend Midday fever gonna get to you in the end Someone's waiting on a windswept hill Old man William greets the day With a song It's a slow builder"
  • Mansion Builder - 2nd Chapter Of Acts
    "I've been told that there are those Who will learn how to fly And I've been told that there are those Who will never die And I've been told that there are stars That will never lose their shine And that"
  • Master Builder - Absurd Minds
    "One emotion. (nie geboren, nur getrumt) grows up inside of you. (Du bist meine Projektion) What do you think, what do you feel? Are you virtual or are you real? What you think and what you do is a version, that"
  • Character-Builder - Adhesive
    "Traditions tells us to stand in line and be good citizens, to take pride in our loyalty go through life with a sense of duty and a sense of accomplishment Our constitution says that obedience builds character... The"
  • Bob - The Dodos
    "I've got a lot to prove, I mean to tell you I've played the part of cool, that's what I sell you I listen good, I listen well You're old and you have much to tell So come out of your quiet spell I've"
  • Bob - Hank Snow
    "Thanks for the bed and board Bob enjoyed my stay But I got just a little bit bored Bob be on my way So you got yourself a job Bob that's not for me You got a house and a wife Bob but I'm still free Remember"
  • Bob - Snuff
    "Misterwibblegibberwibblegruntwobblegibberwibble (Who?) Bob! Spends his money takes his choice. Spends his money like an arsehole. Good money bad choice just seems to end up with a Misterwibblegibberwibblegruntwobblegibberwibble?"
  • Bob - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Well, my friend Bobs in jail today His girlfriend is too For stealing change for gasoline Nothing to do but rue Destroy the bruise (???) Cause there will never be another one just like you, no Bob I met"
  • Bob - Rancid
    "He spent fifteen years getting loadedFifteen years 'till his liver explodedNow what's Bob gonna do now that he can't drink?The doctor said, "What were you thinkin' 'bout?"Bob said, "That's the point,I"
  • Bob - NOFX
    "He spent fifteen years getting loaded Fifteen years 'till his liver exploded Now what's Bob gonna do now that he can't drink? The doctor said, "What you been thinkin' 'bout?" Bob said, "That's the point I"
  • Bob - Primus
    "I had a friend that took a belt, Took a belt and hung himself Hung himself in the doorway Of the apartment where he lived His woman and his little bro Came home from the grocery store Only to find him"
  • The Bob - Roxy Music
    "I dreamed last night about your face Your star shone all night Over the moon it shone brighter Star shimmering so bright You were so pure not for this world So gentle and light How could I hear their stories"
  • Bob N'i - The RZA
    "(Intro: sample) Birth flying high, you know how I feel Sun in the sky, you know how I feel Breeze drifting by, you know how I feel It's a new dawn, it's a new day It's a new life for... Birth flying high,"
  • Bob Turkee - NOFX
    "We don't like him he's such a geek He wears funny glasses he has so many zits Bob turkee the dick Bob turkee the dick Bob turkee the turkey Bob turkee the dick He has a beer belly he doesn't drink"
  • Bob Dylan - Drake Bell
    "How may roads must a man walk down I wish I could write so profound The words he spoke were blown in the wind Pick up my air guitar and write like him Awwww Bob Dylan I live my life like a Rolling"
  • Punker Bob - A Human And His Stds
    "Punker Bob had a problem Punker Bob did heroin And Punker Bob had forgotten to use a clean syringe Now Punker Bob is dying within... Bob fucked Samantha, and Samantha fucked Dave. And Dave did Sophie and"
  • Bob Boss - Kool Keith
    "New York City, Bronx Bob Boss, Bob Boss, Bob Boss, Bob Boss Bob Boss, Bob Boss, Bob Boss, Bob Boss Critics wait for me to drop, sit on the toilet and doo doo Men write for magazines with G-strings I'm"

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