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  • Bobby Darin Somebody To Love By Bobby Darin
    "I've been all over this country Been half way round the world I've been traveling so dog gone much That I haven't got a steady girl Somebody to love (Somebody to love) Somebody to love (Somebody to love) Somebody"
  • Boby Lapointe Aragon Et Castille
    "Au pays daga d'Aragon Il y avait ugud' une fille Qui aimait les glaces au citron Et vanille Au pays degue de Castille Il y avait tegue d' un garon Qui vendait des glaces vanille Et citron Moi j'aime mieux"
  • Boby Lapointe Marcelle
    "Elle a l'il vif, la fesse frache et le sein arrogant ! L'aut'sein, l'autre il et l'autre fesse itou galement ! Mais a n'est pas monotone, Et mme quand c'est l'Automne, Je m'crie, en la voyant : "Tiens,"
  • Bobby Darin Treat My Baby Good
    "Treat My Baby Good Bobby Darin Written by Bobby Darin Peaked at # 43 in 1963 You better treat my baby good if you know what's good for you You better never make her cry Go on, make one mistake and I'll"
  • Bobby Darin Look At Me
    "(Darin/Newman) T.M. Music Ltd. c. 1964 All Rights Reserved Look at me This at least you owe me Just a glance to show me That you really care Look at me Pride is taken from me And tears just don't become"
  • Bobby Darin That Funny Feeling
    "(Darin) T.M. Music Ltd. c. 1965 All Rights Reserved There is an air about her Something so square about her That makes you care about her More than you should First that funny feeling then the warm"
  • Bobby Darin Bill Bailey Won't You Come Home Please
    "Bill Bailey Bobby Darin Traditional arranged by Bobby Darin - (#19 in 1960) (spoken) (Hey, Bill Bailey, Don't look now but somebody's calling you. Who? Why, your lady friend, that's who. If I were you,"
  • Bobby Darin Gyp The Cat
    "(Darin/Wolfe) Where those bayou's wind And them gators swim Sometime late last night When the moon was dim Someone left this life Much against his will And while Gyp the Cat was alibi-in' You know his"
  • Bobby Darin The Things In This House
    "(Darin) T.M. Music Ltd. c. 1964 All Rights Reserved Lots of things have changed around here since you're gone Lamps don't shine as bright and the tv won't go on The pictures on the wall seem to hide their"
  • Bobby Darin Don't Dream Of Anybody But Me
    "(Bart Howard/Neal Hefti) Hampshire House Publishing Corp./Warner Bros. Music Corp., ASCAP This track is available on the Atco Remasters CD "Mack the Knife: The Best of Bobby Darin Volume Two" Though"
  • Bobby Darin Down With Love
    "(E.Y. Harburg/Harold Arlen) Chappell and Co., Inc., ASCAP This track is available on the Atco Remasters CD "Mack the Knife: The Best of Bobby Darin Volume Two" Down with love the flowers and rice and"
  • Bobby Darin (Sittin' Here) Lovin' You
    "Bobby Darin If I Were a Carpenter (Sittin' Here) Lovin' You If you are wonderin What Im gonna do While you are sleepin Am I sleepin, too? Well Im just sittin here lovin you "
  • Darin Zanyar Feeling you
    "AhaThat's How We Do It Round Here Y'allNew Darin, Yeah1 2Feeling You, Oh oh (Yeah) I'm Feeling You(Yeah) Feeling YouFeel This, I'm Feeling YouYeah Ye eh3d trackslammerFeeling YouEy Yo D, sing boyI'm Feeling"
  • Darin One True Flame
    "For the longest time It's been known to mine Was trying to understand I've been looking for That part of me Out of touch and out of hand Everything I thought I knew Loved proved me wrong For all the times"
  • Darin Who's That Girl
    "I saw her last night, standing in the crowd And in a sudden flash of glory, I was blinded And though everything was moving, my hole world came to stop, and now I need to know, please I need to know (Chorus) Who's"
  • Darin Walk The Distance
    "I can still see your face But I still can't explain You were there so suddenly And as you walked away from me I knew that we were meant to be Holding on to my hope But I've just got to know Will you do"
  • Darin What U Wanna B
    "doctor, actor, lawyer or a singer why not president, be a dreamer you can be just the one you wanna be police man, fire fighter or a post man why not something like your old man you can be just the one"
  • Darin Sail The Ocean
    "Sometimes I feel caught in yesterday Because of all the memories that burn Where I will go, there is no return and time will heal my yearn I dream about the world and I'm still young I got to"
  • Darin Breathing Your Love (featuring Kat DeLuna)
    "Baby you, is the diamond that lasts forever And I just can't take a single step without you Baby to you, I'll always be a faithful lover 'Cause my heart can't make a single beat without you You make me"
  • Darin Seasons Fly
    "I still see your beautiful as you were Like the winds you blow me away To the dreams That's where I meet you I never wanna wake up Wish we could stay here In this moment 'Cause I miss you Watching the"

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