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bon jovi Wedding Day

  • Bon Jovi - Miuosh
    "Muszę się trzymać tego co mam I nic mi powiedzieć że podołam temu Każde ich spojrzenie na pamięć znam Choć tobie się wydaje ze jest ich zbyt wielu El, nie mam już w sobie celu Kurwa, weź przeliteruj prawdę Większość"
  • Wedding Day - Bon Jovi
    "Today you'll pick up all the pieces And get on with your life All I can hope is that you're happy 'Cause today you're someone elses wife Right now I wish that I could turn back And beg the hands of"
  • Come Back Bon Jovi - New Found Glory
    "Tell me whatever happened to the radio? Do they still play the songs you wanna hear on the stereo? Do you still like the bands you liked a year ago? Would you still like me if we wouldn't be on the radio Like"
  • Suck My Bon Jovi - Normal Like You
    "Love, Oh, we don't need it baby Love, Oh, we don't need it baby Right hand The introduction began I said, 'Baby you are my disease.' And she said, 'No chance, I'm not lookin' for romance. Disease, huh?"
  • You Give Love A Bad Name (Bon Jovi Cover) - Atreyu
    "Shot through the heart and you're to blame Darlin' you give love, a bad name Fuck you An angel's smile is what you sell you promise me heaven, then put me through hell Chains of love, got a hold on me when"
  • Wedding Day - Grave Digger
    "I need you here beside me, To chase the night sway I need your love to guide me, Save through another day Oh, oh, oh it's my wedding day, oh, oh, oh Wedding Day - All Night We Gonna Burn Wedding Day"
  • Wedding Day - Roy Orbison
    "(Orbison/Melson.) Wonder how long it will take. For this heart of mine to break There's I watch you walk away. This was to be our wedding day. I won't hear the choir sing. While I hold your golden ring. Might"
  • Wedding day - Anything Box
    "Looking out my window I could swear I'll feel your hand holding mine... On your wedding day. Everytime I think of you I always want to see the way that you cared for me... On your wedding day... I know"
  • Wedding Day - Courtney Love
    "I left this back, black and bloody All these snakes they rot inside of me Do you think you can understand What it takes just to be a man?! Get out, get out, get out of my bed 'Do your thing' begins and"
  • Wedding Day - Carmen Consoli
    "One look from him and I fell under his spell his manicured fingers moved like a magician's, his lips in proportion to the pearly-white, dazzling perfection of his irresistible smile. With great expertise,"
  • Wedding Day - Bee Gees
    "We both acknowledge what we came here for We take each other and walk through the open door From the first time that I saw you To the way you look tonight I was shaken by your spirit I was blinded by your"
  • Wedding day - Sodastream
    "There's blood on the toilet seat and heaven is coming down to hold me there's spit on the bathroom floor and i guess i should remove these clothes now and try to sleep cause you got a way the way it turned"
  • Wedding day - Paul Young
    "Woe is me, the press gang came And forced my love away Just when we named next morning fair To be our wedding day Like a silent explosion ripping into the heart And the hurt and the anguish do tear you"
  • Shake Your Bon Bon - William Hung
    "I'm a desperado Underneath your window I see your silhouette Are you my Juliet I feel a mad connection With your body Shake your bon-bon Shake your bon-bon Shake your bon-bon I wanna be your lover Your"
  • Shake Your Bon Bon - Ricky Martin
    "I'm a desperado Underneath your window I see your silhouette Are you my Juliet I feel a mad connection With your body Shake you bon-bon Shake your bon-bon Shake your bon-bon I wanna be your lover your"
  • Shake Your Bon-Bon - Ricky Martin
    "I'm a desperado underneath your window. I see your silhouette. Are you my Juliet? I feel a mad connection with your body. Shake your bon-bon, shake your bon-bon, shake your bon-bon. I wanna be your"
  • Our Wedding Day - Ronan Hardiman
    "I once had a true love and I loved him so well I loved him far better than my tongue can tell And I thought that he spoke and to me did say "It will not be long, love, 'til our wedding day" If I were"
  • Too Original (feat. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell) - Major Lazer
    "Ass move! Peace massive, we ready? London massive, we ready? Trinidad massive, we ready? African massive, we ready! So Imma blaze high till the day I die Sweat the shit out every tear every lie Hey!"
  • Wedding Day In Funeralville - John Prine
    "It's Wedding Day in Funeralville Your soup spoon's on your right The King and Queen will alternate With the refrigerator light They'll be boxing on the T.V. show The colored kids will sing Hooray for you And"
  • White Wedding - Melanie C
    "Hey little sister what have you done Hey little sister who's the only one Hey little sister who's your superman Hey little sister who's the one you want Hey little sister shot gun! It's a nice day"

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