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  • Bonny - Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
    "Every word on my mind Bonny is your good-bye Black, black, black, black is the day No sun is shining in my world Bonny, since you went away Sad, sad, sad, sad in my heart All my laughter's turned to tears Bonny,"
  • Bonny - Prefab Sprout
    "I spend the days with my vanity I'm lost in heaven and I'm lost to earth Didn't give you minutes not even moments All my life in a tower of foil Shaded feelings, don't believe you When you were there before"
  • Taylor - Jack Johnson
    "They say Taylor was a good girl Never one to be late Complain, express ideas in her brain Working on the night shift Passing out the tickets You're gonna have to pay her, if you wanna park here Well, mommy's"
  • Bonny Portmore - Gregorian
    "Bonny Portmore O Bonny Portmore you shine where you stand And the more I think of you, the more I think long If I have you now as I have once before All the Lords of Old England would not purchase Portmore. O"
  • Bonny Portmore - Loreena McKennitt
    "O bonny Portmore, I am sorry to see Such a woeful destruction of your ornament tree For it stood on your shore for many's the long day Till the long boats from Antrim came to float it away. O bonny Portmore,"
  • The Bonny Swans - Loreena McKennitt
    "A farmer there lived in the north country a hey ho bonny o And he had daughters one, two, three The swans swim so bonny o These daughters they walked by the river's brim a hey ho bonny o The eldest pushed"
  • Bonny Hielan' Laddie - The Kingston Trio
    "Joe Hickerson/Dave Guard Was you ever in Quebec, bonny laddie, hielan' laddie, stowing timber on the deck, bonny hielan' laddie. Was you ever in Dundee, bonny laddie, hielan' laddie, there some pretty"
  • Elizabeth Taylor - Will Young
    "I feel like Elizabeth Taylor This could be a movie I feel like Elizabeth Taylor Red lips, dark hair Alone on my trailer Under my white shirt Heart like stone Wearing fake designer and pearls I’ve loved I’;ve"
  • Elizabeth Taylor - Clare Maguire
    "I feel like Elizabeth Taylor This could be a movie I feel like Elizabeth Taylor Red lips, dark hair, alone in me trailer Under my white shirt heart like stone Wearing fake designer and pearls I’ve loved,"
  • General Taylor - Great Big Sea
    "Well General Taylor gained the day Walk him along, John, Carry him along Well General Taylor he gained the day Carry him to his bury'n ground Chorus: Tell me where you're stormy Walk him along, John,"
  • Taylor Swift - B.R.O
    "Ona wygląda jak Taylor Swift Ona wygląda jak Taylor Swift Ok, haha! Let’s go! Moi ludzie będą pić Narzucają tempo dziś Rano pewno zerwą film Dziś od życie nie chcą nic Ciągle powtarzają mi Weź ja i na"
  • Old Taylor - Memphis Slim
    "Now I love to sing that good Old Taylor blues (Ba-da-da-da, ba-da-da-da) I love to sing that good Old Taylor blues (Ba-da-da-da, ba-da-da-da) When we want a little drink I swear we just can't lose (Ba-da-da,"
  • Poor Taylor - Jack Johnson
    "they say taylor was a good girl, never one to be late complain, express ideas in her brain working on the night shift, passing out the tickets, youre gonna have to pay her if you want to park here well"
  • Taylor Ann - David Hasselhoff
    "The time has come to set asideThe stories we?re toldAnd talk about the children growing oldFor building blocks and colour booksWill soon fade awayAnd you?ll forget the prayers you have prayedIt?s funny"
  • Taylor Made - Weak At Best
    "and we will never be the same because you opened up our hearts to so many different things (whatever it takes we will see you again some day) my heart skipped a beat and my stomach turned on that day (whatever"
  • Opie Taylor - Yelawolf
    "well, mama sent me down to the mac BC bottles and bag of tabasco said her boss was an asshole she been on the line just breakkin’ her back through I need a rope whit a lasso to catch a pot of gold and"
  • Bonny Bunch Of Roses - Richard Thompson
    "By the margin of the ocean, One pleasant ev;'ning in the month of June, When all those feathered songsters Their liquid notes did sweetly tune, 'Twas there I spied a female, And on her features the signs"
  • The Bonny Black Hare - Fairport Convention
    "On the fourteenth of May at the dawn of the day With my gun on my shoulder to the woods I did stray In search of some game if the weather proved fair To see could I get a shot at the bonny black hare Oh,"
  • Bonny Lass Of Anglesey - Wishing Chair
    "There he sits and there he stands Oh, what a frightend king is he Fifteen lords have all come down To dance his gold and his lands away There he stands at the castle high So loud, so loud I heard him"
  • The Ballad Of Bonny & Clyde - Georgie Fame
    "Bonnie and Clyde were pretty lookin' people but I can tell you people they were the devil's children. Bonnie and Clyde began their evil doin' one lazy afternoon down Savannah way. They robbed a store"

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