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  • Bosson - Efharisto - Melodifestivalen
    "You make me live I wanna say Efharisto I wanna write you a song so you'll understand All that you see in my eyes and read in my hand Is what I honestly feel This time I know that it's for real And till"
  • Free - Bosson
    "Everybody need something to believe in Everybody need something to put their trust in Some with luck, put their faith in love Some show off and let the money talk Some look up, read the stars above Some"
  • Sin-Cinderella - Bosson
    "She's pristine, intellectual and verbal Every dad's living dream Upper class behaviour is in her genes She is smart she's manipulative and gorgeous At prom she was crowned as a queen But she never takes"
  • Live Forever - Bosson
    "I will live forever If you always keep me in your mind And it doesn't matter, how far I am If I ever leave you I am gonna be there by your side If you ever need me, well here I am I'm gonna live forever Don't"
  • Xanadu - Bosson
    "Xanadu Xanadu Love isn't easy when it's too far away You need a lot of faith and dedication I don't have that problem, I see you everyday An hour filled with hope and inspiration... Xanadu, I've been"
  • Love Is Still Alive - Bosson
    "Our love is still alive And all I want is just to be right by your side And all I'm asking you is give me one more try I know the future has a place for you and I Cause baby our love, our love is still"
  • I Believe - Bosson
    "You say of love There's no such thing You've only known The pain it brings You question why I give your heart You stay alone You stay apart I've seen I know I trust I feel Love is alive and"
  • Always On My Mind - Bosson
    "It's funny how some things turn out We're playing at the backyard wondering How our life would be The boys were always teasing me The time we had together the difference You were a friend to me I never"
  • Is This Love - Bosson
    "Is it love, is it love that I feel Is this the love people talk about Is it love, is it love that I feel Is this the love that we used to dream about Is it love... I'm standing alone, in a bright cold"
  • When You Touch My Hand - Bosson
    "You're close to me, still so far away Wanna take my hand, but something's in the way Sometimes I get the feeling that you don't care I know you've got it tough, but it's just not fair What about me...you"
  • Thinking About You - Bosson
    "Every day and every night, I'm lonesome The one I thought I'd never find, I lost somehow We had a dream In which our love could never die A messy place an empty mind, stii feel you An unmade bed a glass"
  • Summer With You - Bosson
    "Do you remember our place where we used to meet Down by the sea And all the crazy plans we made And the promises, we swore to keep I was young and so were you But we both could feel our love was true There"
  • What A Day - Bosson
    "In the morning When you wake up to a brand new day with a feeling Everything is gonna go your day And you open up the window And the air is just seeting with life.... What a day, when the sun is shinning"
  • A Little More Time - Bosson
    "All I need to, is to find out if I still really want to continue I don't know if it's too late But I think this is the best thing we can do For both me and you will still be everything And all that I ever"
  • Beautiful - Bosson
    "I do believe in fate cause that's how we met It was raining and we were soaking wet You took the last of cabs on an empty street Then you smiled at me and said 'take a seat...' I said do you believe in"
  • Run Away With You - Bosson
    "I wake up in the morning while you're still asleep I wipe away another tear from your cheek This is not the first time you've been crying in your sleep I know that you're affected by what people say But"
  • Over The Mountains - Bosson
    "I've made up my mind I've packed my bags Im not returning home,until someone will give me reason to I lock the door and take a breath Im ready to let go, I know youre somewhere out there too theres"
  • We Live - Bosson
    "We Live and we die and we learn to find the things we live and die for I don't wanna be an ordinary man No I don't wanna be as neat as a new pin I don't care about just being safe and calm give"
  • Stay - Bosson
    "We'll be rockin' till the morning after If you stay one more night with me Just stay one more night with me If you stay one more night with me We'll be rockin' till the morning after Your body's"
  • I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye - Bosson
    "I don't wanna say goodbye I don't wanna be alone I give you one more chance to say how much you want me back Ohh, I'll give you one more chance to say that this time it will last until That death will"

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