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bound to you cristina

  • Bound - Creed
    "So tied, restless and wanting Looks like you might buy You might buy Breathing in, breathing out, so we came The poisons hit your mind Your mind Time's ticking and it's got you thinking You're happy with"
  • Bound - Cord
    "Here we go as I am told I am suicide To make it through, lucky you if you're still alive But how would I ever know about tomorrow If I don't show pain and sorrow for the things that I don't feel worthy Cause"
  • Bound - Suzanne Vega
    "The way of the world Has taken its toll Ravaged my body And bitten my soul I am ruined by rain Weathered by wind I've been invaded Without and within And I ask I am asking you Asking you if you Might"
  • Bound - Dying Breed
    "(Music: Pat Johnson) (Lyrics: Pat Johnson & Andy Prietto ) Now comes the consequence The love for life has died fear plagues The innocence the tears you bled were lies Your hopes and dreams were there"
  • Bound - Matt Costa
    "Behind the mountains where the Cuckoo singsThey tried to mine a miner for his golden veinsBut a guy gets lonely and a guy gets sickEvil woman you're bound to make a mess of itShe laid me down in her golden"
  • Bound - Disturbed
    "Ready Darkness cover me I'm not ready to die, girl Because of what you don't tell me I'm not ready to walk inside of where you're taking me I'm not ready to die, girl Because of what you don't tell me I'm"
  • Bound - Cinder
    "Never felt at ease that much with the Minus touch, when youre wading in the rain. Stuck between the coldest place and a silent face. An underlying restlessness commits itself when youre trying to explain. You"
  • Capital Cristine - Smoking Popes
    "I'm in trouble with a Capital Cristine I mean what I say When I say that I love you I was thinking of a number Between one and two You know what to do with a kiss girl When you kiss me I'm in trouble"
  • Bound To You - Shawn Colvin
    "1st Verse Well, I feel alive like I never have Because if I go, then someone will be sad Because as someone said, well, I'd rather die But if you can stay, then darlin' so can I And you know I will Yeah,"
  • Bound Around - Paddy Goes To Holyhead
    "Our time has come to sing you a song join in wild and free Youve got the power and weve got a song its made for you and me this song has no moral this song has no end this song goes all around were gonna"
  • Bound To Violence - Hatebreed
    "Bound to violence Gagged by pain Drowned in self-regret This grief is the sentence you face Incomplete, you've lost your way Struggling with rationale In a world so cold and bleak How could this be a"
  • Bound To Lose - Chuck Berry
    "Looks like I'll go on through my life bound in sorrow I'm a loser right from the start Now I've lost the only one I really loved And I'm bound to this pain in my heart I am bound because I am so much"
  • Bound To Ride - Flatt And Scruggs
    "Come through ol' Nashville come through a flyin' Studded bout my little darlin' couldn't keep from cryin' Honey babe I'm bound to ride don't you wanna go [ fiddle ] Goin' to Atlanta just to look around"
  • Bound To Love - Deacon Blue
    "There's no direction And no way through There is no reason To pay back what is through You never owned intentions Never knowed no way back Never knowed no way back But I know you're only asking And I"
  • Bound To Fail - Accept
    "Drifting down what we passed It's done over and over again We've just been losing a part To be in another winning team We turned the tables and times Reject the failures for the pride It's a replay or"
  • Bound To Ramble - John Butler Trio
    "I walk for miles, circumnavigate these lands. Walking blindly, holding out my hands. And I pass the stones, that remind me why I am here. I follow the setting sun, and you were there. Don't you see what"
  • Bound To Forget - Jim White
    "Fools wind blowing up brown bible verses. Dust storm of memory. Truck stop reverie. 3 AM in my home town, not a soul stirring around. Mr. Trucker Man, don't slow down in this little town. 'Cause I'm"
  • Bound to cry - Gino Vanelli
    "Hand in handLonely womanBroken manHeart to heartTempting fate right from the startSome other placeSome other timeYou keep your distance and I'll keep mineDon't talk of loveDon't look at me that wayLeave"
  • Angola Bound - Aaron Neville
    "(Aaron Neville, Charles Neville) Too many mornin' gotta wake up soon Oh Lord, and eat my breakfast by the light of 'de moon Oh Lord, by the light of 'de moon If you see my Momma, tell her this for"
  • Bound To Fall - Odd Project
    "Truth is the most sacred, thing of all. If you can't be trusted, you'll be bound to fall to the ground, if you think you'll get away with anything and everything. When I look at your face, I can see through"

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