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boy blue hold me in your heart

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boy blue hold me in your heart

  • Hold Me In Your Heart - Timothy B. Schmit
    "(t. b. schmit/w. jennings/b. gaitsch) I will live just as long as you want me In your arms where no bad dreams haunt me I can live just as long as you're there And you care--i feel it everywhere In a"
  • Boy Blue - ELO
    "Hey, boy blue, can't you hear all the noise? It's for you, all the town's waiting there. Let us go, there's a show like you ain't seen before. Welcome home, where you been all these years? Look around,"
  • Boy Blue - Electric Light Orchestra
    "Hey Boy Blue, can't you hear all the noise, it's for you. All the town's waiting there, let us go. There's a show like you ain't seen before. Weclome home, where you been all these years, look around. All"
  • Blue Kentucky Boy - Warner Mack
    "Yes I left you for the bright lights of the town searching for a magic world of joy But when a million city lights go down they're shining down on a blue Kentucky boy Oh how I'm missing you and long to"
  • Hold Heart - Emiliana Torrini
    "Hold heart, don't beat so loud, For me keep your calm, as he walks out on you. No, tears, don't you come out, If you blind me now, I'm defeated. No lips, don't make a sound, Don't let him hear the break"
  • Gotta hold on me - Blue
    "feat. Nio Renee Hello Hello? Whassup, whatchu doin? Nuthin whatchu doin? Nuttin chillin, thinkin about you Is that right? Yeap, knahmsayin with them big ol' pretty eyes and that smile that make me crazy"
  • Hold Out Your Heart - Carly Simon
    "Oh my boy, what have you done? Did you go out surfing on a frozen sea? Did you scare the livin' daylights out of me? Did you go too far to drive away the demons? Did you go too far to know what love really"
  • Hold On Your Heart - Edyta Górniak
    "What's another waiting day You can smile and find a way To decide that she forgot to call 'Cause you know she's high flying now And you know that time disallows How to paint it I don't know Color in "I"
  • Hold Out Your Heart - Bonnie Tyler
    "(Paul D. Fitzgerald - Bonnie Tyler/Paul D. Fitzgerald - St. James II - John Stage) I'm imagining a letter I would write to you How it might make me feel better To get this message through I would put"
  • Hold Me In Your Arms - Shannon Noll
    "The morning sunlight Move gently on our bed The sounds of distant traffic Float into my head Eyes slowly open And words won't be enough But what is left unspoken Burns softly in your touch -[ Chorus ]- Hold"
  • Hold Me In Your Arms - Regine Velasquez
    "Hold me in your arms Regine velasquez The morning sunlight, moves gently on our bed Sounds of distant traffic, float into my head Eyes slowly open and words won't be enough But what is left unspoken"
  • Say what's in your heart - Restless Heart
    "Sometimes a woman and a man make plans, And then change in the middle of the stream. Why does the flame die, where does the blame lie?And what becomes of their dreams?Will I be startin' on my own again"
  • Blue Eyed Boy - Kosheen
    "At the turn of the century It was you and me Making history baby Always thought it was meant to be We were humanely emotionally connected I could have put it down to experience I wish I put you down easy"
  • Jet boy blue - America
    "Jet boy blueYou steal and you think that its rightLike a thief in the nightAh, oh yeahIll tell you its trueYou come around with your stories to tellI dont hold no intrestBut I let you goI know youve fallen"
  • Heart On Hold - Status Quo
    "(Bown/Palmer) You have the technology You are in control, you know all the angles Forget your trigonometry Please release my soul, please undo this tangle You have the power remote control One look from"
  • Heart Hold On - Sherrie Austin
    "Staring out an open window Breathing deep as the winds of change blow Through my hair Still he's never far behind me Somehow he always finds me No matter where With one hand on my heart And one foot in"
  • Hold The Heart - Big Country
    "The sun beats hard on an empty beach where I tried so hard But couldnt reach the stars in your eyes You were just a child when I came to you and we were friends Till love stepped in, and you stepped away I"
  • Hold My Heart - Letter Kills
    "Just forget about it, anything I said about it. Drive away tonight, you think it's fine. You put it all inside and run and never look behind. It's all the same besides the fact that it's mine. Think of"
  • I'm Your Boy - Joy Electric
    "Get a, get a good thing boy You'll never change when you get old Get a good thing Hold it close to your heart We are, we are young and few We live by the old fashioned rules Faithful to the one and only"
  • Blue Boy - Jim Reeves
    "Written by: Boudleaux Bryant Blue boy, that's what they call me 'Cause I'm so lonely, since I lost you, Blue boy, I'm known as blue boy You've found a new boy, and now we're through. Chorus: I had a"

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