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brandy missing you

  • Missing You - Brandy, Tamia, Gladys Knight & Chaka Khan
    "< Missing You by Brandy, Tamia, Gladys Knight & Chaka Khan (from the Set If Off soundtrack) Chorus:Though I'm missing you (Although I'm missing you) I'll find a way to get through (I'll find a way to get through) Living without you 'Cause you were my sister, my strength, and my pride Only God may know why, still I will get by Who would've known That you'd have to go So suddenly and so fast How could it be That a sweet memory Would be all All that we have left But know that you're gone Everyday I go on (I go on) But life's just not the same (Life's just not the same) I'm so empty inside And my tears I can't hide But I'll try, I'll try to face the pain (CHORUS) Oh, there were so many things That we could have shared, uh-huh If time was on our ide (Time was on our side) Now that you're gone I can still feel you near So I'll smile With every tear I cry (CHORUS) How sweet, were the losses to spare? But I'll wait for the day When I see you again See you again (CHORUS) I'm missing you"
  • Missing You - Brandy
    "(feat. Chaka Kahn) Though I'm missing you (although I'm missing you). I find a way to get through (I find a way), living without you, cause you were my sister, my strength and my pride only God may"
  • Missing - Enchant
    "One who's scorched by the fire,I stand alone brazen-faced Love's become an open fumace,my follies stoked the fireplace Blind to the peril around me,my resistance wearing thin I fell prey to the power of"
  • Brandy - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "There's a port on a western bay And it serves a hundred ships a day Lonely sailors pass the time away And talk about their homes And there's a girl in this harbor town And she works layin' whiskey"
  • Missing You - Double You
    "Oh yeah I never needed anyone To throw me on the floor Everytime you walked away I wouls always say Remember all the times we had But you would run away Remember all our yesterdays And all that"
  • Missing - Ellegarden
    "Ake somaru sora yoru no aizu ga Kyou mo bokura wo karitate teku Abe nimo tareta bokura no uta kuchizusamebe Kasanatte sukoshi raku ni natte Mitsukatte wa koko ni nigekonde Waratta koto omoidashite"
  • Missing - Ola Gintrowsk
    "Still many wrongs Can you love us today? Tell your expertise Really look me in the eyes You don't need to run away Do you ever hesitate? I saw a man in love To me it will last I need you now And I know"
  • Missing - Leah Dizon
    "'''''' ''Missing you. I miss you more. Missing you.'' ''Missing you. I miss you more. Missing you.'' (*) ... ''Missing you. I miss you more. Missing you.'' "
  • Missing - Evanescence
    "Please, please, please Can you stop the fire? Can you stand to fight her? You can't stop the fire. You won't say the words Please, please forgive me But I won't be home again Maybe someday you'll look"
  • Missing - Nana Mouskouri
    "You're missing You're gone another lies beside you I've no doubt You're missing Conspiracies of silence hide you keep me out They nearly had me believing that you did not exist But I know you really"
  • Missing - Bruce Springsteen
    "Woke up this morning, was a chill in the air Went into the kitchen, your cigarettes were lying there Your jacket hung on the chair where you left it last night Everything was in place, everything was all"
  • Missing - Sheryl Crow
    "feeling weak today run the risk of tears falling down your cheeks from all the lonely years holding back your love while she races up the hill chase what you dream of but always standing still all and"
  • Missing - Beck
    "I prayed heaven today Would bring its hammer down on me And pound you out of my head I can't think with you in it I dragged all that I owned Down a dirt road to find you My shoes worn out and used They"
  • Missing - Lloyd Cole
    "(She moves on) Taking with her when she's gone Your jacket, jeans and shirt Your better self And it hurts and it hurts (As she moves on) What this place needs She said when she first stayed the night Is"
  • Missing - Chris Cornell
    "Here come the signs Of early-warning misery Here come the sounds It looks like a river up to here Underneath my head Here comes the sight I might just lose it ? Here comes the part Where you ask me for"
  • Missing - Soundgarden
    "Here come the signs Of early-warning misery Here come the sounds It looks like a river up to here Underneath my head Here comes the sight I might just lose it ? Here comes the part Where you ask me for"
  • Missing - Anita Lipnicka & John Porter
    "Nail the stars across that wooden sky Cover that crystal ball, that bloodshot eye Let the last out turn off the light But dont lock the door, theres someone still inside A silly bride for a silly day The"
  • Missing - Fisher
    "Never knew why he would fall victim to five dollar highs bending his stories, inventing new lies telling of cancers one way to avoid questions and answers And Karl, he's lucky He's learned how to fly By"
  • Missing - Calexico
    "Wake up now little sleepyhead from your nightmarish day with the dead trip you'd be better off not to know of the wild seeds you let go from your thorny fingertips try to clean bloodstained hands"
  • Missing - Arcadia
    "Arcadia So Red The Rose Missing And as I wandered down to where you lay The blood rushed up to meet The roses in your hair I thought I saw you smile But now I don't see you anywhere Whispering your love"

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