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break up

  • Break Up - Kim Sozzi
    "You look kind of cute when you're mad Your eyes are pretty when you look sad Nothing's like a salty kiss Tasting the tears, the tears on your lips We always forgive and forget, It's funny how we feel"
  • Break Up - Dangerous Muse
    "You did all you could do and I will still love you, but it's time to move ... True, we both always knew that, everything we do, it never ends well. We try. She's dry and he's all blue. Tonight we fight"
  • Break up - Manafest
    "Chorus Its a break up oh no Ahhhh Shes from Venus and Im from Mars Its a break up oh no Ahhh Shes from Venus and Im from Mars I try to understand it But Im just not from her planet, dang it Its a break"
  • Break up - Jay-Z
    "(Thats All We Do) Make up, and break upThat's all we doThen we have sex, next thing you knowEverything is coolBest of Both Worlds! Holla at your boy Like we always do about this timeUh-huh, yeahI know"
  • Break Up - Spunge
    "Hey there's something I wanna share I'll tell you even though you don't care Think of all the good times That you're gonna have Don't dwell on the bad times That just makes me mad Well the sun is shining"
  • Break - A Shrine
    "A Shrine Li And Friends Break Feels like this, when I'm lying Lego man, without eyes Record shop, street watch Cheer him up anymore I don't lie, my life Feel depressed when I'm laughing And my friend,"
  • Break - Frankie J
    "Never feel alone Never feel theres no one there who cares for you When every door seems closed mine is opened wide for you I'll give you strength, restore your faith I'm the one who will be around when"
  • Break - Shinedown
    "Let go of the mystery And retrace all the steps where you've been And forget all the history And start over again For as you can see Its up to me For as you can see Its all on me I can't erase it Because"
  • Break - Refused
    "You say the problems don't concern you Well wake the fuck up cause they really do how many ways are society going to fuck it up how many lies until we had enough we gotta start and care about the consequences"
  • Break - Jurassic 5
    "Yo, yo, if you had much class And style like I had You would be so glad I see why you so mad I'm born with it Like Marvin and Lauren with it Yo, deform with it The way we perform wit it You gon' get"
  • Break - Alanis Morissette
    "Indeed I've sucked it up to heights Unknown to those outside My body has contained and suppressed And swallowed and abetted Oh, I am a stranger to myself Beneath altruism dwells A force uncontended A voice"
  • Break It Up - Patti Smith
    "Car stopped in a clearing, Ribbon of life, it was nearing. I saw the boy break out of his skin. My heart turned over and I crawled in. He cried, Break it up, oh I don't understand, Break it up, I can't"
  • Break It Up - Scooter
    "Where in the world, where in the world, where in the world did I get this hurt? I don't mind, yeah I don't mind. If you call me bad, call me wrong, call me anything but your own. I don't mind, yeah I don't"
  • Break Up Breakdown - Agyness B. Marry
    "(Teledysk Agyness B. Marry do utworu "Break Up Breakdown" zapowiada debiutancki album Artystki. Premiera płyty już 24 lutego 2015r.)"
  • Break It Up - Foreigner
    "Made myself a prisoner I locked myself away Can't remember the last time I saw the light of day Don't want to face life Feel I've been betrayed I want you tell me Where our love went astray So can't you"
  • Break It Up - Iron Savior
    "Out of money and out on the streets this wasn't your dream thought you'd make it high to the top but stumbled in between wanted to catch a piece of the action you couldn't resist bought a ticket to another"
  • Break em up - Twista
    "put ya guns down its time to squad now ya'll then kick it up in the club dont try to run now he's saying thugged out but back in 88 bust I heard ya plugged out thats what ya name and became and moved down"
  • Break Up Day - The Starting Line
    "Before the sun is down today I have a feeling of the words that she'll say putting all my feelings to a close my friends already know just let me keep my dignity just say it to my face or understand"
  • Break Up Song - Pixie Lott
    "By the grace of your lips I have not searched happiness And the love in our hearts Shone a way through the dark But lately lately lately lately I Have found it overwhelmingly to cry And maybe maybe maybe"
  • Break up song - Melissa Ferrick
    "Well maybe i'm off yeah, i'm strangely askew maybe i ran away just when you started to get a good view and maybe who i am turned out to be nothing like the me that you wanted me to be so another one's"

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