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breake i rules

  • Breake Me Down - Red
    "A long day alone Emptiness is so real Never having peace of mind Running from what I can't sing And there is nowhere left to hide Turn and face these empty lies All alone, heart unturned Trying to find Break"
  • Breake The Ice - Accept
    "Day after day I'm beginning to realize The torture and pain Are we going insane Our vibrations May be the push we need We're restless at heart burnin' inside Throwing it all away There's a message in"
  • Rules - Anita Baker
    "Love was meant to be loving So many times we don't give, we take Love has really no conception to this rule Days you gave me were numbered And as a rule they were hard to take All it took was the number"
  • Rules - Shakira
    "You have to swear You've got love to love me That will last forever We must have a story With a happy ending ?I swear to never go away? And never put aside The things I'm gonna say Cuz these are rules"
  • Rules - Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz
    "You have to swear You've got love to love me Aah aah That will last forever Aah aah We must have a story Aah aah With a happy ending Aah, so don't ever go away And never put aside The things I'm gonna"
  • Rules - Wu-Tang Clan
    "All you hoes, be cryin for these bitches All you niggaz, be cryin for these hoes "Both hands clusty" - Ghost, "Pullin out gats" - Raekwon "Double barreled" - Meth, "Blew off the burner kinda dusty" -"
  • Rules - Buffalo Tom
    "Everyone has their own myths If not their father's troubles It's the mother's kiss But me would you save my life Or take it away from me - stab me with a knife Hey you could find it in yourself, I know To"
  • Rules - Doja Cat
    "said, play whit my pussy but don’t play whit my emotions if you spend some money they maybe I just might fuck ya wanna shake that ass and do this shit in slow motion you got a whole latta cash and nigga"
  • No rules - G.G. Allin
    "Anything I wanna do - No rules!I won't take no shit from you - No rules!I don't care if you don't like me - No rules!Do you think I really care? - Let's go!C'mon lets go and start a riot - No rules!I like"
  • Unwritten rules - Rancid
    "Kick the kick drum Increase the weight of the sound The dialogue of maximum decibles is enough to move the fucking ground I'm gonna amplify the rage of a class that's not inferior The message in the volume"
  • Everybody Rules - Morningwood
    "Hey you, wake up Don't let those kiddies get you down It's true, I know You been kicked and pushed around Thinking bout not waiting for tomorrow? Thinking of a way to end your sorrow? What happens"
  • Golden Rules - C-BooL
    "Sometimes you Wander If you walk the proper way You looking for advisers Who have so much to say They always know Whet’s bad and what is good for you You stick to your own rules And try to be so true I"
  • Hulk Rules - Hulk Hogan And The Wrestling Boot Band
    "When he steps into the ring, He's ready for a fight. He's calling for his pythons, I loaded up tonight. Everybody's talking trash, But he knows that talk is cheap. If you mess with the Hulkster, He'll"
  • Your Rules - Andrew W.K.
    "I don't care what you say And I won't hit the hay I don't know what you do But I know I'm not you We've got something that you'll never have And we will never listen to your rules, oh We will never do"
  • Your rules - Andrew Wk
    "I don't care what you say And I won't hit the hay I don't know what you do But I know I'm not you We've got something that you'll never have And we will never listen to your rules, oh We will never do"
  • Destiny Rules - Fleetwood Mac
    "Maybe we were together in another life Maybe we are together in a parallel universe Maybe our paths are not supposed to cross twice Maybe your arms are not supposed to go around me I hear about you now"
  • The Rules - Ben Kweller
    "Years ago I lost my guard Ever since it's been hard standing up like a man, like a father understand that all I do is not enough for myself I am tough on myself I need to freeze, I need direction, aww"
  • Rules & Regulations - Rufus Wainwright
    "I will never be as cute as you, according to the board of human relations I will never fly as high as you, according to the board of public citations These are just the rules and regulations Of the birds,"
  • He rules - 702
    "He rulesLittle rules, little rulesHe's as cute as can beSharp as a tackHe's a brother like no otherAnd he's all thatHe rulesLittle rule,s little rulesHe's got plenty of cheeseIf you know what I meanHe's"
  • No rules - The Hollies
    "Dont give me your problemsI got plenty of my ownEveryday you come around hereGiving me your own set of moansI dont want a situationgoing nowhere I aint plannedSo you better listen herewhile I try and make"

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