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bridge is burning

  • Burning Bridge - Kate Bush
    "Come close to me. Come cross the bridge. I need to know what you have to say to me. (We've been waiting all night long.) What have you got to say to me? (We've been waiting all night long.) Tell"
  • Bridge Burning - Zox
    "I am stopping by to tell you I'll be leaving here for good, To go back to where I came from, Like you always said I should. I would be a liar if I said that I was fine, 'Cause you opened up my head And"
  • By The Light Of A Burning Bridge - George Strait
    "(James Aldridge and Michael White) Oh, I've been stumblin' through the darkness, Tryin' to feel the ground beneath my feet. Afraid of movin' much in any direction... Stuck where the past and the future"
  • Holding 60 Dollars On A Burning Bridge - Death By Stereo
    "What's that constant ringing in your ears? Could it be the guilt from all the cheers? Come on big boy! You're a star! Did you forget Who you're friends are? Phony bands, False leaders. You let this bullshit"
  • Old Bridge - Jean Shepard
    "Just like some breeze you've drifted back again You didn't bother to imform me you knew I'd let you in I thought I knew it all but I'm still learning Yes I'm just an old bridge that you keep burning You"
  • Bridge - Dolly Parton
    "The bridge so high the bridge so tall here is where it's started on bridge The moon is big and yellow and the stars're all aglow From the bridge I see reflection in the waters far below You kissed me for"
  • Bridge - Marillion
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) "A bridge is not a high place..." Staring out over the bridge A million photo flashes from the water down below Dawn light bouncing through the mist Roar of traffic"
  • Bridge - Samiam
    "There's this bridge I've got to cross I feel alone. A child down to each side and I can't carry both. The bridge is long we could fall down through holes, water all around; wind, wet and cold. One child"
  • Bridge - Everon
    "I know that you are worth waiting for But I don't have the time I've been waiting for years already But that didn't make you mine My clock is ticking faster Than I ever thought it would So I can't wait"
  • Bridge - Page France
    "There's a narrow bridge that leads me to your door Between the apple trees and poison leaves that form Around my shoulders as they toss me back and forth They bring me pleasure and they always keep me Warm Warm There's"
  • BRIDGE - Dawid Podsiadło
    "It’s like all that I’ve learned Doesn’t matter anymore Your heart I have broken And left it exposed I trusted a moment Haven’t thought this through Thousand pieces of our own love They will never bloom The"
  • A Bridge That's Burning - Julie Roberts
    "You know I almost didn't answer But I just had to see If you were really still with her Cause this won't work until you're are free I won't step on a bridge that's burning I won't dare to cross that line Don't"
  • Burning Bridges - Sunk Loto
    "Burning down to the ground Burning life slips away from me Stuck in this paradox and I cannot get out This burning bridge is burning down Burning down to the ground Burning, Burning down to the ground Burning"
  • Burning Bridges - Mest
    "It was a late Thursday night, when I decided to write this song Just me, bow wow, my dirty floor and all the herb is gone Everyone's asleep, but the TV is still on Debating the past three years, what I"
  • Burning Bridges - Crimson Glory
    "We've all been hurt before you know the pain And just to love is not enough So many times I've had to turn away from love I know could be so true to me Now I stand alone in my dark and lonely world surrounded"
  • Still Burning - Sixpence None the Richer
    "you are the burning the flame that is turning my smoldering ash into a bird so stay close my brother I couldn't stand the loss you are the bridge of action I need you to help me cross I need you"
  • Burning bridges - Survivor
    "I can feel a strong desire, A distant fire burning through the pastDeep inside my heart is yearning, A bridge is burningThere's just no turning backAfter all the hell I've tasted, Years I've wasted, Love"
  • Burning Photographs - Ryan Adams
    "I finally see the light Down on the east side Wasted like a memory If I had a car I'd drive Straight off the bridge into the river, it would empty me. Pretty pictures in a magazine Everybody is so make"
  • Burning Photograhs - Ryan Adams
    "I finally see the light Down on the east side Wasted like a memory If I had a car I'd drive Straight off the bridge into the river, it would empty me Pretty pictures in a magazine Everybody is so make"
  • Burning Sky - Bad Company
    "Hey, oh yeah, yeah The sky is burnin', I believe my soul's on fire You are, I'm learnin', the key to my desire Waitin' for the van to arrive Prisoners were lined up outside Jumped a wall, hitched a ride,"

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