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bridgit mrndler

  • Bridgit Omalley - Irish Folksongs
    "Oh Bridgit OMalley, you left my heart shakenWith a hopeless desolation, Id have you to knowIts the wonders of admiration your quiet face has takenAnd your beauty will haunt me wherever I goThe white moon"
  • Bridgit o malley - Silly Wizard
    "(Spelled "Briget O'Malley" on "So Many Partings") Oh Bridgit O?Malley. You?ve left my heart shaken With a hopeless desolation, I?d have you to know It?s the wonders of admiration your quiet face has taken"
  • This Is My Paradise - Bridgit Mendler
    "There’s a street, there’s my right, my left feet, There’s a road of no where the ends meet. I’ve got the sun, I’ve got the sand, I’ve got that rock ‘n’ roll band, Here I stand! I’ve told you do in my morning"
  • How To Believe - Bridgit Mendler
    "Hold my hand and fly, Never say goodbye. Cross the open sky, Leave the world behind. I will be alright. If you stay by my side. Spring and Summer Love and Laughter We'll Live Happily Ever After. We'll"
  • Hurricane - Bridgit Mendler
    "Think the clouds are clogging up my brain Like the weather drain same as the tears on my face And I'm stuck up in the storm eye I guess I'll be alright Oh (uh oh uh oh) Oh oh (uh oh uh oh) Then it hits"
  • Ready or Not - Bridgit Mendler
    "Heey, heeey! /2x Ohh... I’m the kinda girl Who doesn’t say a word Who sits at the curb And waits for the world, but I’m about to break out about to break out I’m like a crook tonight I caught you staring"
  • Undateable - Bridgit Mendler
    "Oh for whatever reason each time I see him it goes all wrong like when I'm at the shower wet hair and power put t-shirt on. If you told me what you want Oh I bet that I'm a good fit Call me at the wrong"
  • Hang In There Baby - Bridgit Mendler
    "Today's all burnt toast Running late dad jokes Has anybody seen my left shoe? I close my eyes take a bite Take a ride laugh out loud There it is up on the roof I've been there I survived So just take"

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