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bring back

  • Bring it back - Brooklyn Bounce
    "I will always remember this summer 'cause the summer was all we had bring it back You gotta bring it back Can you feel me? Nod' your head to this Bring it back Bring it back Back You gotta bring it back"
  • Bring it back - Unk
    "Bring It, Back Briing It Back. Yeah.One Time, It's Ya Boy Dj Montay Right.Dj We Got A Brand Newdance Comin' For Ya.I Don't Care If Ya From The Eastcoast,Unk West Coast, Midweast, Down South..Now When This"
  • Bring Her Back - Human Nature
    "Bring her back Just Bring her back to me Bring her back Just bring her back to me Another night without you Another hour to wonder why I care so much about you I never meant to make you cry Tell me why"
  • Bring It Back - DJ Unk
    "Bring It Back, Bring It Back. Yeah. One Time, It's Ya Boy Dj Montay Right. Dj We Got A Brand New Dance Comin' For Ya. I Don't Care If Ya From The East Coast, Unk West Coast, Mid West, Down South.."
  • Bring Him Back - Dusty Springfield
    "Oh, bring him back If he's too much for you And you don't know just what to do Just send him right on back to me 'Cause I'm still the fool I used to be If it's only just for a day I'll take him back any"
  • Bring me back - Vineyard
    "Where I belong is at Your feet praising You Where I belong is at Your feet touching You Lord I need only You Pour out Your life on me again Bring me back to the place Where I love the cross Bring me back"
  • Bring It Back - Skye Sweetnam
    "Back, would you please bring it back My whole life is out of whack I crack under pressure, measure the facts My world is upside down when you're not around I'm down, low down, come back now Cut, the curtains"
  • Bring Back Love - Ace Enders
    "By the year 2,020 I want to look at what we did So we can stand up all together 'Cause we put an end to it And there'll be no more pointless fighting No more money running it We'll bring back love We'll"
  • Bring Her Back - Groovie Ghoulies
    "It's not exactly hide-and-seek But here's the game that I must play I don't wish to participate But in this matter I've no say You see some rich guy took my baby And he blinded her with diamond rings Now"
  • Bring You Back - Wendy And Lisa
    "What if I lay right down beside you Would it comfort me I know that I would die to bring you back to me oh me Feels like nobody feels like I do What could I do to bring you back to me oh me Where are"
  • Bring me back - Majandra Delfino
    "You're like an angel with the sweetest smile But when you use you're an evil child Oh, oh that's what brings me back again We get along but only half the time The other half you ain't no friend of mine"
  • Bring Back July - Holland
    "I should've stayed awake This could've made a difference Did I even say a prayer that night? I've made a few mistakes I could've made the effort To try and keep the conversation light And I'll feel this"
  • Bring It Back - Rihanna
    "Oh woah oh no Oh woah oh no Mr. Dj. tell me a new play I wanna hear my jam again Move the crowd now Play it crazy loud now Bring it back now if you can I've been waitin' so long pump it up, put"
  • Bring Back Life - Pyramaze
    "Questions I had and answers were given My journey back me swift, without fear I carry a secret old as all ages I must use what I bring back frim here The souls that were slain, Will walk the earth once"
  • Bring It Back - Lil Wayne
    "(feat. Mannie Fresh) Ladies and gentlemen, People with jobs, People without jobs, Middle class, Upper class, High class, all dat, Cats, snakes, chickens, ducks, Elderly people and twerkers Put"
  • Bring Back Truth - Soldiers Of Jah Army
    "Think for yourself or be thought for, and, Fight for yourself of be fought for, but Find for yourself or be lost for ever; you never know when it's gonna come. It's like... Careful the game that you've"
  • Bring Back Superman - Kashmir
    "the eggs you threw with eyes of dew and fall your talk of loom your tits in bloom and all sensational, imperial! the compromises you would never make-me please a man again the door would slam and I be"
  • Bring Me Back - Spirogyra
    "The day glow, comes in your room Those who remain will never feel the same These feelings, I have inside me Try to deny me I'm gonna wait on the years Hearken to her song of life Calling calling Bring"
  • Bring 'em back - Terror Squad
    "YeahThis is clasic shit right here, vintage shitGo get ya tape decks ready uhYou know I had to bring 'em back hahahahaTerror era's the squad manYeah uh yo uh yo Aye yo I'm old school like Rick Ruler sick"
  • Bring It Back - KRS-One
    "Ha, hahaha! ("Bring it back, that old New York rap Bring it bring it back, that old New York rap") -- repeats in background The only reality Is now... Yo! Verse One: I rock slow and easy like soul The"

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