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brocken heart girl

  • Harter Brocken - Bushido
    "Intro (J.R.Writer): This Electro Ghetto shit is kinda crazy man Oh oh Yeah, okay Dipset, J.R.Writer Lets do it, man Ill show yall niggas how to one-take this joint right here Okay Ohoh Verse 1 (J.R.Writer): You"
  • There's The Girl - Heart
    "You're a polished diamond Now you're feeling kinda rough Yes I know how long you've been searching For the perfect touch You better hear what I say I can tell your eyes are just about to give you away Cause"
  • Girl - Giuffria
    "Be my, be my baby Yesterday, I was watching the turning tide, of a memories of a changing shore line Otherwise, was nevermore. Life was different , you closed the door Still in all my heart is true,"
  • Girl - VINCE GILL
    "Girl you can trust me with your heart We've got a chance for a brand new start Part of your past was so cold and dark Girl you can trust me with your heart Girl I will never turn away Give you my word"
  • Girl - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori Little Earthquakes Girl From in the shadow she calls And in the shadow she finds a way finds a way And in the shadow she CRAWLS Clutching her faded photograph my image UNDER her thumb Yes"
  • Girl - Porter
    "My sleeping beauty I'm right beside you Feeling your heart beat I know you're my girl They won't mistreat you As long as I live Wake up and tell me What is what you dream Even if you sleep You are my"
  • Girl - Built To Spill
    "sitting at the railway station reading books about intimidation waiting for my girl to come and if she does will she be dumb or really smart will she break my heart and wad it up and throw it in my face I"
  • Girl - Ben Folds
    "Ahh, yeah Girl, it's been a long time Since we had it going on that way Feelings getting stronger Each and every day Ahh Wake up, oh yeah I can feel you but you're not there Holding on to thin air Cause"
  • Girl - Destiny's Child
    "Take A Minute Girl Come Sit Down And Tell Us What's Been Happening In Your Face I Can See The Pain Don't You Try To Convince Us That You're Happy (Yeah) We've Seen This All Before But He's Taking Advantage"
  • Girl - K-Ci & JoJo
    "Baby I was born to give you all of my love Baby I was born to give you all of my time Just so we can be together And share a love, to last forever baby(to last forever) The best thing you gave was sent"
  • Girl - Tori Amos
    "From in the shadow She calls And in the shadow She finds a way And in the shadow She crawls Clutching her faded photograph My image under her thumb Yes with a message for my heart She's been everybody"
  • Girl - P.S. Soul
    "Girl I just wanna say I tried to play the right cards But now what I can I don’t care any more The world so many things should be explain You … make me You worst enemy And now what is left is nothing"
  • Girl - Pat Benatar
    "Do you like the way it feels when you get hurt? Maybe you should take a long hard look at your self worth There's an emptiness inside; it started many years ago You always try to fill it up; it's a familiar"
  • Girl - Robots In Disguise
    "You like to throw up words Speak to us as if we got germs And label us with junior terms I'm a dog I'm a pig I'm a cow I'm a bird (Tweet Tweet) Your tongue twists and scars I need these tags like stabs"
  • Girl - Luniz
    "(feat. Crooked I) Welcome Little boys and girls, listen A man can get caught up in things (Right) It's like a gridlock (Right) He gots ta have it (ugh ugh), his girl got his mind (ugh ugh) Took over"
  • Girl - Sylver
    "I know you told me not to ask where you have been I know you told me not to try To understand the way you live your life at night But don't you see you make me cry So now I've left I know it broke your"
  • Hula Girl At Heart - Jimmy Buffett
    "(Jimmy Buffett, Peter Mayer, Roger Guth, Will Kimbrough) She owns a window to the ocean She has a pipeline to the sky But earthly creatures rarely notice When Guardian Angels pass them by Like a gecko"
  • Heart - Fly To The Sky
    "I know we've had some rough times and (I know we've had some rough times and) life's been unfair for the both of us (life's been unfair for the both of us ) but I know that if we try hard enough we can"
  • Heart - Neneh Cherry
    "Out of control MMM - stick it where it hurts Girl, I'll be peeling you off the ceiling. That's right Hee Hee Ladies and gentlemen - Neneh Cherry Well you laughed at me right in my face At the wrong time"
  • The Heart Of Every Girl - Elton John
    "Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Available on the Mona Lisa Smile Soundtrack The Heart Of Every Girl In the heart of every girl There's a woman waking up Like sunlight spreads across the world A"

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