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broke frascher

  • Broke - Albert Collins
    "I used to be a big shot long ago I had a Cadillac an' a whole lotta dough Real fine women used to chase me down Now, not one-a those gals can be found They're never home whenever I call Don't seem to want"
  • Broke - Modest Mouse
    "Broke account so I broke a sweat I've bought some things that I sort of regret about now Broke your glasses, but it broke the ice You said that I was an asshole and I paid the price Broken hearts want"
  • Broke - King's X
    "So you say you can't afford to live, because you're broke, is this a joke? with a credit card you pay your bills, because you're broke, is this a joke? hey baby, stop acting so crazy, living way beyond"
  • Broke - Dri
    "Give all my money to chicks And the dude at the corner store After I pay the landlord I ain't got no more Money comes and money goes It's already spent But it's no mystery Where it all went That's why"
  • Broke - September When
    "If the sea was as calm as my mother And my boat was as big as a ship If we all could care a bit more for each other Then we might all go on that trip I don't have time to explain this But you would soon"
  • Broke - The Beta Band
    "See my friends across the (red) sky why don't they fly Simple truth is all I ask for but no reply You won't cry for me, I'm twisting around my own head, falling around for me Sitting in a tunnel watching"
  • Broke - Audiosoulz
    "that's me call me you can have it all spin me love me don't let me fall"
  • Born Broke - The Hellacopters
    "Huh! Staying straight got me so strung out Being sure just put me in doubt Your teaching really made me dumb Don't call me slacker 'cuz I am a bum! Hang around the wrong kind of streets Can't get out"
  • Born Broke - Hellacopters
    "Huh! Staying straight got me so strung out Being sure just put me in doubt Your teaching really made me dumb Don't call me slacker ''cause I am a bum! Hang around the wrong kind of streets Can't get out"
  • Broke Away - Wet Wet Wet
    "I live a perfect lie All I ever want lies forgiven Took away all of those chains and say They broke away, they broke away Do you lead a better life Even when the sweet turns to bitter Took away all of"
  • Broke Dick - Sick Of It All
    "Oooh It's plain to see Why there's no harmony. Arrogance at a glance A mind that's bent on ignorance. Desperate for reverance Little king with no respect. Spitting out rhetoric from the mouth of a broke"
  • Broke Again - Little River Band
    "Whoh, I'm broke again, blew my money on the smell of gin, whoh, here I go again, fallin' down on the same old sin. Oh I know, I know, I know I'm wrong, and I know, I know I know I'm gone. If I don't"
  • I'm Broke - Limp Bizkit
    "I aint no joke So you should get yourself a pen And write yourself a little note so you don't forget again When it comes to cash I've been gettin' smoked Lendin' out my money now im broke Somebody's gettin'"
  • Bone Broke - The White Stripes
    "Look closer, you can see how I been runnin' it. I got a dollar bill in the cockpit. Suprised being white is a black hole? I got another job at the liquor store, damn. Oh, well, I'm bone broke. They got"
  • Broke Ho's - Luniz
    "You gotta have a j-o-b If you wanna be wit me Cause broke ho's is a no-no Broke ho's is a n-o-, n-o- fa sho I'm tired of these motherfuckers Talkin bout broke ass ho's You motherfuckin right I'ma broke"
  • Broke Window - Gary Jules
    "loaded tongue and dirty fingers queen of her mother's house come step outside feeling full moon high let's see what we can live without fix an eye to the dimestore villain waiting for the wine to pour it"
  • Broke Niggaz - Luniz
    "(feat. Knuckle Head, Eclipse) Broke niggas make the best crooks ya best look over your shoulder if you's a Highroller (broke mutha fuckas they make the best crooks) (broke mutha fuckas they make the"
  • Neva Broke - E-40
    "Hey, what's up my nigga Check this out you been listenin' for awhile Why don't you tell these niggas What they really thinkin' about When be wrappin' this mail Turn my mail, I talk to rappers when I"
  • Gutter Broke - Dudley Saunders
    "the gutter broke the rain washed down in a sheet across the window her kids were sleeping in the booth she stared him down he stared her up his saucer filling from his spilling cup 'you speak to me boy"
  • Broke Williez - Onyx
    "To all you rappers out there With money and fame Rockin a foreign car Everything brand name Broke Willies with no money Keep runnin yo game Can't forget all our thugs that's locked in chains we ain't"

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