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broke fraser something in the water

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broke fraser something in the water

  • Something In The Water - Brooke Fraser
    "I wear a demeanor made of bright pretty things What she wears, what she wears, what she wears Birds singing on my shoulder in harmony it seems How they sing, how they sing, how they sing Give me nights"
  • Jeremy Fraser - Franz Ferdinand
    "We stopped the time for Jeremy Fraser, he died of a lance of silver We stopped the time for Jeremy Fraser, he died of a lance of silver Do you want to know how we stopped the time? There's no reason to"
  • Something In The Water - Terri Clark
    "(Tom Shapiro/Terri Clark/Chris Waters) Somebody's restless She feels second best And the girl across town Is thinking about a permanent change And the lady living next door Won't take it anymore There's"
  • Something in the water - Prince
    "Some people tell me I got great legs Can't figure out why U make me beg Does not compute (Does not compute) Don't not compute (Don't not compute) U think you're special, well so do I Why do special women"
  • Something in the Water - Carrie Underwood
    "He said, "I've been where you've been before. Down every hallway's a slamming door. No way out, no one to come and save me. Wasting a life that the Good Lord gave me. Then somebody said what I'm saying"
  • Something In The Water - Lee Kernaghan
    "Lyndal is a waitress and she looks a little like Faith Hill Turning heads down at the roadhouse working the grill you'd expect she'd be the only one but theres plenty more like her out here where she comes"
  • Broke - The Beta Band
    "See my friends across the (red) sky why don't they fly Simple truth is all I ask for but no reply You won't cry for me, I'm twisting around my own head, falling around for me Sitting in a tunnel watching"
  • Broke - King's X
    "So you say you can't afford to live, because you're broke, is this a joke? with a credit card you pay your bills, because you're broke, is this a joke? hey baby, stop acting so crazy, living way beyond"
  • Broke - Dri
    "Give all my money to chicks And the dude at the corner store After I pay the landlord I ain't got no more Money comes and money goes It's already spent But it's no mystery Where it all went That's why"
  • Broke In Two - They Might Be Giants
    "You said something before you left Something I was not to forget Then Is when i maybe should have wrote it down But when I looked around to find a pen And then I tried to think of what you said We broke"
  • Broke Niggaz - Luniz
    "(feat. Knuckle Head, Eclipse) Broke niggas make the best crooks ya best look over your shoulder if you's a Highroller (broke mutha fuckas they make the best crooks) (broke mutha fuckas they make the"
  • Neva Broke - E-40
    "Hey, what's up my nigga Check this out you been listenin' for awhile Why don't you tell these niggas What they really thinkin' about When be wrappin' this mail Turn my mail, I talk to rappers when I"
  • Hey Girl - Rovleta Fraser - Damian Marley "Jr. Gong"
    "Hey Girl, The way you make me feel I know your love is real You satisfy my every want and need Hey Boy, You're always on my mind We need to spend more time Cause no one else can touch my heart inside She"
  • Gutter Broke - Dudley Saunders
    "the gutter broke the rain washed down in a sheet across the window her kids were sleeping in the booth she stared him down he stared her up his saucer filling from his spilling cup 'you speak to me boy"
  • Broke In The Head - Bleach
    "You haven't said a single thing The whole way home The air is thick from awkward silence So you turn up the radio, And I don't think I've got to tell you I hope you already know What you reap is"
  • Sherry Fraser - Marcy Playground
    "Oo I saw stars falling all Around her head Red, gold, and blue Sherry Fraser where are you 'Cause I saw stars falling All around your head When we were young Sherry Fraser where have you gone We're all"
  • Water - Take 5
    "{Clay} Something in the spring Is making me grow in love with you,babe Something in the summer breeze Is blowing me into your arms,babe Girl you know you got me open There's no time for anyone else You're"
  • Water - Kristy Starling
    "Something about Your love That fills me up like an ocean, Lord You consume me Something about Your grace I can't explain why You give it to me It's a mystery You're my necessity You quench the thirst"
  • Water - Aesop Rock
    ""I wanna be the most beautiful second coming of Christ that anyone had ever seen, but.." The water ain't safe, the land's made of mortar I hug a half empty glass my dignity's trying to pawn her I'm"
  • Water - Blonde Redhead
    "this crime for him desire no-one sees it nothing cleans it you will find a week re- ligion some to see you call you kill you how can I contribute tell me make me I don't want to wan't to"

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