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  • Infatuation/Memories - Bronski Beat
    "Hundreds & Thousands (Somerville/Steinbachek/Bronski) Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh Memories, sweet memories Lost in these memories Lost I should stay Days, brilliant days Love filled these brilliant days"
  • Run From Love - Bronski Beat
    "Hundreds & Thousands (Somerville/Steinbachek/Bronski) Love is strong won't let you go Hunts you down it wants you so. Lost in love a fool can't see Broken heart are meant to be You can't run from love You"
  • Close To The Edge - Bronski Beat
    "Hundreds & Thousands (Somerville/Steinbachek/Bronski) Ooooh. Close to the edge, close to the edge And I won't fall over, won't fall over no way Close to the edge, close to the edge And I won't fall"
  • Hard Rain - Bronski Beat
    "Hundreds & Thousands (Somerville/Steinbachek/Bronski) Turn your head look around you, Can't you see things are falling apart? Mother, time to stop them preparing your children for war. Ooh, when hard"
  • Need A Man Blues - Bronski Beat
    "The Age Of Consent (Somerville/Steinbachek/Bronski) Need a man blues He-e-hey! I got those need a man blues Driving me mad I go those need a man blues Hurting me bad Sweet sweet sweet Is the taste"
  • Love To Love You Baby/I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me - Bronski Beat
    "I love to love you baby I love to love you baby (Repeat....) Love to love you pretty baby Love to love you pretty baby (Repeat....) Oh baby Oh, it's so good It's so good, it's so good, it's so good,"
  • Truthdare Doubledare - Bronski Beat
    "Truthdare Doubledare Why don't you listen to the preacher, preacher man Just be aware, if you can There's a war on the horizon, yes they've got a bomb Bea it right or be it wrong You know the book, it"
  • Punishment For Love - Bronski Beat
    "Truthdare Doubledare Rejected for no reason He finds it easy to cry Another day that pases How he tries to hide Confused with how he's feeling Ends up wanting much more Waits for the bell to ring But"
  • We Know How It Feels - Bronski Beat
    "Truthdare Doubledare How can they be so cruel, When they call me names to hurt me, Exception to the rule No, they knowing nothing at all No they don't understand, How I could hold your hand Will they"
  • This Heart - Bronski Beat
    "Truthdare Doubledare I've been working On the line To earn my pay To get away From all the pressure In this town When I walk around It brings me down I leave it up Up to you What you want Want me to"
  • Do It - Bronski Beat
    "Truthdare Doubledare Shake your body Lose your mind We set our standards In this world of mine Let's do it do it once again Let's do it do it one more time Let's do it while the night is young Don't keep,"
  • In My Dreams - Bronski Beat
    "Truthdare Doubledare I start crying In my dreams Can't sleep at night No point in living No place to run, no place to hide I want love to stay with me Close by your side Living in my dreams I want love"
  • What Are You Doing About It - Bronski Beat
    "Truthdare doubledare Oh, oh, oh, what are you doing about it Oh pick me up baby 'cos I'm falling for your love Won't give it up For nothing, never had enough My pleasure's yours honey Feeling loose inside You"
  • Dr John - Bronski Beat
    "Gotta be careful who I meet tonightPut up the struggle, I'll put up the fightLoving is different, so full of fearCan't love you right, until the cure is hereIt's physical breakdownIt's emotional blackmailIt's"
  • Infatuation - memories - Bronski Beat
    "Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh Memories, sweet memories Lost in these memories Lost I should stay Days, brilliant days Love filled these brilliant days These days are foregone Alone, alone I pray Love that was"
  • Ain't Necessarily So - Bronski Beat
    "Da ra da am de ra am de Ba ra ba am dee da am doo Ba ra am de ba ra am de Da ra doo dee It ain't necessarily so It ain't necessarily so The things that you're liable To read in the Bible It ain't"
  • Heatwave - Bronski Beat
    "Hey we're headin' for a summer heatwave Boys we're headin' for a summer heatwave Summer he-e-e-e-e-eat wave yeah Summer he-e-e-e-e-eat wave yeah Tattoos and muscle passion and sweat Summer he-e-e-e-e-eat"
  • Junk - Bronski Beat
    "He can't take the street no more Street too full full of junk Thinks he'll hide in his room Room too full full of junk He turns to his T.V. T.V. full full of junk Processed zombies pushing junk Junk food"
  • Love And Money - Bronski Beat
    "Work for money spend money Spend for love love for money Pain and love love and pain Pain and lust lust for money Love and money Love and money Exploit for money kill for love Love for money exploited"
  • No More War - Bronski Beat
    "No more war please No more destruction of innocent life No more living in fear No more on our bended knees To live is our right No more war No more war please It's got to stop oh we've got to make"

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