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brotaction faction

  • Faction - Less Than Jake
    "And I I wonder if you'd understand if I said I'll never go never go along again And if I told you all that I believe in and gave you my reasons and always had an answer an honest answer for all of them sometimes"
  • Faction - Candiria
    "Kill This death is comfortable Beggar's life intolerable Running with the madmen Lowest of fears can't fathom Measure your breath in fractions Fists clenched Touch my heart it mends Sour taste can't pretend Visions"
  • Tongue Like A Battering Ram - Faction
    "With a tongue like a battering ram the wench is on everyone's scams Telling stories, telling lies Causing close friends to divide A kind word for every face, then puts your words in another place Twists"
  • Yesterday Is Gone - Faction
    "Yesterday is gone, let it go I say And none of its cares will I borrow Isn't it great to be living today and looking ahead to tomorrow All these wash outs dwell in the past, wishing that they could go"
  • 100 Years War - Faction
    "Amidst the burning rubble the spirit still lives on To rise above all poverty, to rise above all wrong No one needs your bloodied sword, I'll get what's truly mine Bullets of hate kept in your hands, they'll"
  • Black Balled - Faction
    "Parents, police, teachers, do we need them? Action, myself, attitude, I claim in mayhem I know you don't like me but I could care less You try to win, you lose, now who's the best? I fell nothing now A"
  • Change Of Pace - Faction
    "Same thing, dry day, planned out, all day A virus that spreads, it won't go away Get up, get out, go there, come back Spontaneous action? Heck, what's that? Go slow health nuts buckle up you should talk Why"
  • Demons - Faction
    "The demons came from over the hills To murder pillage rape and kill their burly frames would instill fear to all of those who dare came near Your stomach turns at the bloody sight It's not a dream it's"
  • Eternal Plan - Faction
    "6-6-6 upon your head, promised fun when you're dead You think that this world is bad, so you get caught up in the eternal fad the way you dress is not enough so you go one step beyond Gotta be cool, Gotta"
  • It Makes Me Sick - Faction
    "Don't try to push your ideas on me, I can think for myself Don't care about what you do to me, don't care about society Who do you think could push the button, not D.C. and not the reds ?? It's in my mind,"
  • Me - Faction
    "No more I don't need a job and I don't need no friends People bore me to the end I wish that I were dead All this stench that fills the air reminds me of the dump And when I turn on my tv, the f**kin'"
  • Running Amok - Faction
    "Total chaos everywhere One step beyond the old Red Scare People panic, they're afraid, at home is the place they should have stayed Different factions, no real reasons, people dying, running amok Something"
  • Skate And Destroy - Faction
    "Forget the light, skate and destroy Pass the jogger, skate and destroy Snap it back, skate and destroy Kick that bike, skate and destroy It's not a cause or political belief, it's something in my thinking If"
  • Skate Harassment - Faction
    "There's disobedience in the streets In all of suburbia's dreams Kids are tired of the same old things Drive in movies and football games Time to have some real fun, time to put boredom under the gun Kids"
  • Spineless Majority - Faction
    "You're all alone and by yourself Pretty much nothing to do The others are so many it's f**kin' scary The things that they could to you Spineless Majority They feed on mtv, shaping paths of thought About"
  • Terror In The Streets - Faction
    "Time to go it's late, as the fog begins to lay And you wish that you were at home in bed Visions of evil and visions ill will Are burning corners into your head The echo of your steps From the fence across"
  • The Brain - Faction
    "It's a test, I adapt or die When most of it is an all out lie A story's been undisclosed against a will that was never told Undisclosed who's bad or good They've the force they'll make it good They disclose,"
  • You Are Here - Faction
    "Alone at last to collect all of my thoughts Is it worth my time, is it worth it or not? 'cause you sketch my mind to the point of hate I can't understand your new clean slate You are here and I wish you"
  • Being Watched - Faction
    "It's late at night The house is dark The t.v. glow won't let me sleep A noise is heard I'm filled with fright The doors are locked I'm sure I'm sure A feeling hits me What's going on Did that shadow move"
  • Beyond The Mirror - Faction
    "There it is stuck on the wall Your reflection comes back to make you fall What lies beyond is in you head Look into the mirror, why are your eyes red Beyond the mirror, why do you always stare Beyond the"

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