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brother loulie modern talking

  • The Modern Talking Space Mix - Modern Talking
    "Roger, roger. Calling, calling, roger, roger, can you read me? 78-78-9, 78-78-9, do you read me? Roger, major! This is Modern Talking spaceship 1998, we need authorization to land. Major, major? Landing"
  • Modern Talking - donGuralesko
    "Rycerz smętnego oblicza podczas długiej podróży zdziczał biegać w kółka – dola Chomicza chcą roboczogodziny zaliczać pora odpocząć dzisiaj pora byś usłyszał jak chrobocze cisza czas strzelił z bicza wielka"
  • Brother Louie - Modern Talking
    "Dear, love is a burning fire stay 'Cause then the flames grow higher babe, Don't let him steel your heart It's easy, it's easy Girl, this game can't last forever, why? Why can not live together Try, don't"
  • Brother - Gil Scott-Heron
    "We deal in too many externals, brother. Always afros, handshakes, and dashikis. Never can a man build a working structure for black capitalism. Always does a man read Mao or Fanon. I think I know you"
  • Brother - Marc Nelson
    "Kenya speaking, a, did I every tell you about that time yo, I was at a um, club and I was talking to this girl for about a hour and you know she was giving me all the rap and everything and then at the"
  • Brother Louie (New Version) - Modern Talking
    "Check it out, check it out, here we go, let me say it Tax on wax make the DJ's wanna play it To te front to the front, to the back to the back To the hip to the hop, from the rhyme to the rap Every single"
  • Brother Louie (Rap Version Feat. Eric Singleton) - Modern Talking
    "Deep love is a burnin' fire stay 'cause then the flame grows higher babe Don't let him steal your heart It's easy easy Girl this game can't last forever why We cannot live together try Don't let him take"
  • Modern Day - Migos
    "Let’s take a modern day stroll This is the modern day hoe Last time I checked we were running the globe I’m bout to go figure four Two knocks two time, it’s a brick at the door Somebody blowing up lil"
  • Modern Marvel - Mos Def
    "This desire... I come home high and she start to cry I can't take it.. A brand new excuse does me no use That won't make it.. She at home with the kids, this is no way to live What can I say? I know"
  • Modern Soul - James Blake
    "I know a crossroads where I see him, see them I want to be a lover, I want it to be over So I swim to you while I'm sleeping Through sage green rivers of England I see the scenery changes, changes I want"
  • Keep Talking - Lucky Boys Confusion
    "Yeah 1998 and 99; 2000 Into the millennium Still rippin' up the stage LBC it's all about growing out of it kid We got a new groove on this scene And nobody's gonna stop me from livin out my dreams I"
  • Just Talking - Waylon Jennings
    "Verse 1: D We got a lot of politicians Up there on Capitol Hill Ain't it funny how they prosper A While the country stands still Maybe i should run for office But i just like to talk I ain't about"
  • Keep Talking - D-12
    "[50 Cent] Ay yo, what's up, yo this is 50 cent You're here with mah man Green Lantern And you know how the f**k it go down You wanna hate? Okay, it's okay, You can hate me baby! I'm on fire right now ya"
  • Keep Talking - D12
    "Intro- Bizarre yea Detroit mother fucker DJ Green Lantern(the evil genious) D12 We aint goin no where We still smokin crack nigga haha Let um know HA-HA Chorus- Eminem Bitch keep talkin keep"
  • Big Brother - Oxymoron
    "he's the ghost behind the scenes a nightmare born by modern times different faces, various places you're never really sure if he's around he's so insidious watch your steps wings familiar though surreal he's"
  • Big Brother - Velcra
    "Oh yeah my big brother, lets take good care of each other I know your motivation is working for a good cause Along the way you're saving us all from a lot of problems Still your words sound like ethnic"
  • Oh, brother - James Taylor
    "I'm not much for making little wishes But I'd like a little wish to come true for you I'm not talking about loaves and fishes But I wish that there was something I could do for you Here's a little bit"
  • Brother Wind - Tim O'Brien
    "Made up my mind to go Some place so far away, I headed west Without a sad goodbye No hugs or tears that way, it's probably for the best Sent cards along the way Said I was looking for a brand new"
  • Baby Brother - Sticky Fingaz
    "(feat. Dave Hollister) Let me call this nigga Come on man; pick up the damn phone Hello I got your pictures, damn we look just alike A younger version of me, half my age same height I played "beat"
  • All Modern Conveniences - Clifford T. Ward
    "Old fashioned she might be Dated like last year's pop-song Ageing like this year's calendar It's a wonder she can still raise a smile. But in spite of her pension Governments and Ascension Day She"

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