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brothers of metal defenders of varhalla

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brothers of metal defenders of varhalla

  • Defenders Of Metal - Wizard
    "We've heard the sound of heimdalls horn It is calling us to battle The iron war will come Einheriers by our side Valkyries in the sky The legion of doom will rise Brothers hoods of metal prepare for"
  • Defenders Of Metal - Stormwarrior
    "A longe time ago when we were borne The gods had return'd in the nighte They built up a fire of thunder and nighte And raised their swordes to the skye They swore to create proud warriors Defending their"
  • Defenders - Domine
    "We are the Royal Guard of Steel We are The Loyal and Strong We are The Knights of The Sacred Sound We are forevermore We will stand by the Oath we swore Long ago when the Gods chose their knights"
  • Brothers Of Metal - Manowar
    "Strike while the iron is hot Steel is strongest so say we all And if we all were not brothers of metal would we fall? No They tried to test our spirit They tasted steel before we were done Grinding their"
  • Metal Brothers - Cryonic Temple
    "They came to us and stole our gold They told us to fight for the mighty lord We raised our hands and we said no Co's we are free we will not go We are the ones, brothers of steel And we are proud we will"
  • Defenders - Dragonforce
    "Life's uncertain, a rat-race of pain Endlessly searching for more Hopeless and needless, held back by the chains 'Till we can't take anymore Hold on, stay strong Breaking out from the past life fading No"
  • Brothers Of Metal, Part 1 - Manowar
    "Slowly crossing as the river runs below Never stopping for whats waiting soon will slow And this last time looking back I'll see My home for he awaits me reaching for my soul.He calls my name,and waves"
  • Metal Warriors (Brothers Of Metal Part 2) - Manowar
    "Every one of us has heard the call Brothers of True Metal proud and standing tall We know the power within us has brought us to this hall There's magic in the metal there's magic is us all Heavy metal"
  • Defenders Of Gaia - Rhapsody Of Fire
    "Neverending is my love for you, my Earth More and more each day Your greatness speaks to me You deserve all the respect From your sons for you've given us The miracle of life (Chorus:) And we go on without"
  • Defenders of Gaia - Rhapsody
    "Neverending is my love for you, my Earth More and more each day Your greatness speaks to me You deserve all the respect From your sons for you've given us The miracle of life And we go on without reflection always"
  • Defenders of the Crown - Edguy
    "Seven seas crossed seven times at least Back and forth we sailed to proselytize We'll drag you over A better world is waiting At the end of what we're saying Never failed to fertilize from Perth to Dover Here"
  • Brothers - John Mellencamp
    "Let's get to the point now Just because we've got the same mom & dad That don't mean I'm your keeper That don't mean I owe anything to you You don't care for me And man, I don't think that much of you "
  • Defenders of the flag - Bruce Hornsby
    "It's coming any day said the captain It's coming any day now cried the priest The people in high places may defend you But son you better hope they keep the peace Can't you hear them calling Can't you"
  • Defenders of the Crown - Human Fortress
    "(L: Parcharidis / M: Parcharidis, Wolf, Marquardt) Templars of steel, Knights of the cross Unite our armies to honour our God Holy land, we are marching on Ten thousand men, beneath the ashes of Jerusalem God"
  • Brothers - Gamma Ray
    "My life, not yoursIs that alright no fightI don't wanna quit itNo way, is that okayNo don't you dare, don't you dareto touch it with your fingersYou sneak around, pull me downGimme no, gimme no, gimme"
  • Brothers - Brand New
    "So the airs getting colder and the news keeps us scared. I still wrestle this summer in the bones of our tired and blistered hands, cause tonight we got drinks with just a couple of friends and the girl"
  • Brothers - Iron Savior
    "(Of The Past)Devastation - radiation - paralyzing fear Terrorizing demons rising - termination's here Stratospheric - energetic- drifting on the stream Agonizing isolation inside the machine Reborn in"
  • Brothers - Capone-N-Noreaga
    "(Troy Outlaw) Lets get this shit perculating son u know Thugged Out entertainment coming at your motherfucking neighborhood Know what I'm saying, like a theater near you Troy Outlaw, Goldfingaz Capone-N-Noreaga"
  • Defenders Of The Ancient Life - Rage
    "Defenders of the ancient life we are Defenders of the ancient world at war And if we're gonna die, keep that spark Defenders of the ancient life we are, yes we are Hunters came the night before They brought"
  • Made Of Metal - Dream Evil
    "Made of metal, made of metal, made of metal, made of metal Can't bend what's made of metal We're reinforced with steel We never will surrender We never kneel It's true the sound of metal Makes us invincible No"

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