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bts best of me

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bts best of me

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bts best of me
  • Lauv Who (feat. BTS)
    "outlines of your eyes and visions of you girl, I think I need a minute to figure out what is what isn’t these choices and voices they’re all in my head sometimes you make me feel crazy sometimes I swear"
  • Steve Aoki Waste It On Me (feat. BTS)
    "you said love is messed up you said that it don’t work you don’t wanna try no no baby I am not stranger to heartbreak and the pain of always being let go and I know there’s no making this right this"
  • LeeSoRa Song request (Feat. SUGA of BTS)
    "it’s raining again outside the window these moments make me think of you I can’t sleep this silence and melancholic sound of my heart on the room so I turn up my radio somewhere, I hear someone’s voice and"
  • Saliva Best Of Me
    "I, am all alone Cause you cut me open And poured me out Live a lie All alone With your door wide open You throw me out And I bend Until I break And I bend Until I break (Out of the best of me)"
  • Ratt Best Of Me
    "What do you get when you've got the best The best woman in this wild, wild west She's got me smiling from coast to coast A year from now were still goin for broke It's such a feeling, never gonna stop"
  • Far Too Jones Best Of Me
    "I don't think you're ever gonna need To call me by my name anymore And I don't think I'm ever gonna need To be hanging around your door And I know When time gets the best of me It won't matter anymore And"
  • Jazmine Sullivan Best Of Me
    "Why can't I, leave him alone? Break the chains that trap me in, and let him go Why can't I... just break free? Can't explain what kind of hold he has on me (I wanna say no) I wanna say No, but all I say"
  • Maxi Priest Best Of Me
    "You've got the best of me More than I can give In every part of me Just for you I live We shared our lives together For so many years Been through stormy weather Shared the joys and tears But oh this"
  • Chrisette Michele Best Of Me
    "Saw you again at the parlor Crossing the walk with your lady I caught your eye from afar off I know that she wore a ring I found a smile against my will Wish it was genuine I put away my desire No more"
  • Bigwig Best Of Me
    "i can't see how things fall apart so easily still i can't find forgiveness in my heart to let it go i look inside myself and what do i see? anger and hostility falling apart. keep it together trying to"
  • Morningwood Best Of Me
    "I bet the better you get, the better you get, you're gonna forget remember You're always clickin' and pointin' pointin' and clickin' and clickin' that thing forever You're always talking the talk but never"
  • Huey Lewis & The News Best Of Me
    "I've been trying to forget you girl Since you put me down I hear you're working on the same thing too All over this town But we end up right back in the middle Of a love that's tried and true Baby"
  • Peter Andre Best Of Me
    "Ask me questions lady, I won't tell you no lies Express what's on my mind Don't scratch the surface baby lets take it deep You won't believe what you'll find I wanna get down to real If you think you"
  • Jay-Z Best Of Me
    "Jay-Z] I'm focused man Tell Stout to holla at me man Uh, young Hovah ya heard? Trackmasters ya head? Yo, yes y'all and Jigga man be ballin' Leave chicks pigeon-toed some of them be crawlin' Get the best"
  • Daniel Powter Best Of Me
    "I wasn't mean the wrong way Won't you do me the right way Where you gonna be tonight Coz I won't stay too long Maybe you're the light for me When you talk to me it strikes me Won't somebody help"
  • Sum 41 Best Of Me
    "Its so hard to say that I'm sorry I'll make everything alright All these things that I've done Now what have I become And where'd I go wrong I don't mean to hurt Just to put you first I won't tell you"
  • Sum Less Than Best Of Me
    "It's so hard to say that I'm sorry I'll make everything alright All these things that I've done What have I become, and where'd I go wrong? I don't mean to hurt just to put you first I won't tell you lies I"
  • Path Of Resistance Best Of My Best
    "Won't stray from the path that my heart has set for me Disconnect myself from all the cruelty When I look back there is nothing that I could regret The best of my best, best of my best when I am compassionate Vanity,"
  • Amanda Marshall Best Of Me
    "Drop those flowers - back away slowly You jumped in thinking this was holy water Well surprise surprise This is not a test Welcome to the party I've been on my best behaviour but I think it's time"
  • The Starting Line Best Of Me
    "Tell me what you thought about when you were gone and so alone The worst is over You can have the best of me We got older but we're still young We never grew out of this feeling that we won't give up Here"

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