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bubble pop

  • Bubble Pop - Hyuna
    "Bubble Pop! Bubble Pop! Cheombuteo ttokgatji nal bakkuryeo haji ma Animyeon charari dareun saram manna (U uuu neo) tudeoldaeji ma (U uuu neo) Bamneutge nagaseo nolmyeon jom eottae Eojjeoda jeonhwa an"
  • Bubble - Rudimentary Peni
    "You have a bubble of hope you live inside, you're surrounded by tokens and symbols of hope. It's your choice O.K., but I won't follow, smug in your bubble of hope. You have a bubble of hope you live"
  • Bubble - Sean Paul
    "(feat. Farenheit) Well it's my girl, child caw dem cyaan Spend time an pon di style an yun dun kno Yuh haffi get wild, wuh me say Easy, Sean-A-Paul bun di fire Yuh dun kno Fahrenheit elongside di Neptunes Bring"
  • Bubble - Ani DiFranco
    "I hated to pop the bubble Of me and you But it only held enough oxygen For a trip or two To the moon and back again Tell me, do you remember when Our love had such grace We were floating above this whole"
  • Bubble Pop Electric - Gwen Stefani
    "Come on Johnny when you gonna get here? Alright hold your pretty horses ill be there in a minute you just get yourself dolled up alright toots and you pick a place you just pick a place Um Johnny Yeah"
  • BUBBLE GUM - Quavo
    "fuck with me and get rich popped one off then she fly through the six keep a real nigga and she fuck with the bitch six in the morning and we still taking shit drink a molly, grow some weed pop bubblegum"
  • Bubble - Red House Painters
    "i know i don't know you i know that we don't think along the same lines but what do i do when i can't reach out through this iron-built bubble of pain your house settled in deep country with acres and"
  • Bubble - Skiantos
    "Io mi faccio un rock Io mi mangio un crack Non ne posso piu` Abbassa la TV! Chorus: Non sopporto la tua rabbia c'ho la testa che mi scoppia non mi piace far la coppia dammi solo bubblegum Vieni qui"
  • Bubble - Peter Hammill
    "Let's begin at the top: there's no reason to think that this will ever stop, so let's go back and start again; in this finite uncertainty we'll circle round and then sail a craft of self-conviction across"
  • Pop Porn - Regurgitator
    "yeah i'm a sexist mother fucker on the microphone with my 'ah yo bitch suck my dick ho' drone i like the pop porn with that gat drawn i'm a dick machine and i'm switched on i'm a creature part man but"
  • The Boy In The Bubble - Patti Smith
    "It was a slow day And the sun was beating On the soldiers by the side of the road There was a bright light A shattering of shop windows The bomb in the baby carriage Was wired to the radio These are the"
  • The Boy In The Bubble - Paul Simon
    "(words by Paul Simon; music by Paul Simon and Forere Motlobeloa) It was a slow day And the sun was beating On the soldiers by the side of the road There was a bright light A shattering of shop windows The"
  • Pop Trunk Wave - Trae
    "(*talking*) Yeah, they finna have a problem on this one mayn H-Town representing, Screwed Up Click You in here, with Trae the Truth mayn I had to take em back, on this one We gon throw this back for P-A-T,"
  • Live In A Bubble (feat. LIIV) - Showtek
    "Your body has a way to read my mind Every time we kill the lights But then you leave me here at the border line Underneath this blood red sky Don't wanna fall in love Only if you fall in love My heart"
  • Pop Pop Pop - Eppu Normaali
    "Juuri juuri Lnsimainen kulttuuri On saanut jotain hyvkin aikaiseksi Ei oo se TV Hollywood tai LSD Eik myskn niin kutsuttu vapaa seksi Vaan se on pop pop pop Pop pop pop Pop pop pop Pop pop pop"
  • Bubble Gum - Brigitte Bardot
    "Aimer toujours le mme homme C'est des histoires la gomme L'amour mon vieux c'est tout comme Du bubble bubble gum Tu billes et tu t'tires comme Tu clates de rire comme Tu es rose ple comme Mon bubble"
  • POP!POP!POP! - Marcin Molendowski
    "Pulsują światła i staje czas Coraz szybciej płynie krew Nic więcej już nie obchodzi nas Dzisiaj nic nie liczy się I tylko POP!POP!POP! Kontroluje ten stan Oplata myśli, zapiera dech I tylko POP!POP!POP!"
  • Pop - Levert
    "I remember when you said I was the only one that you would give your love to Your love was so strong baby I admit I was wrong. Can we try to start it over or has your love run out for me ? Tell me that"
  • Bubble Gum - Mirrordead
    "Can you feel it? This exitment when I sayd Take this bitch out of my way out of my sight (out of my sight) stinky fucker aren't you ? now you're with whore I don't blame you take your bitch and go away go"
  • Bubble Gum - Banaroo
    "Bub-Bubble Gum In the rain and the sun Bub-Bubble Gum Every day I have Fun I get up every morning Take my bubble gum My parents give a warning Beware of chewing on Day in and day out I cannot live without"

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