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budgie slipaway

  • Slipaway - The Cars
    "I can tell that you're wild And you love their achey smiles ? And I know I'm on the list to be kissed When you're givin' out the name Of the one you want to blame (As the one you want to claim) You'll"
  • Slipaway (A parrot fashion ball) - Budgie
    "Um hmm, uh hmm,In the morningLight of dayLeaves are fallingSlipaway, slipaway with youAnd the reasonThat I toldIs the feeling of never getting oldGrowing old with youIn the daytimeFeel like it's almost"
  • Mrs. Catto Loves Her Budgie - The Arrogant Worms
    "Mrs. Catto gets up at eight When she hears her budgie She puts her glasses on her face So she can see her budgie She reads the horoscopes out loud She reads them to her budgie She puts on her favourite"
  • Baby please dont go - Budgie
    "Rollin' off you goBaby please don't goBaby please don't goBaby please don't go down to New OrleansYou know I love you soBaby please don't goWhy don't you mind that guardWhy don't you mind that guardWhy"
  • Breaking all the house rules - Budgie
    "I've been running from a dark horseI can't lose itI've been calling to an old crossDon't excuse itWell I've paid them back, and I'm alrightGotta mean kinda woman, she's outta sightWell I don't mind not"
  • Guts - Budgie
    "You've got me living in sinYou've got me breaking my heartYou've got me out on a limbAnd i am falling apartThe sun is burning my faceMy insides running a raceI need somebody with soulYou are my life and"
  • Hammer & Tongs - Budgie
    "Woman I can hear you woman in my soulI wish I was your daddy I wish I was your mammyJust lay down your hammer and tongsWoman I can love you woman think you knowI wish I was you daddy I wish I was your"
  • I ain - Budgie
    "Now it wasn't easy when you didn't see muchAnd you buried your feetAnd you lost your loveYou cheated someoneThen you strayed too farNow you're on your ownAnd you drive your carI ain't no mountain for you"
  • I can't see my feelings - Budgie
    "I can't see my feelingsOpen my eyesI can't see my feelingsOpen a pair of eyesI can't see my feelingsKeep them behindI just keep on reelingRunning back down the lineOh ooohA weight like a stoneUuuuuuum"
  • In for the kill - Budgie
    "Living ain't easy it opens your headLayin' and prayin' you wish you were deadWhen I was born I was given a willThat the meaning of life isI'm in for the killLoving knowing giving showingLove is seeing"
  • Riding my nightmare - Budgie
    "Take the water from my brainAnd make me feel at homeNot to feel aloneAnd every time I look behindI keep on thinking blackThere ain't no looking backRiding my nightmareRiding my nightmareRiding my nightmareAnd"
  • Whisky river - Budgie
    "Oh lay me down girl, 'cause i'm goingLike a river, overflowingI hear someone who is cryingI don't know 'cause i am dyingSee my father tell my motherTell my sister tell my brotherGet me out girl and i'll"
  • Who do you want for your love - Budgie
    "Oh hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, heyOh, well I ain't got nothingI got nothing to sayTo the right manI don't mean nothingI got nothing to feelFor the right manI ain't got nothingYou been running awayFrom"
  • You and i - Budgie
    "I went out some nightAll was bright on a night like thisEverywhere i wentLove was spent on a night like thisBut you and i, away in the skyAnd time flies by on the windI was having funYou were won in the"
  • You're the biggest thing since powdered milk - Budgie
    "You're the biggest thing since powdered milkBelieve for me it's trueI can't give you any old thingBut we just got to be good tooMy oh my, my kinda womanIn an all time winning gaffeI knew some sunny story"
  • Alison - Budgie
    "Alison, Alison Locked inside your head Keep the words I said And you'll always remember Alison, Alison They come to you and cry Help to dry their eyes Soothing their sorrow Waking in the morning She"
  • Breadfan - Budgie
    "Breadfan Open up your mind Open up your purse Never, never, never gonna lose it Breadfan Take it all away Never give an inch Gotta make a mint Gotta make a million Breadfan You got it wrong Some long"
  • Crash Course In Brain Surgery - Budgie
    "Look inside and you will see The words are cutting deep inside my brain On they're burning quickly turning Knife of words is driving me insane, insane Yeah, yeah Raven black is on my track Please show"
  • In The Grip Of A Tyrefitter's Hand - Budgie
    "You got your feelings Your old fashioned feelings About the world and its ways No retribution No simple solution I think we're caught in a maze And all the plunder That feeling down under It tends to gnaw"
  • Napoleon Bona Part 1 And Part 2 - Budgie
    "There's a light, covers up my doorway Flickering light, never run away And I might, I might be going your way Say who might, might help me on my way Mmm, what a sight, sight to burn the ego Keep you warm"

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