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buena vista socjal club

  • AZ Social Club - North Side Kings
    "Side by side we've stuck through thick and thin. Never turned our backs upon our friends. There's been times we've had to hold our ground. I WILL NEVER LET MY BROTHERS DOWN. ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE"
  • BUENA VISTA - Kobik
    "To Litt Willson, typie Wszyła lipa Miała być Buena Vista Wszyła lipa Miała być Buena Vista Wszyła lipa Miała być Buena Vista I eeej, jeje Wszyła lipa Miała być Buena Vista Co? Pełna miska i ta bezpieczna"
  • Buena Vista - Gomez
    "Wake up butterfly The sun's fallen down The clouds are rolling over And we still got many miles to go From winter days come starless nights The constellations frown And when the heavens start to open Even"
  • Buena Wismar Sozi Club - Till & Obel
    "Drei alte Stasis mit'm falschen Pass musizieren in Havanna und habn mchtig Spa dafr gibt es tglich eine Flasche Zuckerrohrschnaps Fr drei alte Stasis mit'm falschen Pass Wir lagen vor Madagaskar und hatten"
  • Buena - Bacilos
    "Tu a veces me sorprendes con Tu forma de ser con la gente Tu a veces me sorprendes Y ya se porque no te comprenden Vives de caceria Al acecho de noche y de dia South Beach y Hialeah Mas salvaje de lo que"
  • Buena - morphine
    "I hear a voice from the back of the room I hear a voice cry out we want something good well come on a little closer lemme see your face yeah come on a little closer by the front of the stage I said come"
  • Vista - Chalice
    "Never shall I love another earthborn face And I (the knave, the fool) will stay inept Condemned to forge a barren hell To deify and then dispel That summers' love....... in winters' rain I wept At the"
  • Vista - iamamiwhoami
    "Want, want, want (you) Stretching out before my eyes Are riches a ruler requires Regal shimmer, blinding shine But hollowness when all this is mine Through all the shallow rifts, I had to wade This could've"
  • Buena - Blue Cafe
    "If I ever have to leave, then it doesn't matter where I go now, I'll be your love baby, if you let me breathe even when I'm far away then I have no doubt I'll be your love nothing guarantize I want to"
  • Narrow Minded Social Club - The Rifles
    "I've got an ongoing problem in my life To tolerate some people about No matter how I try playing the nice guy There's always someone picking you out And just the other night My friend was walking home About"
  • Social Aid And Pleasure Club - Subdudes
    "Well I passed by this little place a time or two before And I liked the words they had painted on the door Social, Social Aid and Pleasure club Are they drinkin', are they dancing Are they havin' a ball,"
  • Deth Kult Social Club - From Autumn To Ashes
    "On the might of kings and captains On the eyes of midnight watchmen I know my hatred is perfect for the culprit Who deserves It dead meat Against your broken bones Thrown in a ditch to die alone But there"
  • Social Enragement - Pizzamen
    "if i could be a prostitue for the stripper club i would go out with a buff guy named bub its all over for the world now kung pow chicken chow wow when its time to pee dont come crying to me britney spears"
  • Hasta la vista - Sarah Connor
    "We used to go out at nightyou were my friend with youit always felt so rightwe knew each other from the hoodtogether looking goodand there never was disrespectrelationship was good, was the best I had'til"
  • Hasta La Vista! - Sarah Connor
    "Verse 1: we used to go out at night you were my friend with you it always felt so right we knew each other from the hood together looking good and there never was disrespect relationship was good, was"
  • Yerba Buena - No Doctors
    "Listen up! I spied an island rising on the sea, Dropped in the anchor! found a lock, I made the key for free, Felt a breeze, cracked a nut, I slept between two trees, Hear the hula lullabies, then I opened"
  • Buena Suerte - Hamlet
    "Tener o soar Triunfar o perder. Unos tienen la buena estrella Otros siempre se estrellarn. No sabes como acertar. Llegar, ni empezar Sonreir o ignorar. Sin comer, sin dormir Sin trabajar, sin existir O"
  • Buena Suerte - La Mafia
    "Cuanto tiempo sin poder volverte a ver Cuanto angustia siento en mi corazón Yo pens que tu un da podras volver Sin embargo hoy te marchas amor Si tu quieres hoy me puedes olvidar Y buscarte por all un"
  • Buena Fortuna - Luis Angel
    "e..iei..e iei ie i...... e..iei..e iei ie i...... No creia en la Buena fortuna Pero dios te puso en mi camino y hoy eres mi luna sobre el mar. Me quede atrapado en tu sonrisa tu mirada despertaba"
  • Buena Estrella - Aterciopelados
    "La conjunción de los planetas Mi paz quiere perturbar Pero me siento protegida Tengo mi talismn Seguro tendr larga vida Trbol superestar Una mariposa negra Mi casa viene a rondar Me aplican la mirada"

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