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bugs henderson

  • Bugs - Pearl Jam
    "all these... i got bugs i got bugs in my room bugs in my bed bugs in my ears their eggs in my head bugs in my pockets bugs in my shoes bugs in the way i feel about you bugs on my window trying to get in they"
  • Bugs - Hepburn
    "Can't tie me down, won't shut me up, you will not win The purpose of this song's to say my life begins I want to fly (I want to fly) Reach out, be healed (reach out, be healed) Don't want to die (don't"
  • Bugs - Adrenalin O.d.
    "Armies march in darkness Training to attack For years of senseless crushing They're gonna fight back Coming out of the woodwork Infesting every pore They don't just want revenge They want to rule the world Bugs,"
  • Bugs - Bobbie Gentry
    "Got a pollywog in your water Tadpole in the moonshine vat An' granddaddy-long-leg climbing on the screen You better watch, you're gonna squash him flat Boll weevils in your cotton And dirt-dauber busy"
  • Czemu Bugs? - FLORAL BUGS
    "- eee, ty ziomek, słyszałeś ten nowy numer Bugsa? - zrzynka Eminema jak nic - no, totalnie - ale ty, Czemu Bugs? witam wciąż ulubiony mc twojej dziewczyny pytają się skąd ksywka czemu Bugs?, czemu Bugs? w"
  • Bugs & Critters - Supergroove
    "My bugs and critters from the darkest deep My bugs and critters they breed and creep My bugs and critters too many to count My bugs and critters they're coming out Gimme those bugs I need your critters Gimme"
  • Army Bugs - Unknown Artist
    "ARMY BUGS Soldiers sing of their beans and canteens, Of the coffee in old army cup, Why not mention the small friends we've seen Always trying to chew armies up ? cho: Those firm friends , tireless friends, Hardly"
  • Silver Bugs - Eisley
    "Silver Bugs I'm getting colder by they day and it's only cause you're not here. I'm wishing for silver bugs to fly me over where you are. And then i know that Someone locked the door when i'm not home."
  • Black Bugs - Regurgitator
    "I got killed by black bugs on my video game than i go to myself ' it doesn't mean that much' I keep dying and dying over and over again But I feel I'm alive so I'll just pretend What's at the end What's"
  • Lightning Bugs - Look What I Did
    "v1..: if you love her so much why must you manipulate her you've got the heart of a puppy with the soul of a chew toy your urge to collect her is frustrating to deal with your fingerprints on her it seems"
  • Glitterball (feat. Ella Henderson) - SIGMA
    "Standing here in the music hall With my microphone and a glitterball And you walk right in blowing through the doors Like a force of nature, a force of nature I can't look up cause my head's a mess But"
  • Bugs / Death March - Today Is The Day
    "Bugs, You got them bugs, On you, I see them bugs, Mike Stipe, Now he has bugs, Don't want, No goddamn bugs, Kill. Death March. (x2) Whore, You painted whore, No love, Ain't got no more, So sad to see"
  • Little Fury Bugs - Death Cab For Cutie
    "You'll discover that casual friends kept notes in their pockets to remember your name. And all these places we went to see sights just gave them excuses into the game. There's a look in the faces tonight"
  • Bugs In Head - 4 Lyn
    "I got my own attitude and I've got my pride. I got my own point of view! I got my priorities and I've got rigths. Sometimes I've got something to hide. I'm a human being, flesh and blood. I can run for"
  • Steppin' On Bugs - Huggy Bear
    "with no cash i consequently trash my heart goes by me equilibrium such an easy luxury contradiction or addiction to diversion just thinking what me & you could do with no cash i consequently TRASH i don't"
  • Bugs In Head - 4Lyn
    "I got my own attitude and I've got my pride. I got my own point of view! I got my priorities and I've got rigths. Sometimes I've got something to hide. I'm a human being, flesh and blood. I can run for"
  • Here For You (ft. Ella Henderson) - Kygo
    "We’ll be passing by And they’ll be wasting time Just waiting for new And while they’re chasing darks We’ll be dancing in the dusk Guess a way coming through Whenever you need me I’m behind I promise to"
  • This Is Real (feat. Ella Henderson) - Jax Jones
    "what you gon what you gonna do? I am fallin’, and fallin’ down cause you’re going to my head can I recognize the sound? my own heart callin’ I found some way I found someone I found someone someone that"
  • Hold Me Close (feat. Ella Henderson) - Sam Feldt
    "voices in my head sing lallalallallal voices in my head sing hold me innocently suddenly you’re so damn quiet voices in my head still sing and I think that I drank too much and it’s Sunday morning you"
  • Bugs In My Head - Glay
    "OH, Mr.BROWN SUGAR Yaritai houdai OH, Ms.MONEY PENNY Choushi wa doudai? BLACK IN BLACK Kuzu domo wa mina BLACK IN BLACK Kurui ppanashi no mainichi ROCK ON!! OH, Mr.BROWN SUGAR Yami yo no OODAA OH, Ms.MONEY"

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