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buil our machine

  • Machine - Face Down
    "Welcome to the lines Of the meat production chain Meat survival's down Plague death from the disease Still the meat procreates Adds bodies to the flames Lifesex it hungers on Too hungry for release This"
  • Black Machine - Cirith Ungol
    "Climb aboard the Black Machine Fills your head with evil dreams Fills your head with thoughts of fire A quick escape - your one desire Ride the Black Machine Pearly whites behind back drawn lips Ride"
  • Machine man - Judas Priest
    "Licensed to kill on my 650 bonneville "hellfire" we yell fuelled and indestructible get it down to take the crown neon daze renegades no fesr just hate drives us to the ultimate cut loose extremes on our"
  • Time Machine - Matthew Sweet
    "Time machine, let me into the future Ready to forget the past Long ago only leads to today Soon we'll find we don't know what love is Long after you've said goodbye I'm getting in to jump time again Take"
  • Lean Machine - Status Quo
    "When I see you in the morning As the sky is turning light Standing there in all your glory Oh you're looking so right You move in sunbeams from the shadows With your never-ending lines You're standing"
  • Love Machine - Elvis Presley
    "Step right up to the love machine You may get lucky when you zap a dream Let the wheel go round, round and round You may win that girl you've never found She may be Suzy or Maybelline She could be Cathy"
  • Broken machine - Electric 6
    "You're broken machine has questions for meWants to know a little bit about my historyWants to know why I write these ridiculous songsWants to know everything that turns me onAnd what turns me on is youSo"
  • Love Machine - Prince
    "Love machine, yeah. Hey, yeah. I've got the toys, 2 turn your body out I've got the noise, 2 make u scream and shout The love machine will take your body higher 'cause if it don't then I know u're a liar Don't"
  • Broken Machine - Electric Six
    "yeah broken machine has some questions for me wants to know a little bit about my history It wants to know why I write these ridiculous songs it wants to know everything that turns me on And what turns"
  • Death Machine - Rez Band
    "The natives dance to poison drums, Gentle sway to funeral drugs, Machines drone, the cannibal's feast, The healers snap their oily teeth. The vials reek with foundry waste, Black blood bleeds corrupted"
  • Mean Machine - U.D.O.
    "The horror of a mad dog Is chilling my blood in my brains The lights disappearing The cloud getting pregnant with rain There's a rumor going round that The master of darkness will come They say he'll"
  • Flying Machine - Lynn Anderson
    "Patti Johnny Suzie and me we're gonna take a ride on the flying machine The flying machine it flies so high oh my love we can't pass it by Up in the clouds where the air is so clean that's gotta be the"
  • Love Machine - The Time
    "Love machine. Yeah. Hey yeah! (chorus) I've got the toys to turn your body out. I got the noise to make you scream and shout. The love machine take your body higher. Cuz if it don't, then I know you're"
  • Smoke Machine - Freezepop
    "Tonight i came here on my own, But will i have to leave alone? The music starts i move my feet, I lost my love but found the beat The lights the sound i have no fear and then the smoke it fills the air"
  • Raging machine - Ari Koivunen
    "Calling in silence, deep in our souls Hunger grows more It lightens our way higher up to the goal (We'll stand up and fight!) The vision is clear (We'll ride trough the night!) Without any fear Louder"
  • Machine Messiah - Yes
    "(Downes, Horn, Howe, Squire, White) Part I Run down a street Where the glass shows That summer has gone Age, in the doorways Resenting the pace of the dawn. All of them standing in line All of them waiting"
  • Threshing Machine - Winterpills
    "Threshing Machine We took a picture together We held the camera in front of us Your arm was cutting right into the frame Your smile was for both of us Something about the way we looked that day Caught"
  • Bone Machine - Pixies
    "This is a song for Carol Your into Japanese fastfood And I drop you off with your Japanese lover And you're going to the beach all day You're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me You're so pretty when"
  • Bone machine - The Pixies
    "This is a song for Carol Your into Japanese fastfood And I drop you off with your Japanese lover And you're going to the beach all day You're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me You're so pretty when"
  • Body Machine - Adolphson & Falk
    "The light of the day eases my tension The dark of the night turns me on Captures my heat Won't let me be I heard you laugh, I heard you scream Let's take a chance on the body machine You're backtalking"

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