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  • Van Morrison Bulbs
    "I'm kicking off from centre field A question of being down for the game The one shot deal don't matter And the other one's the same Oh! My friend I see you Want you to come through (alright) And she's"
  • Dinosaur Jr. Lightning Bulb
    "You know I will not leave I'm happy left behind I stare in disbelief the truth could strike me blind the truth is no one knows how the garden grows be gone mistaken weeds they're something we don't need you"
  • Therapy? 60 Watt Bulb
    "(One, two) (One, two, three, four) I don't need a spotlight I've got a 60 watt bulb It shines a light on the music I like It shines a light on me and my friends I've got a 60 watt bulb And a concrete"
  • The Fall No Bulbs
    "I'm hunting and I'm tryna find A belt in the early morn When your home is a trash mount Look all over but you're right out In need of black strap No belts in this flat No belts in this flat The former"
  • Vixen Coś takiego (Feat Dj Bulb)
    "Tylko ja coś takiego mam czego żaden z Was Nie rozwinie tak jak ja, Wychowanek Chinatown Dyscyplina musi być, inaczej tak nie zagram man Chcę zamykać line-up, grać ostatni i mieć soldouty Morze rąk niech"
  • Less Than Jake The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out
    "You told me that your 20 years have gone by much too fast And you've been hoping this year will be better than the last You said you've been waging a war against the loneliest of nights With the strongest"
  • Vixen Mam nadzieje, że istnieje Eden (ft. DJ Bulb, prod. Nalef)
    "Zanim spotkasz mnie z kulą w głowie w moim domu Zostawię po sobie to coś co przebija rozum I nie przemija, wejdziesz w tunel po kuli I Narnie odkryjesz nową a strumień życia poczęstuję Cię wodą Duszy..."
  • Dillinger Four Q. How Many Punks Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?
    "Check that writing on the wall It been there all along bit we paid no attention Packaged dissent for all So eager to buy in but never questioned intentions A change of appearance, nothing more that adherence"
  • Neutral Milk Hotel Rubby Bulbs
    "I need to taste your voice in my mouth I need to taste your voice in the air And I need to feel your skin against all that I retch out And feel your voice all over everywhere I need to paste your skin"
  • Dinosaur Jr. Bulbs Of Passion
    "I sit queasy, jittered, uneasy The toll that looms, the loss I dread I buckle, when my judge clutches Questioning my treatment of an ego underfed Bulbs of passion Bulbs of passion Place it here"
  • Dinosaur Jr. Bulbs Of Passion
    "I sit queasy, jittered, uneasy. The toll that looms, the loss I dread. I buckle when my judge clutches, Questioning my treatment of an ego underfed. Bulbs of passion, bulbs of passion. Place it here on"
  • Captain Beefheart Sweet Sweet Bulbs
    "Sweet sweet sweet sweet bulbs grow in m' latest garden Warm warm warm warm warm sun fingers wave In m' latest garden Flowers dance their faces brave Come talk freely in the garden of m' lady Her hominy"
  • X Sugarlight
    "OSugarlight, weOre addictsO Why do you think ew came HeOs pasting gold leaches (On my arm) We sharpen up our teeth White sugar He speaks French Memorizing torsos HeOs open throated In the corner"
  • Beck Trash Can
    "Keep that light bulb burning Keep that light bulb bright Cadillac in the driveway I ain't got all night Keep that bird a-comin' Keep that bird a-comin' Keep that bird comin' I ain't got all night"
    "On my way back to one Half asleep with a loaded gun In a room with a light bulb sun Ain't no place for to hide At an orgy of grooms and brides At the scene of the suicides Follow me See my silver trails Blessed"
  • The Flaming Lips Funeral In My Head
    "But if I go mad no one will no it I won't let it be seen 'Cause I don't want you to be sad for me Be happy, don't cry Listening... some megaphone pressed Against an insect's brain Thought I could hear"
  • Sons Of Ishmael The Lightbulb Cracks
    "What's that on your shoulder? I think the light bulb's cracked, when two thousand years of inbred genes begin to find a way to fight back. Does your monosyllabic white power rhetoric dispel the notion"
  • Cocteau Twins When Mama Was Moth
    "Sunburst and snowblind I'd seen the(I shouldn't fear) fear running down my brook While mama was clear(queer), one more brook Chills all start screaming Ribbed and veined The sunburst and the snowblind A"
  • Porcupine Tree Lightbulb Sun
    "The sun is a light bulb A candle's a treat The curtains stay closed now On my little retreat And I'll only take medicine If it's followed by sweets A sickly pink liquid That puts me to sleep My head beats"
  • Bishop Allen Shrinking Violet
    "Oh, my shrinking violet I left my basket of impatience at your door I brought my tulips for your two lips But the bulb don't burn anymore Ain't it a shame just how much rain we got The April showers blot"

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