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  • Chris De Burgh One More Mile To Go
    "(Chris de Burgh) When the valley's quiet with the snow, And the train has one more mile to go, To the station where my love will be, She waits for me, she waits for me; Now the lights are shining down"
  • Chris De Burgh I'm Not Crying Over You
    "Chris De Burgh Beautiful Dreams I'm Not Crying Over You I don't mind this empty room, and i like it when i'm alone, I'm trying not to think about you, i'm not waiting by the telephone, I'm watching a late-night"
  • Chris De Burgh A New Star In Heaven Tonight
    "Chris De Burgh Miscellaneous A New Star In Heaven Tonight Shadows darken and the day is done And i cannot believe that it's true and you are gone You were always here beside me You gave so much as the"
  • Chris De Burgh Head And The Heart
    "Here Is Your Paradise Chris de Burgh I never knew love could be a silence in the heart, A moment when the time is still, And all I've been looking for is right here in my arms, Just waiting for the chance"
  • Chris De Burgh Missing Youcd
    "Much More Than This Chris de Burgh Sometimes the man in me gets restless, I need to get away from you, And spend some time with someone that I knew, Just to see her for a night, And in the candlelight, To"
  • Chris De Burgh Discovery
    "Chris De Burgh At The End Of A Perfect Day Discovery Lady love, go back to sleep, Dry the tears from your eyes, But i cannot stay with thee Until the morning, For the dawn is breaking, And my ship is waiting"
  • Chris De Burgh Read My Name
    "Chris De Burgh - Read My Name For every child that has been born There is a chance to shine, And everyone can have a dream Until the end of time, So live for every moment As the world keeps turning"
  • Chris De Burgh I'm Going Home
    "Chris De Burgh Miscellaneous I'm Going Home I left my home by the ocean, I left my love by the sea, Dreaming i could sing my songs in the city... I thought the streets of london Would be paved with gold, But"
  • Chris De Burgh Say Goodbye To It All
    "Chris De Burgh Beautiful Dreams Say Goodbye To It All We took a boat over lake geneva. It was raining all night long, We were lucky and we saw no enemy, And came from switzerland poor refugees, Far from"
  • Chris De Burgh Even Now
    "Even now, when I think of all the summers that have gone, and all the friends and lovers I have known, still there is a memory that will not let me go, And I see your face, and suddenly its just like"
  • Chris De Burgh Kiss Me From A Distance
    "Kiss me from a distance, Hold me in your arms, Tell me that you love me, Whisper in the dark The words I long to hear When you are lying in your bed And though you're far away You will be with me here"
  • Chris De Burgh Little Angel
    "Another night of reaching out for you, Another night I have to face the truth, Oh how I wish the darkness could take away the pain, And bring me back the joys of yesterday; Another night I hold you in"
  • Chris De Burgh Once Upon A Time
    "Daddy I can't sleep tonight, it's happening again, Voices in the kitchen are shouting And it's keeping me awake, Is it something I've done wrong? Maybe it's all my fault, And why is Mummy crying all the"
  • Chris De Burgh Strangers On A Train
    "When he saw her first she was crying, on the morning train, He was drawn to her and he held her hand and he dried her tears away, She said "I gave up my life for him, I gave all that I had, I gave up"
  • Chris De Burgh Do What You Do
    "i never knew love was so nice, i never kissed anyone twice, i never wanted a beau; poor me! i just didn't know. you came along, i got a thrill; one kiss from you, i feel it still. now each time you"
  • Chris De Burgh One World
    "I can feel it in my blood, I can hear it in my footsteps, I can see it all around, that everywhere connections Are breaking away, and people know that something must change, must change; There are better"
  • Chris De Burgh Day After Day
    "I could never hear you when you told me that you loved me, I could never hear you when you called my name, I could only listen to the beat of my own heart, I could never hear you at all; I could never"
  • Chris De Burgh The Storyman
    "I lived my life in the words of a Storyman, Watched my dreams from the years gone by, Heard my voice in the songs of a Storyman, Always by my side, always by my side; I saw him first in a castle by candlelight, Turning"
  • Chris De Burgh Leningrad
    "There she stood in an empty room, heard a voice from another time, And the memories came rolling back of Leningrad in the war; For the girl in the photograph, much had changed in the years that passed, But"
  • Chris De Burgh My Father's Eyes
    "I have seen it, I have seen it in my father's eyes, I have seen it, I have seen it in my father's eyes, I have heard it, I have heard it in my father's voice, It's been a hard life, a hard fight, and all"

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