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burnnig my rubber

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burnnig my rubber

  • Rubber - Eskimo Joe
    "You're cute and i like you Let's go somewhere Can't wait 'til tomorrow To dye my hair Got loaded got shouted I like you so Take you home i'm so sly Oh you've got something in your eye Say what you will,"
  • Rubber Duckie - Bootsy's Rubber Band
    "Hot diggity dog! Hang on to my guitar baba You can't stop me from dancin' On your mark, ready set go Gotta do a thang, gotta disco You can't stop me from dancin' On your mark, ready set go Gotta do a thang,"
  • Rubber Sled - Fear Of Pop
    "''Up the stairs'' "Can I help ya, son?" ''To her apartment'' "Yeah, pops, I, I need something quick, something now..." ''She is balled up on the couch'' "Quick." ''Her mom and dad'' "...to get out of here..." ''Went"
  • Rubber Ducky - Inside Out
    "Rubber ducky, you're the one You make bathtime lots of fun Rubber ducky I am awfully fond of you Rubber Ducky, joy of joys When I squeeze you, you make noise Rubber ducky you're my very best friend - it's"
  • Rubber Sled - Ben Folds
    "Yeah, pops, I, I need something quick, something now... ...to get out of here... ...like a bike or, or a motorcycle or... Well, something you gotta have in... ... behind all this junk around,"
  • Rubber Room - Porter Wagoner
    "In a buildin' tall with a stone wall around there's a rubber room When a man sees things and hears sounds that's not there He's headed for the rubber room Illusions in a twisted mind to save from self-destruction"
  • Rubber Lover - Marmaduke Duke
    "Johnny had a pink rubber lover Pinned her to the roof of his house Went off and prophesied some good times Maybe hes just calling out Funky all the way home It's regular except for the number Funky all"
  • Rubber Dolly - Hans Theessink
    "My mamma told me, that she would buy me A Rubber Dolly if I'd be good But don't you tell her I've got to fall her Or she won't buy me no Rubber Dolly No Rubber Dolly, no Rubber Dolly She won't buy me no"
  • Rubber Band - David Bowie
    "Rubber band There's a rubber band that plays tunes out of tune In the library garden Sunday afternoon While a little chappie waves a golden wand Rubber band In 1910 I was so handsome and so strong My"
  • Rubber & Soul - Ane Brun
    "In my mind I'm crawling on your floor Vomiting and defeated Total absence of grace Your reluctant voice saying You decide your own fate but I wear rubber bands round my soul They keep me from crawling And"
  • Rubber Man - WASP
    "The man of steal is Master of lies This rubber mother's Tied to me for life Heart breaker the snake He'll do it to you Oh he's killing me alive I'm tied to rubber I'm tied up for life I'm dying from"
  • Rubber man - W.A.S.P.
    "The man of steal is Master of lies This rubber mothers Tied to me for life Heart breaker the snake Hell do it to you Oh hes killing me alive Im tied to rubber Im tied up for life The son of Charlie"
  • Rubber Husband - Poison Idea
    "I want to be dominated, have my masculinity deflated, Push me around a little more, that way I respect you more, When it's all said and done, what a strange idea of fun, Lay me on my back, I'm just a rubber"
  • Rubber Room - Screeching Weasel
    "Everything around me is turning into shit And I don't know what to do Everyone I know is having a fit 'Cause I haven't got a clue I don't know who I am Patience is wearing thin I think my head is caving"
  • Rubber Girl - Gabriel Huiban
    "Rubber Girl I locked the door I'm home alone Right by the TV screen My hands are clean I gotta think At the girl of my dreams The girl of my dreams Before I sleep I always read the Playboy magazine She"
  • Rubber Traits - Why?
    "I want to always be on film, To be caught in the cut coffee sober bolder unscratched lenses of a brand new prescription, drawing days from a stacked deck of cards and doing doing doing. I should cut down"
  • Rubber Rocket - Electric Six
    "Remember when you walked into my life all dressed up in leather? Remember when you whispered to me we should always be together? But girls like you ruin the future Girls like you ruin my life Girls like"
  • Rubber rocket - Electric 6
    "Ooh ooh!Ooh ooh!Remember when you walked into my life all dressed up in leatherRemember when you whispered to me 'we should always be together'But girls like you ruin the futureGirls like you ruin my lifeGirls"
  • Rubber Room - Criss Angel
    "Ahhhhh Ahhhhh (spoken)I will Ahhhhhhh Welcome to my Rubber Room You feel me coming I'm getting' closer I want inside you (I want to enter you) You feel me pushing' (pushin', pushin') The push and pulling You"
  • No Rubber - D-12
    "So Funky!! Dj Butters stinkin ass Dirty dozen nigga You know who your fuckin with Its the idotic Bizarre Took your drink bitch Do you know who your fuckin with Call your moms a bitch And hit her"

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