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bushido gangstar rapper kings

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bushido gangstar rapper kings

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bushido gangstar rapper kings
  • Bushido Bushido
    "Bushido Ich tuh dir weh mit deiner Punch-Line fr mich seit ihr nur ganz klein Mein Style ist jetzt in und jeder will mit mir Verwandt sein (Wooo!) Es ist mein Tag, dein Sarg, mein Land Heute siehst"
  • Hammerfall Bushido
    "Screaming and twisting He's pounding his sword to the ground A soul made of fire A heart made of solid steel, Fear the sound Guided by courage, The fear of eternal disgrace The spirits of daring The trail"
  • Bushido Nie ein Rapper
    "Denn er war nie ein Rapper... Ich hab mir alles selber beigebracht... Mein bester Freund sitzt seit 5 Jahren in Einzelhaft... Ich hab Glck gehabt, denn ich konnte ihm vertrauen... Guck mal da die Kinder"
  • Sido Ich bin ein Rapper
    "ich bin ein rapper ich hab was aus meinem leben gemacht ich habs geschafft ich hab keinen hunger mehr, guck mein leben ist gerettet davon hab ich als kleiner junge getrumt ich bin ein rapper ich hab was"
  • Wheatus Wannabe Gangstar
    "I am a wannabe You better be careful around me I come from far away, where mustang dreams are made And we are fashioned in the image of the Don's who have come before us We all kiss the rings of sand like"
  • Bushido Bushido denk an mich
    "Denk an mich, wenn deine Freundin ganz weit weg ist, Und du kein Geld fr Essen hast und jeden Tag nur Dreck frisst. Denk an mich, wenn deine Eltern nicht mehr da sind, Und wenn dich deine besten Freunde"
  • Bushido Bushido - Sex in the City
  • Talking Heads Gangstar of love
    "Gangster of love Gangster of love You with the cocktail in your hand You in your red Mercedes Benz Goin' in one ear and out the other cover up the pain with laughter, baby Hey Al Capone Is that who you"
  • 50 Cent That ain't gangstar
    "How you gonna take this? like a Man or a bitch? you gon' get it on nigga or you gon' snitch? I represent niggas in the hood gettin' rich man, I stack chips and I unload clips after 3 Summers in the joint"
  • July For Kings Kings
    "Seven strong we came and Seven we were named in an empire of irrepressibility Dancing in the street with heaven at our feet in a circle of sustenance And no one stopped to say that we'd be gone someday the"
  • Jaggerz The Rapper
    "hey girl, i betcha, there's someone out to get you you'll find him anywhere, on a bus, in a bar, in a grocery store he'll say, "excuse me, haven't i seen you somewhere before?" (chorus) rap-a-rap-a-rap,"
  • Mobb Deep Favorite Rapper
    "Yeah.. yeah.. aight? Motherfuckers! Bitch-ass niggaz, faggots Come through nigga... YO! I creep on the tippy-toe, surprisin the enemy And ain't nobody safe unless you bulletproof E'RYTHING Clappin"
  • Lexicon Charismatic Rapper
    "Let me take you back to the day when MC's were short And rap wasn't treated like a little league sport On this, "Mom I wanna rap when I come of age" And every MC could control the stage Remember back then,"
  • Mase Mad Rapper
    "And welcome back from that commercial break Um I found out some please ladies and gentlemen Hold your applause please can you hold your applause I found out something very interesting The mad producer,"
  • The Magnetic Fields Kings
    "All day snow covered us Night-time: it was always night The people on the street were made of meat Black girl, trucks ran us down Blue boy... The people on the sidewalk were traced in chalk Whale embryos"
  • Lil' Flip Kings Of The South
    "(*talking*) Oh (oh), oh (oh) this what the streets been asking fa The real Kings, Lil' Flip and Z-Ro ha-ha-ha Clover G'z and Rap-A-Lot, different labels But we both in the Screwed Up Click, let's go "
  • Z-RO Kings Of The South
    "(*talking*) Oh (oh), oh (oh) this what the streets been asking fa The real Kings, Lil' Flip and Z-Ro ha-ha-ha Clover G'z and Rap-A-Lot, different labels But we both in the Screwed Up Click, let's go "
  • The Pierces Kings
    "It strikes fear in the heart of the fun men Might not even move another While a stranger gets your head You turn your back upon your brother And you know You know You know You know We all wonder how"
  • The Church Kings
    "See history fade, it's crystal clear Aurora what you doing here Buttering the mouths of thieves Shutter speed your bleeding leaves In gardens in the orient Likelihood is good and spent Herod nods beneath"
  • Church Kings
    "See history fade, it's crystal clearAurora what you doing hereButtering the mouths of thievesShutter speed your bleeding leavesIn gardens in the orientLikelihood is good and spentHerod nods beneath the"

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