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  • Bosy pastuszek - Religijne
    "Był pastuszek bosy, na fujarce grał,w górach pasał owce i w szałasie spał.Nagle aniołowie z nieba w bieli przyfrunęliobudzili go gdy spał, gdy spał.Obudzili go gdy spał, gdy spał.Ref. Dziś do Betlejem"
  • Bosy Pastuszek - Kolędy
    "Był pastuszek bosy, na fujarce grał, w górach pasał owce i w szałasie spał. Nagle aniołowie z nieba w bieli przyfrunęli obudzili go gdy spał, gdy spał. Obudzili go gdy spał, gdy spał. Dziś do Betlejem"
  • Busy, Busy - VeggieTales
    "Archibald (Mayor): I'm busy, busy, dreadfully busy You've no idea what I have to do. Busy, busy, shockingly busy Much, much too busy for you. Larry: Oh, I see. Archibald and Doctor: We're busy, busy, dreadfully"
  • Busy - Grinspoon
    "Have you had enough You've been around the block too many times to try and find a park Did you spend a buck Wishing on the millions that the mystery gave away Are you very small Even though you're tall"
  • Busy - K's Choice
    "You think you haven't changed You think I'm being sentimental You've finally reached that age Security is fundamental You think you haven't changed You think that you're just growing older You wanted"
  • Busy - Butterfly Boucher
    "This could be so fun I might just like it I might just love it I might get busy I might get lonely I just don't know yet Can't wait to find out This is so This is familiar This is so This is so foreign That's"
  • Busy, busy - Veggie Tales
    "Archibald (Mayor): I'm busy, busy, dreadfully busyYou've no idea what I have to do.Busy, busy, shockingly busyMuch, much too busy for you.Larry: Oh, I see.Archibald and Doctor: We're busy, busy, dreadfully"
  • Busy - Kiley Dean
    "Busy My cell phone rings, it's my girl Lorraine, And that bitch rings, like she's in pain, My mood change when she told me why, I swear I dang near lost my mind, Her boyfriend apparently forgot their"
  • Busy - Jawbreaker
    "When all the consoling places Lose their charm and change their faces The world becomes too cruel to bear And something in you starts to tear When nothing seems to be quite worth it And sleep becomes the"
  • Busy tonight - Nylons
    "Are you busy Baby are you busy tonight Are you busy Baby are you busy tonight Are you busy Please don't be busy tonight I've been waiting while the whole world gets to you I've been patient got my place"
  • Busy Bodies - Elvis Costello
    "So you think that you have seen her When you're lying in between her And you tell me that you don't care Busy bodies getting nowhere Ev'rybody's getting meaner Busy bodies Caught in the concertina You"
  • Busy Life - Kirsty MacColl
    "A busy life keeps a body busy With so many same old things to do So why not stop a while and take a good look around? Maybe you will find out something new to you Like how do the trees make noises? And"
  • Busy Bee - Ugly Kid Joe
    "Everybodys alright with me Possibly youll disagree Busy bee watch the world go by Everybodys alright with me Thats just the way I choose to be Everybodys on my mind Cant sit aside and watch this world"
  • Get Busy - Kim Carnes
    "I couldn't believe it things get better while we're sleeping Stop! you got to care that would like ours is a world worth keeping Too late to put your head in the sand It's really not so hard to understand And"
  • Get Busy - The Roots
    "Look my squad's half mandrill half Mandela my band bout seventy strong just like fela yeah part melly mel part van halen and we represent illadel where they still rebellin a yo sicko show like mike moores my"
  • Busy Man - Billy Ray Cyrus
    "(Bob Regan/George Teren) There's a little boy out in the driveway His basketball in hand Saying Daddy could we play a little one on one You pat him on the back and say not now son I'm a busy man His sister's"
  • Busy Man - Honeydogs
    "Baby got home the other day And round here, things ain't the same Gotta wake up early , gotta find a job Watch the baby, mow the lawn Since my baby come home Don't go out drinking Don't stay out late,"
  • Busy Body - Luther Vandross
    "BUSY BODY Luther Vandross and Marcus Miller (album: BUSY BODY - 1983) I'm so downhearted 'cause what had started Out to be love has now dearly departed There's no reason for you to be leaving I wish you"
  • Busy Signal - Dolly Parton
    "By: Dolly Parton Busy signal That's what I get when I call you Busy busy Talking to someone new I wish I knew I shouldn't worry 'cause it's probably his mother Or then again it could even be his"
  • Busy Signals - The Pink Spiders
    "Woo-ho, we're a stunning contradiction, A pieced-together picture Of a satellite trying to fly Woo-ho, this is feeling like stick-up And I'm about to plan my getaway Woo-ho, I guess it's better late than"

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