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butcher bibies

  • Butcher - Pinnawela
    "Every saint has its past Every sinner has its future U can raise or just like that From a monk become a butcher Hold on World is on fire Oh, how Im scared I cant deny it Hope for Some changes I desire Peace"
  • Butcher - Metric
    "EMILY: You're so handsome in this light If only you'd reject me tonight Darling, there's no only way When you come, please don't stay We're so boring, we're so white We've had too much, so long Besides,"
  • Butcher - Carnage
    "Surma yli taivasi Itke lht aikana multa Haamuva mahti jo havahduttaa Hasitan jokin kajotaa piiri Mahti suonissani Legenda hurmata ellosani Epkohta haave kesta mielissa Alati valmis! Alati! Kalpa- hnen"
  • Butcher - Grinspoon
    "All right! The lady at the hospital Pushed me in the trolley She said I gotta get out Of this stinking place So come on down and come on up Grab my coat and come over with it I said I'm never going to"
  • Butcher - Killing Joke
    "Watching the decoys of all descriptionSparkle of colour creating diversionThe liars are out - they have all the assetsCrawling for oil they were bleeding for goldFruit tasting bitter and lead in the airButcher"
  • Butcher - Swans
    "Take this glass of water, hold it in your hand. Drink the water slowly, don't show an emotion. Take your clothes off. Sit on the edge of the bed. Cover yourself with your hands. I'll stand in the corner. I'll"
  • Butcher Baby - Plasmatics
    "Butcher Baby Dressed Up In Red Butcher Baby Messed In Your Head Butcher Baby Go Out At Night Butcher Baby Turn Out The Light Oh Yea Oh No Oh Yea Oh No Oh Yea Now Oh No Oh Yea Butcher Baby You're Dressed"
  • Doctor Butcher - Nuclear Assault
    "Woke up one night with this fierce pain in my chest Didn't know what to do, couldn't even rest Ran down to the doctor's office to see where I stand He checked me out and said take this medicine, you'll"
  • Dream Butcher - All About Eve
    "Did you know that plastic men use blood in their fountain pens...tell you how they're on your team and seem to mean it ? Please don't believe all you hear. Now that you're clothed and you've"
  • Dream butcher - IGI
    "Did You Know That Plastic Men Use BloodIn Their Fountain Pens...tell You How They'reOn Your Team and Seem to Mean It ?Please Don't Believe All You Hear.Now That You're Clothed and You've BeenFed, Here"
  • Butcher Shop - Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
    "He's the big boss when his hands criss-cross Up and down the crossfader turning wax to sauce It ain't a hip-hop record that he can't chop Polo show them how it's done in the butcher shop The rhythm"
  • Butcher Shop - Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo
    "He's the big boss when his hands criss-cross Up and down the crossfader turning wax to sauce It ain't a hip-hop record that he can't chop Polo show them how it's done in the butcher shop The rhythm"
  • The Butcher - Matt Pond PA
    "open up till midnight the butcher waits for someones desperation that goes beyond control speaking is an invitation under fluorescent lights you cant wash out his desire where bodies are indecent and"
  • Butcher Knife - Necro
    "(Hook) One for the butcher knife, two for the glock! (You can't kill me, cause I'm already dead) (Necro) Peep my little friend his name is M one six I got the butcher, knife, to cut your fuckin' heart"
  • The Butcher - Leonard Cohen
    "I came upon a butcher, he was slaughtering a lamb, I accused him there with his tortured lamb. He said, "Listen to me, child, I am what I am and you, you are my only son." Well, I found a silver"
  • Mad Butcher - Destruction
    "Mad ButcherA fire is burning in his eyeshis brain is in war and the evil will risehis blood is black, it's scalding hotnow he's got to ramble,he knows that's his lot Through the Blackstreets of the townhis"
  • Butcher Shop - Michale Graves
    "Superman, I'm calling back again The phone is ringing off the hook There's someone coming up the steps Water s' coming in again Coming from the ceiling The smell is in the sinking shades Of someone buried"
  • Butcher Blues - Kasabian
    "Coco believe me I'm a lonesome man I wanna get stoned and trip some wires I wanna get myself underground I said that, you must believe me When I say I'm fightin the dead Lyin low across the evening Can"
  • The Supreme Butcher - One Man Army And The Undead Quartet
    "I woke up in the mud, naked with a grin on my teeth With the chainsaw engine running still in my hands The continual burning, a desire to kill a few more Bloody mary morning caffein rush I'm still on"
  • Butcher Knife Impalement - Visceral Bleeding
    "13 inches of razor sharp cold steel Buried right between her pretty chin and forehead All the way down to the metal plated handle Massive damage inflicted Goosebumps on my skin as flesh surrenders to the"

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