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butterfly efect travis

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butterfly efect travis

  • Travis - Jennifer Hanson
    "(Jennifer Hanson/Kim Patton-Johnston) You were born between a rock and a hard place To a couple of losers I lived on the other side of your duplex I heard you getting those bruises I never would've wanted"
  • You (feat. Travis Barker) - James Arthur
    "fighting, living, dying for what? for freedom? that for which men have fought since time began to be free they’ve been making blanket statements scaring everyone they been making you feel like you never"
  • Travis - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
    "I'm not racist but I am I served my time in Vietnam I've got three jobs This is one Sometimes I wish I'd kept my gun This country's going down the tubes I can't afford to pay my dues Unless you've got"
  • Travis Perkins - Biffy Clyro
    "What you wanted I can't give you, what you said was true now my old friend You can have it but I wanted everything I can't remember now, it was September, now, I can't remember, now Travis Perkins, I"
  • Butterfly - GULI x Homex
    "Jak Butterfly Jak Butterfly So come baby Sun shines like Butterfly Jak Butterfly Jak Butterfly Jak Butterfly"
  • Butterfly - CAN
    "Fiction garden as you're burning, Sudden motion. Reastoring kind electric, Falling under cloudy sky, Running past the way, Dying butterfly, dying butterfly, Dying butterfly, dying butterfly, Dying butterfly. Can"
  • Travis bickle - Rancid
    "Well all the junkies they know my name And every city looks the fucking same And the derelicts the street are all insane And the scum surges up and there?s no one to fucking blame Game over it?s no fun"
  • Butterfly - Lisa Loeb
    "Butterfly, close your eyes, butterfly Fold your wings Dream sweet dreams, butterfly. When you feel the sun warm on your face again You will fly Spread your wings Butterfly. Butterfly, close your eyes,"
  • Butterfly - Donavon Frankenreiter
    "If the road I travel goes bad If the life I live becomes the life I had I close my eyes and I dream Of my butterfly coming down to rescue me She's my butterfly Yeah she's my butterfly If the wind that"
  • Butterfly - Sesame Street
    "Butterfly ... Butterfly ... Orange and black, bright dusty wing Flutter through fields where the summer birds sing Blown like a paper, hour by hour Over the grass, from flower to flower Butterfly"
  • Butterfly - Demi Lovato
    "Used to dreas te month od June Cause it reminded me of you And always came around too soon Not anymore A part of me i hed to find Cause it was killin’ me inside You were always like a bye I wasn’t read"
  • Butterfly - Dj Layla feat Alissa
    "Fly, fly x3 Fly, fly butterfly Your love is fire Fly, fly butterfly And take me higher Fly, fly butterfly Your love is fie x2 I wanna be a butterfly I wanna fly with you tonight With you I wanna touch"
  • Butterfly - The Verve
    "You could flap your wings a thousand miles away Butterfly A laughing salesman sings His world so far away Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly You could take the storm away forever every day Cause you're mine And"
  • Butterfly - Bee Gees
    "Green fields where we used to wander Purple valleys , near my home We would play there , beneath the sky And then I kissed you , butterfly Young girl , you came restless And you left me here to cry My"
  • Butterfly - A-ha
    "Butterfly, butterfly Flying into the wind You can be sure of it That's no place to begin Overthinking every little thing Acknowledge the bell you can't unring Tomorrow, you don't have to say what you're"
  • Butterfly - Superbus
    "J'ai des butterfly, des papillons en pagaille, Ton visage se dessine dans le moindre dtail, Un peu sonne par cette foutue bataille, Je m'accroche tes mots dans le moindre dtail Butterfly... J'ai des"
  • Butterfly - Jump 5
    "I NEED SOMTHIN strong but still a little shy I NEED A butterfly green black OR blue making colors in the sky I NEED A butterfly green black OR blue making colors in the sky i was searchin in the woods and"
  • Butterfly - Yoko Kanno
    "You're a love song Only half-way sung You're the knot that comes undone Dressed as darkest night The flight of a stringless kite The very vision The mirage man You're air in the palm of my hand You're"
  • Butterfly - Queensberry
    "Sometimes you gotta let a good thing go so long to the girl I know I feel it somethings coming over me ike a wave taking mw were I wanna be Always changing, moving faster than the speed of light Ive"
  • Butterfly - India.Arie
    "Constantly creepin' caterpillar, Still a swoon in a cocoon. Soon you might emerge, And you're made to emerge. A little longing to love, lush, Starving for affection. Hidden by the size of my perfection, With"

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