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by��am Julia fabianska

  • Julia - Jealkb
    "== Romaji == Julia koe wo kikasete Julia mune no naka ni Furimukeba nijinda kumo ga atari wo tsutsunde guttari suru oboreru yoru Negai wo komete musunda akai himo kirete mattari suru toiki no yoru Fui"
  • Julia (Not Julia) - Nields
    "Julia makes up lies for children; she only wants to be their friend. Julia turns her mirrors to the wall; she only wants to begin again. And Julia, do you have a friend who can wash away your sins? And"
  • Julie - Daniel
    "She came to me with the summer whispering gently hello'. She looked like she was a star fallen down from the sky. I can remember her kisses we didn't say a word. Time was so precious to me and to my Julie. Julie Julie my"
  • Julie - Cher
    "Cheap lips lie into hungry ears Well backsliding Julie borned in the air Riding away on the horses That run through my life You think I'm tough Just watching your game But Julie you're messing With a naked"
  • Julie - Jens Lekman
    "Oh Julie, meet me by the wending machine. Oh Julie, I'm gonna buy you a wedding ring. Eating French fries by the dock of the bay. Lots of ketchup and mayonnaise. You said this town is too big for our hearts. You"
  • Julie - Herbert Gr
    "Es war ein heier Tag sie stand allein am Strand und hat gelacht bei jeder Welle die im Sand verlief Sie hat mich angeschaut ein Blick der mich durchdrang die Sonne wurde pltzlich heller als sie meinen"
  • Julie - Take That
    "Julie, what's your problem? Won't you tell me, what's going on? Cause there's a dark cloud, hanging over you. You've been down, down, down too long. You used to sing sha lalalalala I want you, sing, sha"
  • Julia By Horrorpops - Horrorpops
    "She's the one that always stands with a smile She's pure and right and Bathed in some kind of light She's sicker than hell, but always feeling fine The whole thing just makes me wanna cry Hey hey Julia"
  • Julia Dream - Pink Floyd
    "Sunlight bright upon my pillow Lighter than an eiderdown Will she let the weeping willow Wind his branches round Julia dream, dreamboat queen, queen of all my dreams Every night I turn the light out Waiting"
  • My Julia - Our Lady Peace
    "here i am sitting in my room alone i lay on my bed sitting by the phone waiting for the one, that special one to call, but she's out partying leaving me by myself, i think i'm obsessed, maybe i need some"
  • Julia Roberts - Amy Jo Johnson
    "I wanna be Julia Roberts in the movies I wanna make you laugh Make you cry Make you wanna be me And I want to steal All of her beautiful appeal And wrap it up So nobody else can see That's the truth Them"
  • Julia - Taken By Trees
    "Julia you're not the talking kind Julia I've been your kind I hope you know, hope you know, hope you know You can tell me all that's on your mind We rarely speak but I do think of you a lot They told me"
  • Sommerwind Und Julia - Die Padauer
  • romeo i julia - esceh
    "Tak bardzo boli brak miłości, uczucia A chcemy kochać jak Romeo i Julia Chcemy dostać i dawać i szukać A toniemy w buchach Tak sami, sami W pokoju szarym, gdzie są tylko cztery ściany, okna, bramy"
  • Roman i Julia - Akurat
    "1. była w mieście dziewczyna nieśmiała aż trudno wierzyć w domu wychowywana surowo tak jak należy sprzątała po sobie wszystko myła talerze od razu nie miała w mieście dziewczyna chłopaka ani razu ref:"
  • Julie (Remix) - Jens Lekman
    "Oh Julie, meet me by the vending machine Oh Julie, I'm gonna buy you a wedding ring Eating french fries by the dock of the bay Lots of ketchup and mayonnaise You said this town's too big for our hearts You"
  • Who's Julie - Mel Tillis
    "Cross the table over coffee just this morning My woman caught me by surprice without a warning She said honey you talked in your sleep and then she began to weep And she said tell me now and tell me truly"
  • Julie Anne - Nanci Griffith
    "An urban light hit's a bartender's smile 'Cause it's closin' time again Last call rang out such a long time ago In the heart of Julie Anne Now she waits inside this midnight glow to steal her dance of"
  • Julie With... - Eno, Brian
    "I am on an open sea Just drifting as the hours go slowly by Julie with her open blouse Is gazing up into the empty sky Now it seems to be so strange here Now it's so blue The still sea is darker than"
  • Julie Anne - Kenny
    "Been thinkin' about you in the sunshine On a beach and bummin' around Tho' I've been takin' all my chances At discos and dances and ev'ry bar in town. And I've been surfin' ev'ry mornin' At a party ev'ry"

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