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byron langley light on

  • Byron Black - Autopilot Off
    "I met a man named Byron Black And he carried his life strapped to his back On a sidewalk in Houston he called home Crying 'Don't you forget me' he said Don't you forget me You don't know What it's like"
  • Lord Byron - Al Bano & Romina Power
    "When a child he lived in poverty wealth developed in his mind handsome, pale aristocratic ancestry Byron was his name Cambridge days, those were the crazy days he , the leader of a new wave profile posed"
  • Light On - Rebecca Ferguson
    "We all have a journey That goes down different roads When dark in the shadows harder path we get Walk through it on our own While alone in the shadows I saw something shining through And standing there"
  • Light On - David Cook
    "Never really said too much, Afraid it wouldn't be enough. Just try to keep my spirits up, When there's no point in grieving. Doesn't matter anyway, Words could never make me stay. Words will never take"
  • Light On - Maggie Rogers
    "would you believe me now if I old you got caught up in a wave almost gave it away would you hear me out if I told I was terrified for days though I was gunna break I couldn’t stop it tried to slow it"
  • The Unborn Byron - Slapp Happy
    "Byron as an embryo, behold the unborn Byron grow. His budding brain grows ears and eyes. Soon he swells to twice his size. He drinks in with his mother's blood a subtle, philosophic food distilled from"
  • Light - Wendy And Lisa
    "Your mind Into a free flight Your heart A place that's so dark Come on people Stand up Got to shine your light Into your dark life Your love This light is made of Your life The warmth of sunlight Your"
  • Light - Benassi Bros
    "I am sitting in the sun I can feel the power Of a new dawn in my mind Everything is bright Love is all and love is round Like a precious flower Im a spirit floating down In the universe Light Shining in"
  • Light - Benassi Bros.
    "I am sitting in the sun I can feel the power Of a new dawn in my mind Everything is bright Love is all and love is round Like a precious flower Im a spirit floating down In the universe Light Shining"
  • Light - Alice Ripley
    "We need some light, first of all we need some light You can't sit here in the dark and all alone, it's a sorry sight It's just you and me, we'll live, you'll see Night after night we'd sit and wait for"
  • Light - Michael Kiwanuka
    "We’re miles apart But safe from dramas You’re running from beyond the dawn We’ll always need one of their own To lead Shine your light over me Shine your light over me All of my fears are gone All of"
  • Light - Skylark
    "I - THE MISSION ORACLE: A prophecy was made that someday the time will come in which darkness will take hold of the world. But it is also written that one man will stand out and proudly fight against evil,"
  • Light - Mango
    "Tell you bout a story that disappeared like a broken dream, fading on awakening why you are here, youve come back, isnt really clear as the winter wind blows and the summers breaking here, here with"
  • Light - The Benjamin Gate
    "I said a prayer for you tonight To be strong for the weak in heart I'll be the arms that hold you I will give the strength that you need (Chorus:) I'll be your, I'll be your, I'll be your light I'll be"
  • Light - Assemblage 23
    "I stand in a barren void that's featureless No sight or sound can penetrate at all Though silent storms may try to tear me down When dusk descends, I'll still be standing tall CHORUS To the ones who"
  • Light - KMFDM
    "Divine Inspiration Total Disallusion Instant Consecration Mind And Body Fusion Frontal Assault On The Seven Senses Orgasmic Waste Eccentric And Pretentious Kmfdm Doin' It Again A Treat For The Freaks Truth"
  • The Light On - Angelas Dish
    "You think we could sift in through the ashes Of broken trust or tired eyes You think we could capture thoughts or feelings? Or burn our memories tonight? Oh... And i still remember words you whispered And"
  • Light Is On - Alex Lloyd
    "It's entertainment, and it takes you away, into the fire, into the fire it will play. It's consequential and it calls out your name, into the fire, into the fire it will say. The light is on, we'll shine"
  • Switch On The Light - Sammy Hagar
    "Know what you're getting high on, how much you're getting by on Everything you afraid of, well it ain't no thing What about your future when you drown in that past? Can't talk to your father, 'cause he"
  • Leave The Light On - Beth Hart
    "I seen myself with a dirty face, I cut my luck with a dirty ace I leave the light on, I leave that light on I went from zero to minus ten I drank your wine then I stole your man I leave the light"

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