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  • George Jones C.C. waterback
    "CC Waterback one tequilla sunriseOne's for my aching head the other's for my bloodshot eyesLast night I let it all hang out I guess that's how my head got soreCC Waterback I can't stand the pain no moreLast"
  • Ray Charles C.C. Rider
    "You C C Rider, see what you done done C C Rider, you see what you done done You C C Rider, you see what you done done You done made me love you and now your man done come My home is on the water, I don't"
  • Steve Miller Band C.C. Rider
    "Crowd: Jungle Love! Jungle Love! Jungle Love! Steve: You know you can't have everything you want, now. You have to leave 'em wantin' something. (Maniacal laughter) Well, see, C. C. Rider Just see what"
  • Steve Miller Band C.C. Rider / All Blues
    "Jungle Love! Jungle Love! Jungle Love! You know you can't have everything you want, now. You have to leave 'em wantin' something. (Maniacal laughter) Well, see, C. C. Rider Just see what you have done Lord,"
  • Poison Home (C.C.'s Story)
    "I wanna go, I wanna go home now I wanna go, I wanna go home now You know I never ever thought I'd say just how much I love L.A. til we got aboard a plane and toured across the world We been to London"
  • Clearance Carter Doctor Cc
    "hi, this is doctor cc, at the sound of the tone, leave me your name, and your telephone number, and ill call you back. im doctor cc, get your medicine from me. (x4) i dont work in the daytime, i do"
  • UK Subs 500 CC
    "Riding on my Trident with my cycle slut Going up to Scouse land but the town was shut Gonna ride the ferry to the Isle of Man Gonna ride the TT gonna to try my hand Hold on here we go hear my motor cut"
  • Cirkus Miramar 14 CC Kemiskt
    "En tidtabell dr tgen gr till stder utan namn frn andra stder utan namn och vinden p perrongen blser lven ver spren bort och aldrig mer tillbaka resan bort dit ingen karta som livet utan karta Hr r resan"
  • Marvelous 3 Legend Of Cc Road
    "(lyrics: j. harte, music: b. walker) If you want to see hell, there's a place you can go. Take a little ride down cc road. Deep in the sticks in the full moonlight, An old church glows in the dead of"
  • Raimundos CC De Com For
    "No sei porque toda a vez Que ele vem vindo vem quebrando tudo, Entortando poste, batendo em vi barrigudo E só toma um banho por ms Que pra ficar natural Fedendo a ona espanta as moa perfume de alho e"
  • C.C. Catch Love Away
    "I'm missing you, you're far away What can I do, to give you all my loving I'll wrap it up, to send to you So maybe baby, you'll know what to do I've got this feeling That you're really getting in to"
  • C.C. Catch Give Me What I Want
    "Now I'm sitting here all alone Another message on the answerphone - Oh, no - Hanging on when there's no time - no time - I think that's my warning sign You're acting strange Just keep no distance When"
  • C.C. Catch I'm Gonna Miss You
    "I lie awake here in my bed Picturing the fight I've had with you (Tears around my eyes) I've hoped you would understand Boy you're not my lover, you're my friend (Would you like me to tell you lies) Never"
  • C.C. Catch Backgirl
    "You must learn, to talk away From that lover, I know another game to play Say! Passions burns, it's not too late To loose that infatuation Just say you won't Need him again, leave him, like he left"
  • C.C. Catch Can't Catch Me
    "You touch my feelings You touch my soul You held my body And now I'm loosing control Give me what I want Just give me healing Open up inside And show your feelings Love is what you want But you can't"
  • C.C. Catch Hear What I Say
    "I walked into your life Something told me that love lay in your eyes I feel like it's going all wrong But I never knew love like this before So say sweet words like you mean them Say sweet words"
  • C.C. Catch Nothing's Gonna Change Our Love
    "Hey boy what's your fantasy I like the way you're kissing me I wasn't sure if you were the one The one that's gonna stay with me You and I, have taken this decision You and I, we know Nothing's gonna"
  • C.C. Catch Feels Like Heaven
    "We fall in love It feels like heaven in my heart We fall in love It feels like heaven in my heart I walk down the streets of Amsterdam IK SAG JOU - KIJK IN JE OGEN EN IK WIST - IK HOU VAN JOU We fall"
  • C.C. Catch I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (Rap Version)
    "Take, your chance for paradise I'm looking in your eyes Be mine, be mine tonight Yeah, I'm feeling like a fool 'Cause you still answer me : Spend the night with me REFRAIN: I can lose my heart tonight If"
  • C.C. Catch Soul Survivor (Rap version)
    "Lady,lady la - you hurt me Oh,don't make me cry Leavin' me oh girl,it's easy he will say good-bye. It's a hard time for lovers and a broken dream to you Let me stay together my love forever I never wanna,wanna"

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