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  • Caesia & Ruben - Czesław Niemen
    "Żył sobie chłopczyk,wierny dziewczynce,i z tą wiernością,radość w skrzynce.Jak każdy wie,to miłość płonie,a drewniana skrzynka nie sprawdziła się.Na przód ten marsz,tak się bronią,i dawno sprawdzona dłoń"
  • Caesia & Ruben - Tesco Value
    "Żył sobie chłopczyk,wierny dziewczynce,i z tą wiernością,radość w skrzynce.Jak każdy wie,to miłość płonie,a drewniana skrzynka nie sprawdziła się.Na przód ten marsz,tak się bronią,i dawno sprawdzona dłoń"
  • No Ruben - Ruben Studdard
    "Yeah man These folks think just cause I won some American Idol show Everything ain't the same Man you know they see me on t.v. or up in the crib every week And you think everything is all good I mean,"
  • Ruben Remus - Band, The
    "Band, The Miscellaneous Ruben Remus (there's a little riff at the begining and that goes in between the the g chord during the first part of the verse. it's all on the low e string - e -0-1-2h3. listen"
  • Ruben Remus - Bob Dylan
    "Wrote a letter this mornin', Put it in your hat, 'Cause no one to read it And I know you knew that. I bought a joke, a trick or two, Just to bring and show you, Caught ya with the trickster too. Sometimes"
  • Kid And Ruben - Nasty Boy Klick
  • Superstar - Ruben Studdard - American Idol
    "Words and Music: Leon Russell & Bonnie Bramlett Long ago, and, oh, so far away I fell in love with you before the second show. And your guitar, and you sound so sweet and clear, but you're not really"
  • Ruben Studdard - Superstar - American Idol
    "Long ago And oh so far away I fell in love with you Before the second show And you're guitar And you sound so sweet and clear But your not really here It's just the radio Don't you remember you told"
  • Find Me Ruben Olivares - Red House Painters
    "Meet me in Leon near Mexico city Where I remember you clear Meet me at night, St. Louis, Missouri Where I first saw you There is a scent that linger around me Find me wherever I go There are the pictures"
  • This Christmas - Ruben Studdard - American Idol
    "This Christmas: Hang all the mistletoe I'm gonna get to know you better, This Christmas And as we trim the tree How much fun it's gonna be together, This Christmas Fireside is blazing bright We're caroling"
  • Flying Without Wings ~ Ruben Studdard - Gareth Gates
    "Everybody's looking for that something One thing that makes it all complete You'll find it in the strangest places Places you never knew it could be Some find it in the faces of their children Some find"
  • City Of Dreams (feat. Ruben Haze) - Dirty South & Alesso
    "Everything seems like a city of dreams, I never know why, But I still miss you There she's standing in a field of lights, I close my eyes, And I still miss you Uohooooo, ohooooo And I still miss you Uohooooo,"
  • A Whole New World Ruben Studdard - American Idol
    "I can show you the world. shining, shimmering, splendid. tell me princess, now when did you last let your heart decide I can open your eyes take you wonder by wonder over sideways and under, on a magic"
  • Rip Van Ruben - XTC
    "Rip van ruben You've been asleep for a hundred seconds Now the whole world has changed There's no home on the range For rip van ruben You've been asleep for a hundred minutes Now you've woke and she's"
  • Can I Get Your Attention - Ruben Studdard
    "Kelly give me the ball girl (echo) You are my girl now, light skinned with the pretty toes now, and if you got a csrub now let him go now, life is too short to settle now, c'mon now, in the club now, hold"
  • I Surrender All - Ruben Studdard
    "All to Jesus I surrender All to Him I freely give; I will ever love and trust Him, In his presence daily live. I surrender all, to you Jesus I surrender all, all; All to thee, my blessed Savior, I surrender"
  • I Need An Angel - Ruben Studdard
    "I've run out of answers I've run out of time I'm so confused that I'm losing my mind It's gonna take a miracle to help me this time I'm traveling a road that has not one sign Help me, have mercy for me Set"
  • Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now - Ruben Studdard
    "(With Clay Aiken) BOTH: Ain't no stoppin' us now We're on the move (We're on the move) Ain't no stoppin' us now We've got the groove (We've got the groove) RUBEN: There's been so many things that"
  • What Is Sexy - Ruben Studdard
    "(Fat Joe:) Big Boys anthym! 718, 205 come on (Ruben:) (Chorus X2) What is sexy? Love's in the eye of the beholder Sex me, Baby we can get closer, freaky Up in the crib, Come on over, sex me Your so sexy,"
  • Play Our Song - Ruben Studdard
    "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a Jazzy Fizzle produshizzle. I'd like to introduce yall to somebody that you should already know. Introducing Ruben Studdard. I noticed lately we've just been getting right. Our"

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