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california king bad

  • California King - Hot Apple Pie
    "I got a message on my phone Some chick from Rolling Stone said "We'd like to do an interview And take a few pictures of you," well My label says I'm number one Hotter than the dickens, son, but you Need"
  • California Man - Cheap Trick
    "Goin' to a party, meet me on after school. Well we're goin to a place where the jive is really cool. And if the band stops a playin' There's a jukebox down the hall. And with your blue dress on, your"
  • California Man - The Move
    "Goin' to a party, Meet me out after school. Well we go to a place Where the jive is really cool. And if the band stops a playin' There's a jukebox in the hall. Well put your blue dress on, And your folks"
  • California King Bed - Rihanna
    "Chest to chest Nose to nose Palm to palm We were always just that close Wrist to wrist Toe to toe Lips that felt just like the inside of a rose So how come when I reach out my fingers It feels like more"
  • California - Les Humphries Singers
    "California California California good bye Let's go down to California listen girl I wanna warn you AII the guys and girls are doing things We should have thought of long ago wo wo wo wo California hear"
  • California - Lemonator
    "You love me You love me You love me like you love no one You leave me You leave me You leave me for the second time You come back You come back You come back like you did before You're wasted You're"
  • California - Joni Mitchell
    "Sitting in a park in Paris, France Reading the news and it sure looks bad They won't give peace a chance That was just a dream some of us had Still a lot of lands to see But I wouldn't want to stay here It's"
  • California - Jackie Lomax
    "California if I could own ya There'd be some changes made Can't help but worry When I see the state you're in You got TVs and you got movies Yeah but I am watching you There's too many people Living"
  • California - Grimes
    "This music makes me cry It sound just like my soul I;m not ready to win Lord, coz, I don’t wanna know what they say Coz I get carried away Commodyfying all the pain The things they see in me I cannot"
  • California - Stroke 9
    "Can't change how The feelings will be shown Don't blame you You're nervous on your own Propose the worst and I'm the first in line Despite the rest it's not a bad sign That you mean the world to me And"
  • California - Pat Green
    "Hello, California Sure is strange to be here today What's a boy from down in Austin Doing in a city of angels anyway So won't you come on out here with me Find out what you can and cannot see Maybe"
  • California - Squad Five-O
    "Drive through the night with no end in sight.Ten hour shift with ten hours left.A rainy day when we pull into LA.Dreaming of my home three thousand miles away.Then I woke up in Southern California.A world"
  • Like A California King - Everclear
    "I see you have made yourself A brand new life Such a cool blue star With a bright new shine I see you wear your checkered past Just like a shining suit of gold I know you think you look so special I am"
  • King - Nanowar
    "Walking on the hill, with the crown of steel Going to McDonald's to eat an happy meal (Waiter:) To eat an happy meal, to eat an happy meal He's going to mac donald to eat an happy meal He's the king, King"
  • King - Accept
    "He was a leader of a small gangCommiting crimes each dayBut time has changed where he was proudIt's a far awayHe took living easy, his bad reputationOh it was known all aroundBut he didn't care no, he"
  • Hotel California - Nerf Herder
    "She works all day at the Burger King Getting greasy for the dollars Promoted to fries but theres tears in her eyes Its not the grease or the pickles that upset her California, Hotel California California,"
  • California Dreamin' - Bobby Womack
    "All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey i went for a walk on a winters day i'd be safe and warm if i was in LA california dreamin on such a winters day went through the church, just me i stopped"
  • California man - Electric Light Orchestra
    "Goin' to a party, meet me out after school.Well we go to a place where the jive is really cool.And if the band stops a playin'There's a jukebox in the hall.Well put your blue dress on,And your folks all"
  • Another California - Damhnait Doyle
    "For a moment I believed Once you came you'd never leave Lay like that not long enough for me You got the trackmarks of the trade And every promise ever made Swore that it would be the last for me Does"
  • California Role - Brian Wilson
    "You broke your hand punching the clock So you could feel your heart Took a greyhound all the way west Where the streets are paved with stars It's never too late to find your California role The Hollywood"

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