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call me lover mad heart

  • Lover - Michael Stanley
    "Well the glow from the bars and a thousand stars Light the cold Ohio night And the Turnpike's slick, the snow's as thick as thieves Since your call came through there ain't nothing new But the radio and"
  • Automatic Lover (Call For Love) - Real McCoy
    "Call for love I would call you up Cause you're my automatic lover, you're number one Call for love I would call you up Cause you're my automatic (automatic), My automatic lover Can you feel the"
  • Call Me - Jah Cure
    "(feat. Keyshia Cole) Heyyyyyy ohh Oh yeah Oh yeah, yeah I Love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, yeah I All my ladies, all my ladies now Cure again, yeah I Anytime you need a lover call on me,"
  • Call - Fireflight
    "The light behind your eyes tells me that you've cried sometime tonight. I offer down My hand but without your plans you cannot hide. The white snow falls on my black heart I can never understand."
  • Call Me - Dennis DeYoung
    "Rain began to fall softly As she gazed around the room Even now she wondered what went wrong A letter in her hand trembled As she placed it by the phone All at once there were footsteps by the door She"
  • Call Me - Fabolous
    "Ha ha ha ha ha See ma, I think you took it I think you took it wrong like You got it misunderstood or something You got it confused Im thinking about the one night we just spent together (I mean, when"
  • Lover - Birgit
    "Lyrics: j perkin I just saw a smile in the crowd and it reminded me of you In the happy days before this solitude Time stood still and i realized that against my will Leaving forced loving into pain Oh"
  • Lover - Ke$ha (Kesha)
    "Lover Why don’t you come over? You know it’s after midnight You know it’s after midnight Lover Where did I remember? You since the beginning You since the beginning Lover You’ve already broken my heart You’ve"
  • Lover - Taylor Swift
    "we could leave the Christmas lights up till January this our place we make the rules and there’s a deadline base and mysterious way about you, dear have I know you 20 seconds or 20 years can I go where"
  • Lover - Black Beat
    "Paradise gudega barewadon gugosun onuse hanjume jero sarajyogago dorawajwo nega aldon ne mosuburo ijenun banghwanghanun nol jiwoboryo Kuthobnun gudel gidarimyo iji mothanun gon ne jagun gasum han gusoge to"
  • Lover - A.R. Kane
    "A.r. Kane Miscellaneous Lover You're so rare A unique boy So sad yet full of joy So limitless Caress Caressing me You could take me home with you Or i could take you home with me Let me, let me Love you"
  • Lover Lover - Jimmy Barnes
    "It's been a long time baby I just got to thinkin maybe You would come and meet me halfway And we could get it on together Cos I can't wait to see you baby When I think of how you touch me Lover Lover Come"
  • Lover - Rammstein
    "I can see you but you can't see me I could touch you and you wouldn't even feel meWait a second and you'll settle downI'm just waiting, 'til you really let your guard down? Your relaxed, your sublime,"
  • Lover, Lover - Marty Robbins
    "Who can I count on if I can't count on you Who can I turn to if I can't turn to you Who can I cling to if I can't cling to you Who can I sing to if I can't sing to you Lover, you've left me alone in a"
  • Papi Lover - Daddy Yankee
    "Daddy! El Fuego Del Caribe, ma! (Daddy Yankee...) (Nicole...) (Yeah...) (Hook: Nicole Scherzinger) You are the king of my heart And I was yours from the start So don't you ever go far (Papi Lover!) There"
  • Automatic Lover - Real McCoy
    "(CHORUS) Call for love, I will call you up. 'cause you're my automatic lover, My number one. Call for love, I will call you up. 'cause you're my automatic, (automatic) My automatic lover. Can you feel"
  • Heartbreak Lover - Beres Hammond
    "Maxi Priest: You can go if you wanna You can stay if you like You can do almost anything But you don't run my life I don't need you ultimatums I can't deal with no stress You don't run no part of"
  • Call Yourself A Lover - Debbie Gibson
    "VERSE1: You have no idea what a woman wants What a woman needs Don't go by what you hear You won't find it in the books you read Come on strong man That's the wrong man for me Have you no clue What a real"
  • Mad - Lou Reed
    "Mad, you just make me mad I hate your silent breathing in the night Sad, you make me sad when I juxtapose your features I get sad I know I shouldn't had someone else in our bed but I was so tired, I was"
  • Mad - Ida Corr
    "Hey you Mr. Blue Eyes Don't even think about playing me You've been cheating, you've been lying Got me so sad I've been crying Well I'm tired of being treated like a fool So if you ain't gonna be my man A"

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