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called out in the dark snow patrol

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called out in the dark snow patrol

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called out in the dark snow patrol
  • Snow Patrol Called Out In The Dark
    "It's like we just can't help ourselves 'Cause we don't know how to back down We were called out to the streets We were called in to the towns And how the heavens, they opened up Like arms of dazzling"
  • Charlatans Uk Patrol
    "Charlatans Uk Melting Pot Patrol I wanna patrol your innocent mind It's only a dream It'd be just like the old days I know and i feel in the value of sound How can we still Tear each other's hearts out You"
  • Robert Cray Night Patrol
    "(D. Amy) See him cuddled in the shadows Sleepin' on his cardboard bed Using rags for a pillow Where he lays his unwashed head His blanket's old newspaper Not much good against the snow See so many like"
  • Maanam Night Patrol
    "Shadows in the dark city Linger through the night Danger lurks by your doorway Don't turn out the light Sleep easy, don't worry Calm your timid soul Footsteps under your window It's just the night"
  • The Offspring Out On Patrol
    "Look at you soldier boy now With that big gun in your little hand As you patrol this foreign land Hear the mine that clicks beneath your feet Now do you see the light Fading while your world is crumbling Out"
  • Alpinestars Snow Patrol (Part 2)
    "Good girl, I want your freeze Bad girl, your expertise Good girl, I want your freeze Bad girl, your expertise In the frozen times, wasted in our minds Good girl, you played a game Bad girl, never twice"
  • Hulk Hogan And The Wrestling Boot Band Beach Patrol
    "I was walking down the beach looking for some action, Had my radio set on a rappin' rock station. Saw a girl drowning, sticking situations. She wanted me to give her mouth-to-mouth recessitation. Chorus:"
  • Megadeth Dawn Patrol
    "Thermal count is rising In perpetual writhing The primordial ooze And the sanity they lose Awakened in the morning To more air pollution warnings Still we sleepwalk off to work While our nervous"
  • Oxymoron Dawn Patrol
    "We're standing in a pub, got nothing else to do. A bottle in the hand, we knocked back yet a few. When everyone was pissed, there wasn't left a dime. The blame was on the beer, that's flowing really"
  • Mekong Delta Nightmare Patrol
    "Screams, lonely in the night Deadly torture, just remember War captivity Fellows on your side Blood - spurting out his neck While his head is rolling to the ground And his dying corpse's vincing at my"
  • Big Country Lost Patrol
    "This time we run this time we hide This time we draw on all the fire we have inside. We need some time to find a place Where I can wipe away the madness from your face. Our name is out our name is known Our"
  • Ride The Dawn Patrol
    "Well the night, it ends so slowly As the last small fires go out One by one on the hillsides With the people hanging out We were wrapped in just a blanket Must've been a pretty sight As we followed up"
  • Snow Patrol Headlights On Dark Roads
    "For once I want to be the car crash Not always just the traffic jam Hit me hard enough to wake me And lead me wild to your dark roads Oo Oo Oo Oo CHORUS Headlights before me So beautiful, so clear Reach"
  • Kool Keith Gina Called
    "Tina called, she naked over here Angie called, she naked over here Monica called, she naked over here Evelyn called, she naked over here Terry called, she naked over here Tina called, she naked over here Barbara"
  • Junior Brown Highway Patrol
    "I got a star on my car and one on my chest, A gun on my hip and the right to arrest I'm the guy who's the boss on this highway So watch out what you're doin' when you're drivin' my way If you break the"
  • Judas Priest Hell patrol
    "Like wild fire Comes roaring Mad whirlwind Burning the road Black thunder White lightning Speed demons cry The Hell Patrol Night riders Death dealers Storm bringers Tear up the ground Fist flying Eyes"
  • The Innocence Mission Snow
    "If I go out in the morning snow In my pajamas and my winter coat And take from the house our darker thoughts And take away the memory of loss And if I drop them into the snow Will we never find them anymore? To"
  • Hoobastank Karma Patrol
    "Stolen a bike, take it for a ride Commit a crime, thought you got away Pick on a kid, only half the size Karma Patrol's gonna set it straight Who's to say what's coming or going? They're the ones who call"
  • Dream Evil Pain patrol
    "Like hungry wolfsThey pick up your tackThey smell the fearCreeping down your neckStraight out of hellComes a roaring soundHeavy metal demonsRun you to the groundDon't make a soundStay on the groundDon't"
  • Al Stewart Out In The Snow
    "I walked out in the snow And left no mark upon the ground I trod The sky, heavy and low The exhalation of an Arctic god And I heard words meant for no one In the air,words out of nowhere And I saw all"

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