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calling your name

  • Calling Your Name - All About Eve
    "Calling Your Name Man possessed Can find no rest, Waking for his nightmare. Safe in bed, But in his head He knows her soul resides there "I'll be the breeze That blows the candle out And chills the room As"
  • Calling Your Name - E-Type
    "There is something I have to say to you before I am on my knees and I'm looking for some answers You've got that certain something, I don't know what to do Don't tell me what is better, I'm just not a"
  • Calling your name - IGI
    "Man PossessedCan Find no Rest,Waking For His Nightmare.Safe in Bed,But in His HeadHe Knows Her Soul Resides There"i'll Be the BreezeThat Blows the Candle OutAnd Chills the RoomAs Summer Burns Without...Calling"
  • Calling your name - Dream Evil
    "Serious, is this just another dreamSo delirious the way that you make me feelI can't control myself when you are in my sightToo dangerous haunting me through the nightYou're the reason I can't sleep at"
  • Calling Your Name - Lady Violet
    "Lady Violet Calling Your Name Calling your name... Calling your name All through the night I need your body by my side Taking my hand, taking my soul That's all I wanna let you know There is no reason I"
  • Calling your name - Simple Minds
    "Private world Moving fast I see your face in the distant past Time passes slowly Time passes slowly Time passes slowly Echoes of an empty room Assassin at the window below The concrete jungle sleeps at"
  • Calling out your name - Diamond Head
    "All that I see...in your eyes is truth,All that I am...is because of you...ohAll that I have I will give to you my friendAll that there is, all that I am,Until the very endI'm calling out to the silent"
  • Calling Out Your Name - Rene Froger
  • Calling Out Your Name - Rich Mullins
    ""Well the moon moved past Nebraska And spilled laughter on them cold Dakota Hills And angels danced on Jacob's stairs Yeah they danced on Jacob's stairs There is this silence in the Badlands And over"
  • Calling Your Name Again - The Carpenters
    "I wake up in the dark Silence brings me to my senses I wonder where you are Then I feel a pain, a pain in my heart Cause I'm living without your love And I'm all alone for the first time And it doesn't"
  • Calling Out Your Name - Jimmy Nail
    "what do you do when it hurts when the kids call you names ? nobody wants to know you they won't let you join in all their games and what will you do when the man in the moon goes away ? and leaves"
  • Calling Your Name (The Light) - Diamond Head
    "All that I see...in your eyes is truth, All that I am...is because of you...oh All that I have I will give to you my friend All that there is, all that I am, Until the very end I'm calling out to the silent"
  • Stop Calling My Name - Faf Larage
    "stop stop stop stop oooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhh you are my love, honey pie you are my life, suger plum you gave me my heart, huney bunch and you told me to go!! you said (chorus) Stop calling my name!"
  • The wind is calling your name - Inspirial Carpets
    "Don't want you to think about me Anymore than is necessary (But) when you coming up near me You leave me feeling kinda heavy I know the way that your mind works In the night I hear you calling It's just"
  • Your Name - Radial Angel
    "Falling down Down to the ground We praise your name Sweet Lamb of God I know you're there I sing you this praise Although I'm scared I still bless his name I can feel your love in my life All I can hear"
  • Calling Love - Anna Ternheim
    "Missed the common life we had Monday mornings and quiet nights Being bored Feeling fine Was it gift if you ask me now I never knew When I had you All the same Whomever's to blame for this I call love"
  • Salvation's calling - Gamma Ray
    "Hello my name is Mr. Know-It-AllMy sweet home is deep down in your soulLet me introduce you to the final callSalvation is calling for youLife is just a fairytaleNarrated by a lunatic for manThe hope is"
  • Heaven Calling - Vision Divine
    "In the air I can only hear the freedom The night has gone Now I know my sins are forgiven I stand so still I lay on a mouldy floor One ray, one smile Moon, did you say goodbye? I tried to be ready, now"
  • Angels Calling - Sabaton
    "Sent to kill, to watch no man's land Snipers are moving unseen Fight for land, to lose it again Shrapnel is filling the air Hell on earth, the trenches mean death, better keep your head down low Charge"
  • The Calling - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "Deep in your blood or a voice in your head On a dark lonesome highway It finds you instead So certain it knows you, you can't turn away Something or someone has found you today Genius or Jesus, maybe"

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