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  • Too Much CSI - Greeley Estates
    "Best night of my life Blood and dirt remind me that I'm alive I failed to see this coming When all the signs pointed at you I should have known it was you I should have seen in your eyes It's twisted"
  • Cyanide Shot Injection (C.S.I) - Cipher System
    "We have done it too many times You have seen us fall, seen us crawl Seen us fighting back again and again But as so many times before been broken down again Stolen life Get yourself a gun, do the world"
  • La Camisa Negra - Juanez
    "Tengo la camisa negra hoy mi amor esta de luto Hoy tengo en el ama una pena y es por culpa de tu embrujo Hoy se que tu ya no me quieres y eso es lo que mas me hiere Que tengo la camisa negra y una pena"
  • La camisa negra (Eng) - Juanes
    "I have a black shirtToday my love of this mourningToday I have a penalty in the soulAnd it is because of your charmToday we know that you no longer want meAnd that is what hurts me mostI have black shirtAnd"
  • Teenage Wasteland - The Who (CSI NY)
    "Out here in the fields I fought of my meals I get my back into my living I dont need to fight To prove Im right I dont need to be forgiven Dont cry Dont raise your eye Its only teenage wasteland Sally,"
  • Chasseur D'ivoire - Alain Chamfort
    "M'vader d'ici Et voir d'autres pays M'enfuir loin d'ici Vers d'autres paradis Un jour se dire go Tout l-bas au Congo Go ready, steady, go Tam-Tams et bongos J'me vois chasseur d'ivoire Juste l'histoire"
  • 1er Gaou - Magic System
    "C'est dans ma galre que la go Antou m'a quitt oh ah {x4} Quand j'avais un peu Matin midi soir On t ensemble A la rue Princesse Aux mille maquis Santos payait les poulets L'argent est fini Antou a chang"
  • Grrrubas - TEDE
    "1. [GÓRAL] I to ten typ znów i to ten styl tu na fyrklu nie snuj domysłów wchodzę na bit bez namysłu absolutnie niezwykłe wydarzenie to jest GTW cru Kodex suplement choć dla wielu może to byc problemem"
  • Premier Gaou: Bob Sinclar Full Vocal - Magic System
    "C'est dans ma galre que la go Antou m'a quitt oh ah C'est dans ma galre que la go Antou m'a quitt oh ah C'est dans ma galre que la go Antou m'a quitt oh ah C'est dans ma galre que la go Antou m'a quitt"
  • La Ferme - Les Fatals Picards
    "Bonjour les enfants, c l'ami emi avec vous et nous allons faire une chanson qui s'appelle La ferme : d'abord , il y a Hector le castor et Edouard le canard et Jos le sanglier et charlotte la marmotte et"
  • DISS NA TATĘ (ft. Kolba) - Lil Narcyz
    "Za górami za lasami Żył se stary ze synami Wiecznie najebany sobie chodził z browarami, eh Trochę to jak bajka Bo go nigdy nie poznałem Jedynie na zdjęciach pod monopomowym Wyszedł po mleko wrócił Już"
  • We Get On - Kate Nash
    "Simply knowing you exist ain't good enough for me But asking for your telephone number seems highly inappropriate Seeing as I can't Even say hi When you walk by And that time you shook my hand it felt"
  • The International Society Of Bad Dancers - Jackson Jackson
    "Hear what now, what's that sound Rumble in the ground Frightening the crowd We were getting round To getting down Who's that over there with his scepter and crown It's Friday night We're all real high Dressed"
  • We Got On - Lily Allen
    "Simply, knowing you exist Aint good enough for me But asking, for your telephone number Seems highly inappropriate Seen as I cant even say hi, when you walk by And that time u shook my hand I swear I never"
  • Beware Of Us - Xzibit
    "(feat. Strong Arm Steady) Yeah, Stong Arm Steady One gang, four guns, how the West was won, let's go Jump if you really want it (jump) You'll catch one in yo' stomach (yeah!) When you see the Steady"
  • Checking Out - Futuristic Sex Robotz
    "'''PC Speaker:''' Yo, yo. That was our album. We hope you liked our album. We think it was a pretty good album. And now, we'd like to thank the following: Jack In The Box... Sparks... Slashdot... My"
  • Hip hop police - Chamillionaire
    "Feat. Slick Rick) : Go, Go , Go , Go , Go , Go Keep runnin' homie Go, Go , Go , Go , Go , Go They on the trail Go, Go , Go , Go , Go , Go Keep runnin' homie Go, Go , Go , Go , Go , Go They on the trail "
  • Old Time's Sake - Eminem ft. Dr Dre
    "Old Time's Sake (Feat. Dr. Dre) Eminem Good evening... This is your ~censored~ captain speaking We will soon be reaching an altitude of 4 million and a half feet That's 8 million miles in the sky Please"
  • Party - ScHoolboy Q
    "Hot LA nigga but I'm extra cold No chain on and I'm extra froze Nigga, icy bucket hat be all low I smoke dope, everybody and my P.O. know UFO, nigga, so damn fly Backwood, that good, nigga, so damn high I'm"
  • Ron O’Neal - Wu-Tang Clan
    "No matter what the weather, we be getting our cheddar So we can have a better tomorrow Oh, money, cars, superstars, getting ours, working hard For a better tomorrow Coach, put me in the game I'm for real,"

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