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can't feel

  • Can't Feel - Opiate For The Masses
    "I'll eat your tears until you Run away from me Let go the fear within you Insecurity Beating myself as fast as I can Bleed to purity Changin myself to see who I am That's all you have to give me now? That's"
  • Feel - Mari
    "Feels like I spent all this time talking to walls Feels like I gotta let go of the way it was before Are your really there? Are you made of stone? Am I talking to someone or am I here all alone Are you"
  • Feel - Church
    "For all time Looking for something to remind me Something out the corner of my eye Why can't I feel it Why should I try Bump into a stranger But that stranger is strangely familiar How could I let"
  • Feel - Stereophonics
    "Here it comes again Like the first time again I can't sleep I watch the rain But I'm happy again How can this be Why did this feeling Creep on up on me? I can't be sure You never can But the signs I know Where"
  • Feel - The Verve
    "This darkness cooled my light We move to different sides I poured the guilt right over my eyes As I rose to greet the sky I've never felt this before See you dead on the floor I can't recall a single"
  • Feel - Halo
    "And so you lay me down, sleep until the dawn beneath the evening now I know I'll be alone its feels so warm No-one can touch us, no-one understands I want to be with you tonight I always find you make"
  • Feel - Reveille
    "Everyday people are preyed upon Some fight, some fold, others play along But now it's not another story off the evening news Not just a stastic the warnings use Seventeen years and a dose of reality"
  • Feel - Chicago
    "So everybody's pulling you in all directions You don't know how much longer to take it So you've learned how to fake it That smile on the outside's fading fast Like the things that you thought for sure"
  • Feel - The Wilkinsons
    "(Jeff Lysyczyn/ Michael Hunter Ochs) Love's not supposed To make you numb It's okay to have a little fun The more you contemplate The more you mess with fate Just give in and let go One kiss and you'll"
  • Feel - Rustic Overtones
    "(D.Gutter) it might be as easy as pie but i ain't gonna try it I'll sleep on it tonight, but i might not be tired these things that you sell, how can i buy it it's me that you confide in. you have got"
  • Feel - Bombay Bicycle Club
    "I can feel it now that you've gone I have made you all that I want I know you're keeping to your own sound you're running out of sight when the light goes down Said you'll be waiting 'till the night's"
  • Can't Feel A Thing - Clearlake
    "Maybe a passing phase Not felt a thing in days Can't help but wonder why Doesn't even make me smile Don't want to go there I only know that I Can't feel a thing Can't feel a thing Can't feel a thing Can't"
  • I can't feel you - Camouflage
    "Hold on now, hold on now It's all so clear Our circles followed me to here I'm cradled in unhappiness We're not the same You swore it wouldn't be like this Love won't spent its days like this Trapped in"
  • Can't Feel My Soul - Teenage Fanclub
    "What I'm seen through Is what I've seen And what I've been through Is what I've been Now I've found out What I need Where I've been to Is what I am What I'm doing Is what I can Now I've found out What"
  • Can't Feel My Face - Walk Off The Earth
    "And I know she'll be the death of me, at least we'll both be numb And she'll always get the best of me, the worst is yet to come At least we'll both be beautiful and stay forever young This I know, yeah,"
  • I Can't Feel You - Sidewalks and Skeletons
    "Do you think that if you were falling in space That you would slow down, after a while Or go faster and faster? Faster and faster And for a long time, you wouldn't feel anything And then, you'd burst"
  • I Can't Feel My Head - Rocket From The Crypt
    "I can't feel my legs, I can't feel my legs I can't feel my legs but I don't miss them I can't feel my head, I can't feel my head I can't feel my head but I don't miss it Oh I wanna do it again... And for"
  • If I Can't Feel Love - Thunder
    "You tell me lately I've been changing And I'm not the man you met You say I'm distant and evasive Like I'm hiding some regret And you're going on and on, but you've got something wrong 'Cause if I can't"
  • I Can't Help But Feel - Surfaces
    "i can’t help but feel my groove i can’t help but feel i can’t help but feel my groove i can’t help but feel i can’t help but feel my groove i can’t help but feel i can’t help but feel my groove i can’t"
  • She Can't Feel Anything Anymore - Paula Cole
    "She was on the floor, her face was in her mother's arms. She had said that she'd been out late with the boys. Just another evening, like every other evening Everything is all the same it seems. Danny"

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