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canady apples

  • Apples - Ian Dury
    "Delilah the dancer from Soho Was making her way down the lane Simpson from Harrow Had fruit on his barrow He sold it for love and for gain Simpson said, "Hello, young woman" "My Pippins are lovely today" "Don't"
  • Apples - My Brightest Diamond
    "sometimes in the springtime i like to see the apple blossoms with you sometimes in the winter i like to see the snow falling with you once we took apples from my grandfathers tree but i had nowhere to"
  • Apples - One For The Team
    "Oh, hey, yeah, where's it at, where you been? Well, thanks, man, I've been out with some friends Now I won't take it too hard I guess that's what it's like when you're being real strong Act like it's"
  • Apples - Efterklang
    "Another way, another way to your heart It started to look like seconds And then we're off The more you take to yourself The more you take it away You settle in, you settle into your fear It started to"
  • Green Apples - Bracket
    "I really don't like the taste Of all those green apples They don't seem to go away I am tired of seeing All of those green apples I run into everyday They are the cause of my troubles and pain They are"
  • Rotten Apples - Rackets & Drapes
    "(Jesus is coming...) (sinners beware...) The bitter taste of rotten fruit Is vomit in the mouth The taste is sour and Is spit upon the ground And left, to rot, decay, and spoil Rotten apples Forbidden"
  • Poison Apples - Motley Crue
    "Took a Greyhound Bus down to Heartattack and Vine with a fistful of dreams and dimes. So far out didn't know that I was in. Had a taste for a life of slime. When push came to shove, the music was the"
  • Green Apples - Po' Girl
    "fog and water, mist and sea what the next league brings a mystery bays and mountains lush and bleak what you find here you can keep indifferent love bitter as hate feeling woke too little too late sun"
  • Green Apples - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "You're toast and jam And you are cotton candy You're double rainbows Beside a settin' sun You're wood burnin' outside There's a fire glowin' You're sweet as green apples You must be the one You bring"
  • Red apples - Cat Power
    "I went down to the river To meet the widow She gave me an apple And it was red I slept in her black arms For a century She wanted nothing in return I gave her nothing in return The ghost of her husband"
  • Red Apples . - Cat Power
    "I went down to the river to meet the widow She gave me an apple and it was red I slept in her black arms for a century She wanted nothing in return I gave her nothing in return The ghost of her husband"
  • Apples & Oranges - Edgewater
    "You are buried in complications Falling faster, falling deep Drowning in their expectations Take a step back and you'll see Step away, and separate Separate the apples from oranges Step away, and separate Separate"
  • Apples & Oranges - Dogs Die In Hot Cars
    "Paint a pound, mix the green with red Hum some notes, get it out of your head Draw a line, so you can ignore it Have a jam, have it with all the bits Hit a key, there are plenty there Get out the plasticine,"
  • Red Apples - Smog
    "I went down to the river To meet the widow She gave me an apple It was red I slept in her black arms For a century She wanted nothing in return I gave her nothing in return I gave her nothing in return The"
  • Silver Apples - Babylon Whores
    "The earth becomes gold And gold earth A promise inhaled With the breath of our birth We chase the dragon Trip the lights Burning our eyes On marvelous sights We are there (once awake) Once asleep (never"
  • Poison Apples - Joan Osborne
    "Written by joan osborne, rob hyman, & rick chertoff Your memory comes back to me To stangle me with it's sweet taste See God would never be so cruel To make me live without your face Now that I have made"
  • Rotten apples - The Smashing Pumpkins
    "Ref.: Dirty your face with longing and grace, God-given Suffer her heart and love her when your love goes unrequited Where the cool winds blow I must surely go For my love calls me lo to drag her from"
  • These apples - Barenaked Ladies
    "A friend brought me flowers, she said they were lilacs, But I've never been good with plants Her next presentation, a new dictionary She circled the word "romance" So enthusiastic, a little bit drastic,"
  • Bad Apples - Guns N' Roses
    "Diamonds and fast cars Money to burn I got my head in the clouds I got these thoughts to churn Got my feet in the sand I got a house on the hill I got a headache like a mother Twice the price of my thrills An"
  • Apple. Apples. - Trophy Scars
    "Like the doctors We wanted to fix your heart Well my baby and I dance in my kitchen My baby is like a doctor She cures me when I'm sick Well... And you all are all the little doctors And I'm a doctor We're"

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