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candelabra in the wind

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candelabra in the wind

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candelabra in the wind
  • Jerry Jeff Walker Wind
    "You say that once knew for sure But now you're walkin' into shore to wonder* The more you learn the less you know The more you move the more you go to nowhere* You play your role of comedy Profess you"
  • Annihilator Wind
    "Annihilator Miscellaneous Wind I'm walking in the darkness, I'm trying to unwind just the kind of peace, I need to soothe my mind I'm tired of all the noise, tired of all the pain escape"
  • Eightball In the wind
    "Here comes the one they call the P.I. -- M.P. Straight out the cut no one can see I -- bust these Way out of touch with all them bustas in my rear view but see they game, so lame, I can hear through I"
  • 8-Ball & MJG In The Wind
    "you know sometimes you have to use a little composure be playa about the situation but this is not the time nigga this is not the time nigga its time to ride its time to ride sometimes you have to keep"
  • V6 In The Wind
    "Biru no sukima wo tsuranuku kaze ga Binetsu wo hoobita hoho wo samashita Kurikaeshiteru kimi e no melody Shikakui sora no aosa ni nijimu Subete ga kuzuresou ni kizamu Machi no rythm mo Misueta shisen wo Madowasu"
  • Dean Martin The Wind, The Wind
    "The wind, the wind, the whistling wind A cowboy never rides alone When the trail seems long there's the friendly song The song of the wind, the whistling wind Where the wagon trains used to cross the plains There's"
  • Death In June Wolf Wind
    "Wayward we know the wanderer's journey This single willed life earns it's own exile When gladness has gone Gathering sorrow When sadness has come Gathering Strength We bind the dark moon fast in our vigil"
  • PJ Harvey The Wind
    "Catherine liked high places High up, high up on the hills A place for making noises Like whales Noises like the whales Here she built a chapel With her image Her image on the wall A place where she could"
  • Cryhavoc The Wind
    "A chilly October morning And we lay side by side For now I take last a look on you Before I take a ride... Night of magic, the night of desire, passion from delight disappeared in dark. And only moon"
  • Mariah Carey The Wind
    "The wind has taken you You're free finally at peace So still you lie Leaving your cares behind The pain is gone Gone with the spirit in your eyes Now you're wandering around Above us Looking downward"
  • Joerg Vogeltanz The Wind
    "early in the morning when i open my eyes when day's slowly dawning i still can smell sweet spice i look around and see: you left me with the night there is a sound in me i still can hear you say: "baby,"
  • Anna Maria Jopek The Wind
    "The sky turns grey and fades to dark The leaf hangs in mid air An open window lets in the cold Time stands like a century (I feel you) Theres nothing left but everything remains To remind me I miss you And"
  • Kingdom Come The Wind
    "Standing in this garden that we shared for years Seeing paradise through all our dreams and tears Scattered seeds along the way and saw them grow At times we've seen the mighty mountain walls Come and"
  • PJ Harvey The Wind
    "Catherine liked high places High up on the hills A place for making noises Noises like the whales Here she built a chapel with Her image on the wall A place where she could rest and A place where she could"
  • Zac Brown Band The Wind
    "30 thousand feet above The city where I fell in love with you And the fading country skyline Brings an urban lullaby That still rings two When I passed you on the street that day Shoulda let that rest"
  • Slug The Wind
    ""The wind that made the grain wave gently yesterday blows down the trees tomorrow." (Verse 1) It's nothing It's only a little wind A distinct somewhat discrete approach to the maze Come on keep up the"
  • Atmosphere The wind
    "The wind that made the grain wave gently yesterdayblows down the trees tomorrow.It's nothing It's only a little winda distinct somewhat discrete approach to the maze come on keep up the paceyou already"
  • Forgotten Tales Wind Oh Wind
    "I see darkness everywhere In these icy wall of stone All i can do is sit and stare I could not feel more alone I'm your prisoner but beware You can laugh there from your throne As long as i will breathe"
  • The Waterboys The Wind In The Wires
    "Wake lady wake the hills are in flood. And the road we must take is a river of blood. And the wind in the wires and your heart like a cup And I'm down in the war and you've got to get up For mercy's"
  • The Supremes Blowin' In The Wind
    "(Bob Dylan) How many roads Must a man walk down Before they call him a man ? How many seas Must a white dove sail Before she can sleep in the sand ? And how many times Must the cannonballs fly Before"

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