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cant remember

  • Remember - Richie Kotzen
    "I can read your mind Don't you know its easy for me after all This time And I know when you lie If were talking on the phone or one on One The truth you never hide I don't need you to teel me theres Something"
  • Remember - Slick Shoes
    "Remember the time we raced along the coast?To bad you cant hold it in your hand so tight.All to soon it slips away.Do you remember that day?Could you ever know?If only these words meant more.Could you"
  • Remember - Virtuoso
    "When you feel life's too hard And you cant go on Remember that I love you From the day I emerged To when im saying these words You watched over me Held my hand and walked close to me Thats how its supposed"
  • Remember - Jimmie's Chicken Shack
    "this is another song that might go on our next record its called remember >>start song<< here in the water waste time the time to size the change here in the desert bone dry your eyes are out of bridge and"
  • Cant Even Breathe - Deftones
    "i can't breathe and arrive with style i'm still a sucker feeding it pills with wine, it's tricky how i'm pushin you back but still you ain't gone pushing you back but still you ain't gone pushing you back"
  • Cant Help Myself - Four Tops
    "Hey girl he treats you bad Leaves you at home on your own while he roams. Said he was out with the boys smells like sweet perfume Lipsticks on his collar his pockets ain't got a dollar. He staggers and"
  • Remember Me - Brandon Hines
    "Remember when our love was sweeter then candy.Aint nothin better be because you know you had me.Good love comes a dime a dozen.True love makes you want for nothing.Dont you forget it baby. Way back in"
  • I Remember - C-Murder
    "C-Murder: Ha Huh man Im tripping out right now thinking about my motherfucking brother K-L that nigga used to talk about going to the motherfuckin NBA and doin this and doin that nigga I'll never forget "
  • Remember When - Missy Elliott
    "Baby, it's not true When they say all men are dogs. Cuz I know alot of women who cheat. I know you kinda wondering Why I'm having this conversation with you, Cuz I speak upon expierence. And if was worth"
  • Remember Me - Black My Heart
    "you cant take it back for all the days i spent on the cold cold street and the pinch that took your mind from me its fucking pay back broken im at a loss for words for what i could say spoken for every"
  • Cant keep a good man down - Lil' Rob
    "Yeah It's your homeboy Lil' Rob It was once said that you can't keep a good man down That's why I'm back Simon That's right L-I-L R-O-B, remember me, it's me That vato hardcore on your memory Temporarily"
  • Do You Remember? - Buried Alive
    "I cant belive, whats become of me Not the way i want to be I told myself i would never do that I warned myself i was headed for this And sometimes i want to end it all. I can't pretend as i watch"
  • I Will Remember - Everman
    "I can't breathe Sometimes the invitation is too much to bear and I must leave Still I bleed The wounds that losing you have left are waiting just beneath You were real Vibrant and alive, every memory is"
  • I'll remember that - Tynisha Keli
    "Say Im A Problem Dont Worry Cuz I Can Fix That So Wen I Tell Em Mi Story Dont Tri And Get Mad Cuz My View Of You Is Somewhere Out Of Tune You Be Tryna Ta Come At Me How Ever You Want But Nooo Aint How"
  • Remember To Breathe - Amy Pearson
    "I hear your voice, am I dreaming? I see your face and I reach out, The vision dissolves then it just fades away, Drawing alone in my own thoughts, Calm of the storm there is silence, Empty and lost I put"
  • Forced to remember - Vengince
    "Ten years passed, Ive waited for youPlanned it all out, In my headPlayed it out, Over and over againBut I wont let it go, You will be forced to rememberI can handle thisTake it all upon myselfPull it togetherAnd"
  • Remember His Name - Jurassic 5
    "Yo whats up ak Who is this Its me zaak--ir Hello? what? (Hello?) I can't hear (I GOT IT! HANG UP!) Yo speak louder I can't hear (Yo Ak) Yo It's me Zaakir! I was sittin at the television feelin'"
  • If You Remember Me - Chris Thompson
    "Chris Thompson Miscellaneous If You Remember Me When you remember me, if you remember me, I hope you see its not the way I wanted to be, oh Ill be with you now, but wherever you go, my love goes with"
  • A Night To Remember - Corbin Bleu
    "Guess now its official Cant back out, cant back out (no) Getting ready for the night of nights The night of nights, alright Dont Panic (Panic!) Now do we have to dress up for the prom? Dude I dont think"
  • A Night To Remember - High School Musical 3
    "Guess now its official Cant back out, cant back out (no) Getting ready for the night of nights The night of nights, alright Dont Panic (Panic!) Now do we have to dress up for the prom? Dude I dont think"

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