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cant you believe how could be different i would be differeny

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cant you believe how could be different i would be differeny

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cant you believe how could be different i would be differeny
  • Goapele Different
    "(feat. Clyde Carson of the Team) (Verse one) I'm looking at you from a distance I'm wondering how all my feelings changed Do you remember even half the shit we used to do And how it used to be I"
  • Sophie Zelmani How Different
    "Sit down by my table I'll let you sit lonely If you've got a question You are free to ask If I had met you When you still were growing And not after all stories And when you already Have lived your life I"
  • Life Of Agony How Would It Be
    "I wonder how it would be if my mother was still around The type of talk The relationships we could have had The three of us Me, you, and dad My mouth went dry My stomach felt queasy too So empty and scared It's"
  • Color Me Badd How Could This Be
    "Girl i can't believe,Not in my wildest dreams That you would do this to me Thats why i'm standing here Baptized in all my tears How could you break my heart so easily I gotta let you know Thats not the"
  • Aimee Mann How Am I Different
    "I can't do it I can't conceive You're everything you're Trying to make me believe 'Cause this show is Too well designed Too well to be held With only me in mind Chorus: And how - how am I different? How"
  • Lene Marlin How It Would Be
    "What have I done? What if it's too late now? Did I do all I could, did I? Did I make it good, did I? Somehow it doesn't feel right Is it really all over? Did I think it through, did I? What if all I want"
  • Lene Marlin How would it be
    "What have I done?What if it's too late now?Did I do all I could, did I?Did I make it good, did I?Somehow it doesn't feel rightIs it really all over?Did I think it through, did I?What if all I want is you?And"
  • Shaggy Would You Be
    "Ohhhhhh...... Baby I hope you dun get offended in anyway ya know But your beauty is so Magnificent I'm just tempted to touch ya know Yo bebe jus a meks sha a gwaan now?? Would you be offended"
  • Bro'Sis Where Would I Be
    "Verse 1: In my darkest hour, I stood my ground There was a part of me, that still believed But would not let me down Verse 2: I don't know how, But here and now When I least expected to, I found the"
  • Alimee Mann How am i different
    "I can't do itI can't conceiveyou're everything you're trying to make me believecause this show is too well designedtoo well to be held with only me in mindAnd how am I different?How am I different?How"
  • Naturally7 How could it be?
    "How could it be? You would turn your back on me After all the love we've shared. How can I say? (How should I say) It seems like love just sailed away A lonely heart has got me scared. When will I know? If"
  • Acceptance Different
    "Tell myself, on the ride home Getting tired, hating all I've known Holding on, like it's all I have Count me out, when it's clear that I, find it hard to say And you, find it hard to care I wanted to"
  • Twiztid Different
    "We be the exact opposite From you ignorent counterfeit Normal mothafuckas so proud of the innocence Forever in this bitch Fuckin' with the dead With invisible X's in the middle of our foreheads Well what"
  • New London Fire Different
    "She had to slip into her dress but not before the smoke can clear her head While the worst she can confess but the thoughts have left her mind Sometimes they never find their way Now she just turns to"
  • Egypt Central Different
    "Used to live my life for you Until my soul got tired Did all I was supposed to do I could fool a liar (Pre-chorus) Threw it all away Through it all to find redemption Gave it all away Gave it all to who"
  • Banton Buju How Could You
    "It is real, as real as it seem Don't you live on illusion And don't you ever try to live a dream I sing... Chorus Buju say how could you rise up every living day Telling your kids everything is OK When"
  • Matt Bianco Could you be
    "Am I just daydreaming when I think of you are you something I will never find? do I really know where my life's going to? searching for the feelings that I hide could you be? let me show you what I'm feeling-"
  • Elvis Presley How Would You Like To Be
    "How would you like to be a little circus clown? And you could wear a smile instead of a frown How would you like to be a little kangaroo? A-hoppin' up and down, and I could hop with you Come on and smile"
  • Scenes And Sirens What Would Life Be Without You
    "I watched the night become the day i remember her hair, falling to her face i need you now, im looking for just a little more, of if we could we would, but we cant so we should now are you still listening"
  • Gnarls Barkley Would Be Killer
    "I've got a secret Something I thought Maybe I could do But I can't now can I? Lucky, lucky you Did you know I could be A would be killer If suddenly I should be A would be killer Hurt people Hurt people This"

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