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cardboard cryptex safe

  • Mansion Of Cardboard - Weezer
    "Overcoat Old wool cap Leather gloves Hide the fat In a world made of tears He is safe from his fears On his own He's on his own on his own He likes it that way Thoughts arise Fear is doubt Bearing"
  • Cardboard Town - Dogs Damour
    "(3:10) Life is wicked in wino city Life down here just ain't pretty We get to the "Nitty Gritty" You can smell the stench of vagabond city Life used to be sex, smack and tears For a dirty hero playin'"
  • Cardboard Castles - Diana DeGarmo
    "She was a rainbow once So colorful but that was once Now that's impossible to see, to see With a voice subliminal It's the only sign she's beautiful Here's all that's left of her dignity She goes Hey,"
  • Cardboard Empire - The Guess Who
    "Cardboard empire would you crumble to the ground As we watched by Shipping magnate are you stranded on the ground With no dog to fly... Round the table sat the kings of circumstance The puppeteer would"
  • Cardboard Avenue - Ry Cooder
    "Well, thank you for the drink my friend, that's alright with me Let's drink to the workingman, wherever he might be Remember what he stood up for and the struggles he went through Then let us take a little"
  • Cardboard California - Neil Sedaka
    "Nothing is real in cardboard California Just waking up brings you down One lousy deal is cardboard California You just can't survive in a make believe town Lost in a city of little tin gods Cold plastic"
  • Cardboard City - Skyclad
    "Hands locked in darkness - a nocturnal greeting We flutter like moths round the brazier's flame Shrouded in shadow - our clandestine meeting Here where past and present are one and the same. No-one dies"
  • Cardboard Boxes - Rebekah
    "Got up in the morning To find myself a future In the Sunday classfied But then I spilled my coffee And then the telephone was ringing Guess I got distracted But hey at least I tried And there's just oh"
  • Cardboard Ladders - Charlotte Martin
    "Cardboard Ladders Ladders made of cardboard That I try to climb Up a slippery mountain With no other side So what about this mountain Is it really there? Or am I just seeing things? There's nothing there So"
  • Cardboard Box - GlobalWaveSystem
    "If I was born in a barn If I was a wanderer If I ate with criminals If my friends were prostitutes If I gave sight to the blind If I gave health to the sick If I cleansed the leper's skin If I caused the"
  • Cardboard Believer - Full Devil Jacket
    "You're washing away everything The world means nothing to a dreamer Their puppets on their strings on the TV screen It means nothing to me Cardboard believers in nothing (nothing nothing) If I could"
  • Safe - Travis
    "Take all the goods from all the bads And tell the people that you've gone away Now lift your head up to the sky And now you can tell apart the black from the white And you wish the time they treasure"
  • Safe - CAN
    "This is a briefing message to all those who try their best and make everything quite easyAnd who arent sure either which is the right way,To them this is the safe way, safe as the mighty flowAnd all those"
  • Safe - Julia Fordham
    "These tired lips are sealed Although this angry mouth is filled With words to fracture an unknowing heart Enough to tear your very world apart Turning my knowing look away Fumbling for something to say God"
  • Safe - Zoe Girl
    "Here I am alone with You Quietly I talk to You You said the truth would set me free So here I am surrendering I know I can let Your promise be my hope And I know until You take me home I'm safe, safe 'cause"
  • Safe - Collage
    "There she comes With waiting arms Her loving eyes Mesmerize Nothing's real Nothing true The light is me The rest is you No time No space No fear Safe I reach my hand To touch her hair Smoothed by the wind Perfumed"
  • Safe - Michael George
    "Sweet thing I know how strong I can appear But your don't know the days Since somebody loved me You came And led me through that door again You say you want to stay But you don't know me (no you don't) You"
  • Safe - George Michael
    "Sweet thing I know how strong I can appear But your don't know the days Since somebody loved me You came And led me through that door again You say you want to stay But you don't know me (no you don't) You"
  • Safe - Dag Nasty
    "one for all nothing for one and the more on your side the better for them they taught you your place I can't even see your face I don't understand and I can't accept that you feel safer blending in with"
  • Safe - Blue October
    "Long be safe in these arms I will hold you down Keep you safe from harm Ride your fears to ground But it won't account for much No, it won't account for much Stand by me now, don't go leaving this"

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